Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
February 10, 2011 | VOL 65 | ISSUE 29

Pres. Geoff rang the bell at 12:15 for members to line up for lunch and presided at today's meeting.
Andy Scheck after setting up the audio system, greeted all members and guests and then gave us his thought for the day. 
Visiting Rotarian: There were no visiting Rotarians today but Jay brought Andy Chos (sp) the owner of Party Props in Walnut Creek.

Club announcements-
Ron Wake asked if there were any more members going to Northstar on March 11th for the Rotary ski races. Ron will race with the members of the Los Gatos ski team. Breakfast and lunch is included in the $125.00 tickets.
Pres. Geoff thanked Bob Shusta for holding the first annual, maybe the last, ski trip and staying at his lovely home three blocks from the Heavenly Valley ski hill in S. Lake Tahoe. Mike and Nancy Henn cross country skied and then had a nice dinner with Bob. Pres. Geoff was planning on staying with Bob but had an accident on his final run down the mountain and had to be brought down the hill by the ski patrol.
Pres. Geoff thanked Bill Eames for having the super bowl party at his lovely home in Rossmoor. Most in attendance rooted for the PACKERS except the host. John from Wis. and the Cal supporters rooted for Aaron and were happy that they won.
Pres. Geoff thanked Chuck Vogel for running the Super Bowl pool. Holt, Anderson, Henn & Chuck's mother in law won the quarters payout.
Pres. Geoff reported on the following items from the recent board meeting:
1.    Our board approved $500.00 for the Junior Acheivment Group which Jenni Beeman
will receive from our club in the near future.
2.    The board also approved helping with a lunch or dinner at Shelter Inc.
3.    The board also approved working with the Sunrise Club and their hands on
project by doing minor repairs for their homes. The first date is March 5th.
John reported that the Soils Engineering Co. core drilled three holes at the stage site last Monday and hit bed rock in all holes at three feet which means less money for shorter cement piers.
Bill Eames led the members in singing Happy Birthday for Anna Stevenson who was 31 today.  She had her car detailed at the Lafayette Car Wash and raved about the job they did.  Too bad Jesse and Teresa are on the way to Bora Bora today and missed Anna’s praising his detailing business.  Her 2006 Beamer is for sale since her baby is due soon and need a large car.  Maybe a Hummer!
She also praised Diablo Foods for the fresh fish they have their which did not need any homemade tartar sauce which she made. 

Happy Dollars
Anna also has another new member Lynn that will be visiting us who owns a hair salon.  Too bad some of our members are a bit short on “rugs” these days.  Thanks to Anna that will be three new members recently.
I want to thank Ron Wake for taking the picks today since my camera is in Sacramento until the end of the month.
Debbie Cooper gave 32 dollars for her anniversary today.  They probably will go to the city for dinner tonight.  Happy Anniversary Debbie and John.
AC Webb gave 70 dollars for his birthday recently and he received 45 cards since his daughter got into his email list and notified many people about his birthday.  Happy Birthday AC.
Bob Shusta gave some happy dollars since he skied so many runs which came out to a dollar a run.  He thanked Mike and Nancy Henn for going to dinner with him since they were only ones who showed up at his Tahoe home.
Pete Barbounis gave some happy dollars for Mike Heller donating a BMW for the weekend for the Hemophilia crab feed.
Pres. Geoff thanked the club and Tom Courtright for the beautiful orchid that Orchard  delivered to their home on Wed. after Lynn’s surgery on Monday.
Mike Heller gave some happy dollars because his cell phone went off during the meeting.
He also thanked Ed Stokes for the fresh Tilapia he recently purchased at Diablo Foods.
Bill Eames donated some happy dollars for winning a pool at the Concord Rotary Club.
John donated a happy dollar for listing the wrong time for the super bowl game to start which in fact he got out of the Times.  He also gave $5.00 since “Vinny” his sick puppy is gaining weight and a good chance will pull through his illness and for selling “Gigi” a show class female Bichon last weekend.
Alicia Cragholm gave some happy dollars for a great turnout for the Interclub meeting.
Anna thanked Tom Courtright again for some beautiful flower arrangements.
Terry Ring gave some happy dollars for hoping the Cal Rugby team stays on campus next year.  He also said Diablo is the place to shop in Lafayette.
Don Anderson says he cooks once a week and always buys his food at Diablo Foods.
Andy Scheck gave some happy dollars for his Germany trip recently.
Jay also gave some happy dollars for something???

Today’s speaker was Robin Fox on Impact of Social Media.  She has been a Corporate Client Manager, Corporate Banker, Small Business owner/Entrepreneur, Community Commination’s & Marketing Leader, Business Blogger & Content & Freelance Writer, Journalist & Editor.
Education Includes:
U. North Carolina, BA in Economics
S.F. State U, Certificate Integrated Marketing
SMMU, Certificate Social Media Best Practices for Business
Inbound Marketing U., Certificate on Inbound Marketing Best Practices
She said LinkedIn is the best social network in social media world.  She went through how to set it up to our advantage.
Here are some bullet points to consider:
Who are we trying to reach?
Rethink our headline.
What problem do we solve?
What communication items do we have?
Get persons who want to get in touch with us.
List public profiles.
Get more connections.
In the summary section, talk about ourselves.
Improve our headline.
Who are good referrals?
Upload our photo.
Update our experience.
Tell our story.
She is an expert and easy going and web savvy.

She said LinkedIn is an online handshake.  Clean up our closet.  LinkedIn is a yes or no decision.  When she went online looking for persons she found 191,000 within ten miles of her office so they are out there just waiting for them to contact her about her products.
I believe all members enjoyed her presentation and received information as to how to use LinkedIn.

Tom Henry won $2.00 and Terry Ring won $5.00 in our raffle.
Pres. Geoff closed the meeting at m1:30.

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