Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
April 1, 2010 | VOL 64 | ISSUE 38

President Elect/Vice President Geoff Zimmerman opened the meeting as acting President.

Visiting Rotarians:
Steven Lack Pleasant Hill Rotery, Ron Light – Concord Noon Club

Erin McCoin Real Estate 4th meeting with sponsor John Sherry
Peter Barbounis, guest speaker and son of Pete

Speakers: Peter Barbounis
Meeting Minutes:

1. Steve Lack, Rotary Club of Pleasant Hill, invited our club to participate in a Bocce Ball fundraiser tournament on Saturday, June 10 at the Martinez Water Front Park starting at 10am. The event will be completed by about 2pm. The cost for four persons representing our club would be $199. The money raised will be dedicated fully to the Protoplast program. Geoff indicated interest.
2. Acting President Zimmerman asked for a volunteer be chairperson of the “Dictionary for Life” project. Bill Eames indicated he would volunteer, but that he needed more information as he was only interested if the dictionaries were going to local schools as we have done in the past. More information required for a decision to be made.
3. John Sherry announced that the District Assembly will be in Valley on April 17th with registration commencing at 8am. He encourages everyone to attend and in particular, current and future board of directors.
4. John Sherry said that there is additional Concert at the Res. raffle tickets available for those who have already sold theirs. Also, there are “Support Local Schools Music Programs” signs that can be used in conjunction with our members selling raffle tickets at various locations in Lafayette. He asked our members to seek additional raffle items.
5. Alan Mac announced a change of plans regarding the wine trip originally planned for Saturday, April 17. The trip date conflicts with the District Assembly but also, too few Rotarians signed-up to attend the winery tour. Those interested in going on a different date should let Alan Mac know. A $250, non-refundable deposit had been placed on a Black Tie bus for that date.
6. Bob Aguilar talked about a different winery visitation plan. He asked for a show of hands to go to Tudal Winery, on April 24th in Napa where there will be a free wine tasting event. Those attending would have to take their own vehicle. More information about this trip will be forthcoming.
7. Troy Winkles reminded members of the candy scramble this Saturday at 10am at the Lafayette Plaza. Those assisting can either show-up at the Bank of the West at 9:30am for coffee, or come directly to the Plaza. Members should wear their Rotary shirt and/or jacket and hat. We will also make announcements about the Concert at the Res and sell raffle tickets and encourage people to become Sponsors, Benefactors, or Friends by donating to the event.
8. Troy Winkles said that the work party at the Community Center Bocce Ball Court scheduled for April 24th has been postponed and a new date will be announced.
9. John Sherry reported that the Permanent Stage Project is still advancing toward a decision to be made by EBMUD and their meeting on April 27th.
10. Geoff told us that the Lamorinda Club has a Rotary Home Team which is available to Lamorinda residents who need help with projects in their home.


The following persons gave money for the following reasons:
Birthday: Troy Feddersen and Ron wake
Late to meeting: Larry Blodgett and Steve Falk

Happy Dollars

The following provided our Club happy dollars:
Larry Blodgett – daughter turned 15
Alan Mac - it was funny that his staff at work turned all the clocks back 30 minutes so he left for the Rotary meeting early and didn’t know it
Mike Heller – his parents were married on April 1st
Jay Lifson – for Larry Duson who is recovering after ear surgery
Ed Stokes – for the St. Mary’s basketball team success
John Sherry – because his dog is on track to become a champion
Pete Barbounis for family
Troy Feddersen for his son’s birthday
Maurice Williams for his wife’s birthday celebration
Terry Ring for rugby


Peter Barbounis, Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, our Rotarian’s son, enlisted in May of 2002 and is currently assigned to Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola is the headquarters of the Navy Aviation Survival School and Peter is a trainer in the Aviation Water Survival program. They train members of all services who fly and require life support training in the event they or their plane go into water. He showed a video of the sort of training aviators go through at the Aviation Survival School.

Rotary International News Other News: Club Calendar

Time is right to end polio

By Arnold R. Grahl 
Rotary International News -- 30 March 2010 

Robert S. Scott (left), chair of the International PolioPlus Committee, joins Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari (center) and other government officials on 10 October in Islamabad to launch National Immunization Days. Photo courtesy of Usman Masud Khan

New tools, new tactics, and increased support from political leaders have put Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative  in the best position ever to finish the job of ridding the world of polio.

Dr. Bruce Aylward, director of the initiative at the World Health Organization, said 2009 was a watershed year in the fight against polio. For the first time, eradication workers discovered a chink in the armor of the disease “that has been tormenting mankind for thousands of years,” he said.

“Our tactics are better, the tools are better, and our support is stronger than ever,” Aylward told regional Rotary Foundation coordinators  (RRFCs) 18 March during a training event in Chicago. “You will be the Rotarians at the front in pushing forward this new strategy. I need you to make sure every Rotary club knows about this, because we will not get the job done without Rotary leading the charge.”

read story.

The Four Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Officers & Directors
John Kenny . . . . . . . RI President
Earl Kilmer. . . . Dist 5160 Governor
Sandi Mitchell . . . . . . . President
Geoff Zimmerman . . Vice President
Lee Deily . . . . . . . . . . Secretary
Greg Vaisnor . . . . . . . .Treasurer
Chuck Vogel . . . . . . Club Service
Troy Winkles . . Community Service
Jesse Wellen . International Service
Troy Feddersen .Vocational Service
Larry Duson . . . . . .Past President
Andy Scheck . . . Sergeant of Arms
Mo Levich . . . . . Sergeant of Arms
Give Hope - Give A Hand
The Rotary Club of Lafayette donates an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand in the name of our speakers each week.
The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
Make Up Meetings
and locations of nearby clubs:
Upcoming Speakers
4/8/10 Richard Korb – Business/ Corporate Law
4/15/10 Cameron Vineyards – Dave
4/22/10 Robert Schnaible territory manager – Starbucks Coffee Company
4/29/10 Dave Simpson – Lafayette Bookstore & Shop Lafayette
Local & District Events
4/17/10 5160 District Assembly, Bay area. TBA
4/18/10 Wine tour, Napa area, Chair is Alan Mac
4/24/10 Rotarians Work Day at Community Center.  
5/15/10 Concert at the Rez, 11:00AM to 2:00PM,
D. Holt/B. Shusta Co-chairs, all members to
Participate, donate rotary prizes to C. Vogel.
Rotary International Events
2010 RI Convention, Montreal, Canada
03/28 Troy Feddersen
04/01 Lisa Cohen
04/01 Ron Wake
04/07 Daniel A. Barnes
04/10 Warren Rupf
04/12 Sandi Mitchell
04/16 Tom Courtright
04/18 Debbie Cooper
04/18 Larry Duson
04/26 Geoff Zimmerman
04/19 Geoff Zimmerman
4/8 Alan Mac
4/15 Sandi Mitchell
4/22 Bud Moulthrop
4/29 Andy Scheck
Notes by Bob Shusta Photos by John Sherry