Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
December 2, 2010 | VOL 65 | ISSUE 22

The meeting was opened by Geoff Zimmerman. 
Visiting Rotarian: Don Jenkins

Guests of Rotarians: 

December 2, 2010

Announcements and Rotary Information
John Sherry:
1.    Reno Train Trip is January 21 & 22 and currently has 415 persons signed-up, however need more for the train minimum.
2.    Rotary Day @ Golden Gate Fields is December 11 and cost $32/adult. Those attending should pay now. We are to arrive at 11:15am
3.    Bob Ewen’s services are December 3 at the Community Presbyterian Church, 200 East Leland Rd., Pittsburg. Those wanting to car pool can meet at Blodgett’s store (park across the street).
4.    Meeting: Breakfast at Oakwood Athletic Club December 23 at 8am.
5.    Meeting: Gin Fizz, OJ, Coffee Bagels with cream cheese December 30 at 8am at the Chamber Office
6.    Town Hall is offering discount of 15% to Rotarians for performances of Scrooge Sunday, December 5 or 12. 
Treasures Report
Greg Vaisnor:
1.    Provided a Balance Sheet as of November 30 which showed total assets of $90,627.26.
2.    Provided a Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual sheet showing total income and expenses to date.
3.    Provided The Rotary Club of Lafayette Fund sheet that as of September 30, 2010, we had and ending balance of $10,849.58.
He informed us that he was transferring $15,000 from checking to a 6 month CD.
Nominating Committee
Chair: Troy Feddersen
Committee: Larry Duson, Geoff Zimmerman, Mike Heller & Bob Shusta
Troy thanked the committee then read the slate of candidates for board positions for 2011-12 as follows:
President – Troy Feddersen
President Elect – Chuck Vogel
Secretary – Bob Shusta
Treasurer – Greg Vaisnor
Past President – John Sherry
Club Service Director – Geoff Zimmerman
Vocational Service Director – Erin McCoin
International Service Director – Terry Ring
Community Service Director – Maurice Williams
There were no other nominations. It was moved and seconded to adopt the slate as indicated above and the vote was unanimous.

Permanent Stage
Chair: John Sherry:
Committee: Dick Holt, Larry Blodgett, Larry Duson, Jay Lifson and Terry Ring
John Sherry thanked the committee. Larry Blodgett provided displays and a model of the permanent stage. John summarized the project saying that negotiations with EBMUD commenced in earnest in the spring of this year. On October 15, he was able to get the project contract signed by EBMUD. The next steps involve creating a budget, time-line, materials list, and arrange for contractor(s) and/or Rotarians to do the work. A rough budget estimate is that the stage will cost between $75-95 thousand dollars. A dedication is planned for May 14, 2011 at the reservoir. Bob Athayde and Mo Levich said how important the new stage will be to the community.

A large show of appreciation was given John Sherry’s for his dedication and efforts in getting the permanent stage approved. 

Don Jenkins, representing the Lafayette Community Foundation, was present and congratulated the Club for this project and announced that LCF is partnering with us to help raise funds for the cost of construction and materials.

Avenues of Service Reports
Club Service Director Chuck Vogel
Chuck is still signing people up for the holiday luncheon at the Park Hotel December 9th. He has to provide a number to the hotel by next Monday.

International Service Director Jess Wellen
Jess reported that Terry Ring will replace him as International Service Director in July 2011. He said that of the $5,000 budgeted for international projects, $500 has been earmarked to partner with the Orinda Rotary Club to provide a device which converts words to Braille for use in Argentina; $2000 to Mike Barrington for use in schools/education in Africa. He reported that $2,500, although not earmarked yet, will go to assist Bud McKenzie with educational/school projects in Afghanistan.

Vocational Service Director Erin McCoin
He reported that attempts to restore the Interact Club at Bentley School this year were not successful. Budget cutbacks reduced staff involvement and most of last years Interact members were graduating seniors. An attempt will be made by our club to re-activate Interact next year.
He said that we have two positions reserved for the Camp Royal leadership program which will be filled by Bentley students and that we will be involved with Camp Venture also.

Community Service Director Troy Winkles
As far as succession planning, Maurice Williams will assume this directorship in July 2011.
Projects completed successfully to date have been:
1.    Rock the Plaza with chair Mike Heller
2.    Golf Tournament wherein approximately $15,000 was netted in this fundraiser which had many members involved in particular Troy Winkles, Polly, A/C, and John Sherry.
3.    Reservoir Run pancake breakfast with chair Mike Heller
4.    National Night Out – a safety program in conjunction with the Lafayette Police Department held at the Plaza.
Projects yet to take place:
1.    Gift wrapping at Heller’s including breakfast @ 9am, December 12.
2.    Concert at the Res in May
3.    Easter candy scramble in April
4.    Refurbish music stands for Stanley School – under consideration

Secretary – Bob Shusta
Bob requested assistance in updating the club bylaws. Jay Lifson and Jack Clarkson offered to assist.

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Benefits of polio eradication up to US$50 billion

A new study estimates that the Global Polio Eradication Initiative could prevent more than eight million cases of paralytic polio and save US$40 billion to $50 billion, if the wild poliovirus is eradicated in 2012 or shortly thereafter.

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The Four Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Officers & Directors
Ray Klinginsmith . . . . . RI President
Karl Diekman
. . . . . . . Dist 5160 Governor
Geoff Zimmerman
. . . . President
John Sherry
. . . . . . . . Past President
Troy Feddersen. . . . . Vice President
Bob Shusta . . . . . . . . Secretary
Greg Vaisnor . . . . . . . Treasurer
Chuck Vogel . . . . . . Club Service
Troy Winkles
. . . . . . . Community Service
Jesse Wellen
. . . . . . . International Service
Erin McCoin 
. . . . . . . Vocational Service
Andy Scheck
. . . . . . . Sergeant of Arms
Mo Levich
. . . . . . . . Sergeant of Arms
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The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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 Notes by Robert Shusta | Photos by John Sherry