Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
March 31, 2011 | VOL 65 | ISSUE 35

President Geoff Zimmerman opened the meeting and Greeter was Chuck Vogel and he provided thought for the day.
Bud followed the Pledge of Allegiance with his “Play Ball”, especially meaningful since today is opening day for baseball.
Visit Rotarian None
Speaker: Kelli Hayes and Cuddles.
Guests: Norma Evans who will become a member and was Citizen of the Year. Martin Lysons

Club announcements-
1)    Rossmoor Rotary Water Fountain Dedication April 6th, check with Gene Wilson 935-5785 for info.
2)    April 16th District meeting.  Please attend, see John Sherry for carpooling.  Breakfast and lunch provided. District Assembly April 6th.
3)    Candy Scramble/ Easter Egg Roll April 23th 9:30 am.  Take a picture with the Easter Bunny (Greg Vaisnor).
4)    Larry Blodgett gave update on Concert at the Res Stage.  Getting the detail drawings done and will be ready to submit to EBMUD, then to Lafayette for permit.
5)    Dick Holt, last week a guest left a hat(Irish Hat)  I believe it has been found after a short discussion,
6)    Concert at the Res raffle tickets were handed out, Alicia says “You better sell them”
7)    Signup sheet sent out for concert at the Res volunteers, please sign up ASAP we need the help.
8)    Election and Nominations for District voting took place.
9)    Alicia and John S visited the Sunrise Rotary Club.  John landed the big fish from Georgia ($100) and Alicia told the other buyers to pony up $20.00 for four tickets.  Total sales $260.00
10)    Mike Heller passed a signup sheet for April 28th for us to cook and serve a meal at Shelter Inc in Martinez.   This will be in lieu of Rotary work day.  Food donated by a club member.  Please sign up.
11)    Ron Wake acknowledged multiyear Paul Harris Foundation Contributors.  Many members were on that list.  Ron would like to see our club at 100% for donations so please bring a check payable to Rotary Foundation at next meeting.
12)    Mo thanked Mechanics Bank for the Jazz festival.
13)    April 8th Rossmoor Big Band.  Dance lessons 7 to 8pm and Band plays from 8 to 10pm. Tickets are $10

Fines/Happy Dollars:
Don Baker fined himself for his geographic info.
Larry Blodgett happy $$ for his daughter being a new driver.
Terry Ring happy $$ for baseball being brought back at Cal Berkeley
Bill Eames won $$ at Rossmoor rotary gave happy $$
John Sherry paid last week’s fine and happy $$ for selling another puppy.
Mo Levich happy $$ that Norma Evans is here at the meeting
Dick Holt Happy $$ for being able to babysit his grand children
Geoff Zimmerman fined himself for sending the District voting info out the last minute.

Speaker: Introduced by John Sherry
Kelli Hayes Lindsey Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek
(founded by Alexander Lindsey)  Brought Cuddles with her, a Mountain Lion ( not  Live) and gave interesting stories about her driving around with Cuddles in her car.
Museum has a hospital.  Take in animals that people bring, lots of birds but takes all natural wild life animals
Has 350 volunteers and is very busy in the summer.  Goal is to get animals healthy enough to return to their natural habitat, 45% success.
Has an education program and goes to schools to teach kids to live with Wildlife.  Want kids to respect and to be in touch with Wildlife.
Exhibit Hall has animals on view.  Changes every three months the types of animals.  Currently have a Fox, Golden Eagle, bald Eagle, squirrels.
Also have a discovery room that the kids love.
Exhibit Hall si starting a renovation and will have a new Raptor Exhibit.
Money comes from fundraising (2 million dollar Budget)
They have a program  to help people remove raccoons and some other wildlife from your home for a fee.
Hospital will accept only Native California animals.   Most times Mountain Lions get killed while trying to capture them.
Please visit the Museum when you can.

Raffle: Peggy was back running the raffle. Ed won $2 and Bud M won $5

Rotary International News Other News: Club Calendar

Rotarians respond to Japan earthquake, tsunami

Rotarians have been finding a number of ways to help victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan that killed thousands and left hundreds of thousands more homeless.

In response to the disasters, The Rotary Foundation established the Rotary Japan Disaster Recovery Fund , which will support long-term recovery projects in the affected areas. More than US$500,000 has been donated since the fund opened on 11 March.

  read story.
The Four Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Officers & Directors
Ray Klinginsmith . . . . . RI President
Karl Diekman
. . . . . . . Dist 5160 Governor
Geoff Zimmerman
. . . . President
John Sherry
. . . . . . . . Past President
Troy Feddersen. . . . . Vice President
Bob Shusta . . . . . . . . Secretary
Greg Vaisnor . . . . . . . Treasurer
Chuck Vogel . . . . . . Club Service
Troy Winkles
. . . . . . . Community Service
Jesse Wellen
. . . . . . . International Service
Erin McCoin 
. . . . . . . Vocational Service
Andy Scheck
. . . . . . . Sergeant of Arms
Mo Levich
. . . . . . . . Sergeant of Arms
Give Hope - Give A Hand
The Rotary Club of Lafayette donates an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand in the name of our speakers each week.
The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
Make Up Meetings
and locations of nearby clubs:
Upcoming Speakers
4/7Clubmembers Dino & Alicia
Local & District Events
4/16District Assembly South, 8:30 to 2:00PM, Solano Comm. College, 375 Columbus Pkwy, Vallejo
6/4Rotary Bocce Ball 2011 Challange, 10:00AM, Martinez Waterfront Park.
Camp Venture, Maritime facility, Beri Kasper.
Rotary International Events
4/9 Foundation Fun Day at the Yin Ranch
R.I. Convention New Orleans, LA.
04/01    Lisa    Cohen
04/01    Ron    Wake
04/07    Daniel A.    Barnes
04/10    Warren    Rupf
04/16    Tom    Courtright
04/18    Larry    Duson
04/18    Debbie    Cooper
04/26    Geoff    Zimmerman
04/19    Geoff    Zimmerman
4/7Ron Wake
4/14A.C. Webb

 Notes by Pete Barbounis | Photos John Sherry