Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
March 22, 2012 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 34

Troy Feddersen, el presidente, opened the mtg.
Visitong rotarians: There were no visiting rotarians present. The guests present were numerous: Alan Mac intro'ed David Schaefer an insurance agent and friend and Chris Beaver, in advertizing. Andy Scheck intro'ed his wife and guest, Wendy who jointly run Lamorinda Weekly. Bebe Hildreth made her second guest visitation and was intro'ed by Larry Blodgett, for Jay Lifson who was absent do to an infinity of other comittments. Like this is news to anyone!

Announcements: Troy F. reminded us of the Egg Scramble on April 7th; volunteers meet at the chamber office at 9:30 or at the plaza at 10am for the Easter fun. Dick Holt reminded us of the Laf. Res. Stage dedication/recogniton of the donors; all rotarians welcome for show of dancers, skits, and music.Dick also said he wanted to see the name of Ed Serbe on the stage, a past rotarian pres. who died in a car accident 4 years ago who was involved in the early workings of the stage at the res. He put $25 toward this and it was suggested we pass the hat to collect the needed $100 donation. At meeting's end over $230 was collected!!!! Way to be generous guys and gals!!! Dino Reggio spoke about the poker tourney and said it was imperative that many more sign up to make this a worthy effort due to the costs of setup, etc. Tell your friends and attend! Also any members visiting other clubs were asked to pass the word along there, too. Geoff Z. chimed in with Dino on this event. Possibly the most important event of the day occurred when this humble notetaker,Buddy, was recognized for an admirable job on the notes and as a new member was given a great rotarian shirt and jacket by John Sherry which he will proudly wear as appropriate(OK, enough about me!!)John Sherry said that due to some inadvertant confusion on the Ban. Republic coupons he handed out, some discounts were not honored. He asked for names and said he would make good on it and apologized for the error. A.C. Webb was welcomed back after a long absence due his wife's and his own illnesses. Both are better now. A.C. is on the golf classic committee and along with chairwoman Debbie Cooper will have the flyers out soon and discuss the event then. Troy F. brought Andy Scheck and his wife Wendy up to the podium to recognize their 5th anniv. at the Lamorinda Weekly. They said this was a huge thing for them and thanked the rotary for its support and ads. They received a rousing round of applause for their accomplishments with the paper.

Fines and happy dollars: Steve Falk was recognized by Troy F. for making note of the Rotary Club in his city update. Mo Levich was called out for being awarded the Jefferson Award, given for exemplary community service in his mentoring of the music scene here in Laf . And since no good deed goes unpunished, Alicia bled him dry with a monetary fine of $30 and followed that with a $100 M/C addendum fine. Mo countered with a $30 fine on Alicia for forgetting his anniversary; way to go MO!!. A.C.Webb was celebrating his 71rst B-day and mentioned how much the flowers his wife received during her recent illness meant to them. He paid $71 for his b-day and added $29 to round it out to an even $100 just because. Nice guy!! Larry Blodgett paid a happy dollar for the great reception we gave his daughter, Olivia, last week for her dance routine and congrats go out to she and her school for being awarded best dancers at the SF Saint Patty's Day Parade .Ed Stokes had plenty of bad news to go around today, which is highly unusual for him if you ask me. First he said St. Mary's Basketball team made it to the big dance but then forgot how to dance and were counted out. He also mentioned Dan Baker's son having pancreatic cancer and his wife being gravelly ill as well and asked that those who know him send their best thoughts. Anna Stevenson said she wanted to get in on this record breaking day of fines, so she gave happy $'s for her guest and for Alicia's great job of subbing for Greg when needed. Alan Mac was recognized for having a b-day to which he replied "it was last week and my doppleganger was present and had paid his fine?! He asked if Bill Ames sang happy birthday to him as requested and when told he had, Alan said that was worth $50 for sure, but that he did not volunteer to do anything else, as far as he was concerned, or Alicia wouldn't get his credit card for the $50. So there! Moving forward, Chuck Vogel asked Steve Falk,city mgr., for a get out of jail free card since he was going to be driving an unlicensed golf cart on city streets for the Res. stage celebration and was afraid of getting nabbed by the Laf. motorcycle police for the infraction. He offered that Steve could do the driving if he so desired. Steve deferred but said he'd make sure that his troopers would be stationed nearby so they could nab Chuck in the act. Now boys... $2 was donated toward an escort for Chuck. John Sherry said his puppies were expected in a few days, he'd be a grandfather as well soon and his wife was given a clean bill of health from her oncologist. A huge round of applause was heard! Tom Cartwright paid $20 for a stack of mouse pads with his ad on them and asked that everyone help themselves. Andy Scheck and his wife paid $500 for their previously mentioned 5 yr. anniv. And we finally moved on to our speaker after the longest fine section in this notetaker's memory(all 2 months of it!)

Speaker; Phil Lee, an insurance agent in Laf. for 17 yrs. was intro'ed by Debbie Cooper. His topic was Medicare, a currently complex topic made even worse by gov. bureaucrats according to him. You can visit the website and with some difficulty find answers to all your questions and even get estimates for the cost of various options as they apply to your specific situation. He reviewed Parts A and B, and supplement plans that reduce out of pocket costs(he favored plan "F"). A comprehensive booklet was handed out to each interested member for their perusal or as a good method for falling asleep at night.

And that about sums the busy day at the Laf. Rotary Club.

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Providing clean water in Ghana: priceless


Jon Morris and Walter Hughes, members of the Rotary Club of Rocky Mount, Virginia, USA, at a new pump in Ghana.

By Walter Hughes, a member of the Rotary Club of Rocky Mount, Virginia, USA

Have you ever questioned if your involvement in Rotary is really making a difference?

Rest assured, you are, and I’m the lucky guy who gets to witness and experience your involvement. I’m passionate about bringing clean water to remote villages in the African bush of Ghana.
There are two priceless moments that happen when we provide clean water to a village. The first occurs when that big drill rig finally hits water. Imagine the people’s anticipation as they see the trucks and equipment roll into the village and as they watch the drill rig crew work. Everyone cheers when the water flows. read story

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The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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