Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
March 29, 2012 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 35

Troy Feddersen opened the meeting and all enjoyed another great lunch provided by Oakwood A.C..
Visitong rotarians: There were no visiting rotarians today.

Guests: Bebe Hildrith made her 3rd visitation and plans on attending again next week. Welcome Bebe!
Bud Molthrop was spotted after a long absence welcomed back.

Announcements: Mo Levich displayed framed certificates honoring the key sponsors of Generations in Jazz; Oakwood Athletic Club, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Diablo Foods and Mechanics Bank.
Jay Lifson noted that yesterday was "Mo Levich Day" honoring Mo for winning the Jefferson Award for exemplary citizenship.
Maurice Williams reminded us of the Easter candy scramble and gymnastics demo on 4/7. Meet at the chamber office at 9:15am to help out.
Dick Holt reminded us of the Rotary Stage Donor Recognition Party on 4/25 at 5pm at the Laf. Res. Stage.
Bob Shusta said we should sell our raffle tickets for the Res. concert and turn in the stubs and proceeds. Prizes include a weekend with a new BMW, stays at the vacation homes of Bob Shusta and Dick Holt, a free car detail, and more to be offered by fellow Rotarians.
Jay Lifson suggested that we visit the Concert at the Res Facebook page and indicate that we " like" it so it will provide free advertising for the event.
Alicia Cragholm recommended doing the same for the Lafayette Rotary facebook site.
Debbie Cooper announced the next meeting for the golf classic to be next Thursday eve at 5pm at the chamber office.
Dino reminded us that we needed to market the poker tourney on 4/28 to all our friends for it to be a success.

Fines, happy dolla:
Anna Stevenson gave a happy dollar for the fine oranges she got at Diablo Foods to make O.J.. She also spoke of her excellently crafted Rotary vest made by Lisa Cohen and paid a self imposed fine for getting caught texting at the Res. Concert Com. Mtg.
Bob Aguilar seconded the fine quality of foods at Diablo Foods but had one hell of a time getting his wallet to part with the matching dollar to Anna's.
Bob Shusta paid a happy dollar for the sweet time he and 16 family members had up in south Lake Tahoe.
Tom O'Sullivan added a happy dollar for his son's acceptance to Del La Salle High School noting that the cost made it somewhat of a bittersweet celebration.
Troy F. celebrated his 44th b-day yesterday and paid his $44 fine. He and his family went to Creek Monkey Tap House for dinner.
Maurice W. paid $2 in honor of his wife's b-day. They're off to Monterey to celebrate.
John Sherry paid some unhappy dollars because after purchasing an iPad he attemptted to install a router himself, knocking out his entire home system and almost having his wife knock him out.
Greg Vaisnor paid a happy dollar for his daughter’s acceptance to psych. grad school at Cal State East Bay.
Andy Scheck fined himself $5 when he saw Mike Heller putting up the flag for him. Good job Mike!
Ron Wake paid a happy dollar for the great skiing in a snow storm on Monday, although he missed the club ski trip last week.
Ed Stokes said he was the happiest guy and so very proud to be a member of such a great club as Laf. Rotary. He saw Mo Levich being recognized on TV last night for his Jefferson award. He also reiterated that Dan Baker's wife was on her deathbed and Dan's son has pancreatic cancer, so drop Dan a line of support.
Steve Falk paid Larry Blodgett's late fine feeling somewhat responsible for his tardiness that was due to the road construction in town. That didn't stop Larry B. from telling us of his visit to Marty Robinson where he saw Alicia's hubby mending a fence and thanked both Alicia and Craig for interviewing his son for a potential internship. It's also his daughters 17th b-day and he felt blessed for the smile on her face and an actual thank you from her. Go figure!
Troy mentioned that next week Oddessey of Mind, an Acalanes High School team that Rotary sponsors ,would be our second speaker at that meeting.

Speaker: Ed Stokes intro'ed our speaker, Dennis Erokan, the founder of BAM (bay area music magazine), the Bammie awards,
and a company called The Placemaking Group. Dennis met and interviewed Bill Graham for BAM many years ago. Bill was a consumate promoter of music in the Bay Area and even more a self promoter being one of the few music promoters anyone knew by name. Dennis told great stories about Bill, Shoreline, and Mick Jagger and his association with Bill Graham. He also told of the computer magazine he started, Microtimes. Now at Placemaking Group, he recommended knowing your target audience, your industry, and formulating your brand and living your brand for audience recognition and success.

Raffle Winners: $2 to two-buck Chuck Vogel; John Sherry went on to win the $85 jackpot which he said he would use toward fixing his computer setup.

So that's it for my stint as notetaker. I hope I only misspelled the names of those who deserved it. May I also say that as the current newest member, I'm enjoying the newfound comradery at this club and hope to be helpful to it's many endeavors. But as Alan Mac said as he paid his birthday fine, "this doesn't mean I'm volunteering to actually do anything!!!!!!!!!!!

Rotary International News Other News: Club Calendar

Rotary International signs project partner agreement with ShelterBox

By Ryan Hyland 
Rotary International News – 30 March 2012

ShelterBox teams distributed more than 550 tents to Madagascar for families left homeless by a powerful cyclone. Photo by Angela Spencer-Smith/ShelterBox

Rotary International and ShelterBox, a grassroots disaster relief organization, signed a project partner agreement this month, allowing the two organizations to collaborate more closely to provide relief and temporary shelter to survivors of natural disasters.

“Project partner” is a special status RI gives to groups started or managed by Rotary clubs. The agreement will build on the strengths of both organizations in responding to disasters all over the world. read story

The Four Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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Andy Scheck
. . . . Sergeant at Arms
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Give Hope - Give A Hand
The Rotary Club of Lafayette donates an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand in the name of our speakers each week.
The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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4-5 Carla Goulart - Sentinels of Freedom
4/12 Robert Shaw on 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.
Four Way Test, Acalanes students
4/19 Meryl Cohen, Dog Behavior Specialist

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4/7 Easter Candy scramble
4/28 Poker Tournament
5/12 Concert at the Res
6/11 Golf Classic
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05-09-12 Int. Meeting in Bangkok, Tailand
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04/01    Ron    Wake
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04/10    Warren    Rupf
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04/18    Larry    Duson
04/18    Debbie    Cooper
04/26    Geoff    Zimmerman
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Greg Vaisnor
Chuck Vogel
Ron Wake

 Notes by Buddy Brodwin | Photos John Sherry