Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
October 27, 2011 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 17

Troy (suds) Feddersen opened the meeting today and Mike Heller was the greeter for the day.
Our guests for the day was Dan Ashley, news anchor from Channel 7 News.  He was also our speaker for the day. 
Guests: Ron Brown from the Morning Club was introduced.
Betsy, Chairman of the Town Hall Theater Board was introduced.
Steve Eckert from East Bay Agency for Children was given a check for which he was very appreciative. 

PRESENTATION:   Ron Brown said that the Canoe would be raffled off at the Lafayette Reservoir Run. 
Alicia (the task mistress) also announced that she had sold quite a few tickets for the canoe and was most appreciative to Ron Brown from the Morning Club

Bob Shusta announced that he is going to Mexico and that the Russians had left $700.00 as a present for expenses. 

Mike (BMW) Heller announced that we need volunteer participation at the Pancake Breakfast on October 30th. 

John (the breeder) Sherry and Terry (the hammer) Ring announced that there has been further progress on the stage.

Dan (the Judge) Baker announced that he just closed a big stock deal. 

Jess (Mr. Clean) Wellen announced that they needed funds for the Roads Committee. 

John (the breeder) Sherry announced that he had some new puppies.

Our speaker, Dan Ashley spoke about how the TV news has significantly changed over the years.  During the Vietnam War, they had to ship pictures and by the time the reached the news desk, they were 2 to 3 days old.  Now they do live TV and live productions. He tries to be correct as often as he can, but sometimes he does make a mistake.  There is a lot of work going on in the news room behind the scenes.  He tries to avoid mistakes; lots of competition now and they go all out if there is a breaking news event such as the gas explosion in San Mateo and that they stay on the air and interrupt programs.  However, he mentioned that you don’t interrupt Opra.  It is really a calling to be in the news business and that he works 10 hours a day.  Troy gave him the Handicap Hand for speaking.

Troy (suds) supplied sum of his home-made beer which was very tasty. 

The costume parade took place and Chuck Vogel won the first prize with his Toga.  The second prize went to Bob Shusta in his prison garb and Bill Eames won the third place prize with his bear costume.
Dick Holt donated $20.00 cause he’s going to Maui. 

Today’s raffle winners were Jess (Mr. Clean) Wellen who won $2.00 and John (the Breeder) Sherry won $5.00.

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India has reported only one case of the virus this year, as of 12 October, compared to 39 cases during the same period in 2010.  read story.

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