Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
Augus 26, 2010 | VOL 65 | ISSUE 9

Bill Eames was the greeter today. President Geoff Zimmerman ask him to open the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Guests of Rotarians introduced were one former member, Chris Lane. Chris is a well-known retail entrepreneur in Lafayette and hopes to return soon to giving community service through Rotary.

Anna Stevenson, who is happy to be back to our club, introduced Alicia Cragholm. Alicia is a stockbroker in Walnut Creek.

Our club's third and final guest was Nancy Prescott of STAND. Our club gave Nancy a $700 donation for STAND, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating domestic violence.

AC Webb made the first club announcement. He advised us to prepare for the Rotary Golf & Wine Classic on Oct. 4. Please send in your registrations, sign up for a job if you are not playing and make a donation choice[Tee Sponsorship, raffle prize, etc.]John Sherry supported AC and asked us to remit our raffle ticket stubs and checks.

Mike Heller reported a very successful 'Hot August Nights' for 2010. Rotary prepared and sold food at this event. Mike told us the Chamber of Commerce and the community at-large truly appreciated our participation.

Ed Stokes stepped forward and paid a fine for his 63rd Wedding Anniversary trip. Ed and Betty went to sweden, Finland, Russia and The Ukraine.

Larry Blodgett came forth and paid a fine for an ad in the Lamorinda Weekly that referred to his grandfather, Kermit Blodgett, who was a founding member of The Rotary Club of Lafayette.

Don Anderson collected $157 when he passed the hat for a contribution to our project in Martinez.

President Geoff called on Tom Henry to present today's program. Tom brought two CD's about his trip to South Africa in 2009. In the the first CD, Tom showed up pictures of Capetown, Johannesburg,  Zimbabwe and Zulu-Nyala. Our club was briefed on the difficulties with poachers in the animal preserves.  Its is now at the point where poachers will be shot on sight to save a living animal. Its an extreme policy, but the voters want this awful crime stopped NOW. 

Tom updated us the the popularity of Rotary in South Africa and its high place among non-governmental organizations in the country. Tom's second CD was taken at a lion cub return-to-the-wild camp in Zimbabwe. This group trains lion cubs caught in the wild, but who are abandoned by their mothers and struggle to survive, the skills needed to live in their natural environment. As one Rotarian commented:"If you were not moved by this program so save lions, you must be dead"

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Former scholar writes book about Katrina

Kathleen Koch, former CNN correspondent and Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar, reports from her hometown of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, USA, after Hurricane Katrina devastated its residents and infrastructure. Photo by Skip Nocciolo/CNN  

Just days after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast in 2005, CNN correspondent Kathleen Koch rushed to her hometown of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, to cover a story that other media outlets weren’t telling.

Much of the immediate news focused on the chaos in New Orleans, Louisiana. Koch, a former Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar and an award-winning broadcast journalist, reported instead on the devastation in communities along the coast of Mississippi.

"I had a deep fear the history books would focus only on Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. Most Americans didn't realize that Mississippi caught the brunt of the storm," Koch says. "Before I left my hometown, I made a promise to the residents that I won't let anyone forget what happened."

read story.

The Four Way Test
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1. Is it the TRUTH?
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Give Hope - Give A Hand
The Rotary Club of Lafayette donates an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand in the name of our speakers each week.
The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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 Notes by Tom Henry | Photos by John Sherry