Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
May 17, 2012 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 42

President Troy Feddersen opened the meeting today. Don Anderson was greeter and gave the thought for the day.
Visiting member from Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary: Hays Englehart

Guests: Candace Andersen, Mayor of Danville, announcing that she is running for CC Board of Supervisors; Mary Volmer, teacher at Saint Mary's College, and currently authoring a new book.

Announcements: Troy brought up concert at res., and said how great it was being there, and how hearing people's reactions to the new stage and the music made him proud of our club and it's participation at this event. It was, by all accounts, the best concert at the res ever!
Dick Holt continued on the subject, saying how pleased he was with the membership for their joyful help at the concert, including the contribution of Mike Heller and his food court gang, Anna Stevenson, Alicia Cragholm, and even Steve Falk for their tremendous ticket sales and energy.
He complimented John Sherry on his organization and lists of lists to make the concert a success. He also mentioned getting a commitment from an unstated donor to pay for the "sunscreen" to cover the stage.
John Sherry also chimed in with his glowing thank you's to all those who helped out and made this the best convert at the res ever. He presented the
$50 raffle prize for Don Jose's to Mo Levich and thanked him for a job well done with the music at the concert. He then reviewed the financial tallies from the concert as follows:
expenses $1,800, over 1,000 raffle ticket sales, food sales of $835 along with about 100 free meals for the participants, cookies and ice cream with Norma in charge for $439, donations of $3,600 for the stage, netting over $8,000. That's what I call new math!!!! Anyway, cudos to all involved.
Mike Heller thanked Ed Stokes and Diablo foods for their generous donations of food for the concert stating "That's service, that's Diablo Foods!!".
Mike in turn was thanked for his effort in classing up our events with his beautiful BMers.

Announcements continued: Chuck Vogel reminded us of the golf classic and to get signed up and organized or it will be a disaster! There is a proposed committee meeting on Tues May 12 for the golf classic at 9am at the Lafaytte Chamber office.
Troy mentioned the assembly meeting in Vallejo this Saturday .
Troy reminded us of the "Celebrating Women in Rotary" meeting this Friday the 18th.
Bob Aguilar reminded us of the salmon fishing trip next Wed. And to be at Emeryville Marina (Powell Street) at 5am sharp. Bring a lunch, buy a fishing license there, rent a pole etc.
Michael Henn reminded those signed for polling place work to attend on June 5.
Troy said that John Sherry would be carpooling to the assembly in Vallejo.
Anna S. reminded people to get their Rotary resource pages bios in.

Hayes requested cool cars for the Sunrise Club for their Fathers Day Motorama.

Fines and Happy Dollars: Anna S. thanked Diablo Foods for letting Rotary sell raffle tickets in front of the store where she sold $500 worth.
She also thanked them for some great lobster and many other tasty treats that are making her husband think she is a great cook, which I am sure she is. She also thanked Buddy and His lovely wife Roni for keeping her company at the Taste of Lafayette Restaurant walk.
Norma passed along Jay Lifson's regards and congrats on the res concert.
Chuck Vogel thanked whoever put together a collage of pictures of him and his family celebrating his upcoming rotary presidency.
Mo Levich announced that May 20th the Jeremiah O'brien would sail out to meet the departing USS Iowa as it sails out the golden gate on its way southward ($85 to go along; if interested contact Mo), and on May 27th at Livermore Airport the Rossmoor Big Band would be playing tunes of the WWII era under the wing of the only flyable B-24, while other planes of that time will also be shown and flown.
Larry Blodgett paid a happy $ for his experience on the food line at the res concert, and reported hearing endless compliments from the res rangers and guests on the stage and it's impact on the Lafayette Reservoir.
Ed Stokes complimented Anna on her ticket sales and Mo Levich on his work with the music program at the res and elsewhere.

Speaker: Mary Volmer, SMC, former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar,current teacher at SMC and author. Troy intro'ed and Mary said she grew up in Grass valley and attended the Univ. of Wales on her scholarship, traveling and giving speeches along the coast of Wales. As a teacher at SMU she created the honors program, and taught English comp. She recommends to all her students to get out in the world and discover your passions. An area of interest for her has been California history during the gold rush, as these people were in a way similar to her in her quest to find a new life and discover themselves. She noted that women were never mentioned in gold rush history. So she researched the subject and her research led to her characters in her book, titled Crown of Dust. She then read from her book in beautiful prose for a few minutes, asked for questions and thanked the club for inviting her.
Mo Levich remembered being part of the pep band for SMC while Mary played on the SMC basketball team at the NCAA tourney.

Rotary International News Other News: Club Calendar

Indian philanthropist commits another US$1 million for Rotary’s polio eradication efforts  

By Dan Nixon 
Rotary International News -- 16 May 2012 

R ajashree Birla, of the Aditya Birla Group, has committed an additional US$1 million to The Rotary Foundation for polio eradication efforts. 

Birla, of Mumbai, announced the donation on 8 May at the Arch C. Klumph Society dinner during the 2012 RI Convention in Bangkok, Thailand. Birla’s contributions to the Foundation’s campaign to eradicate polio, including this commitment, total more than $6.2 million. 

Birla’s late husband, Aditya, made the Aditya Birla Group into a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest in India. Today, her son, Kumar Mangalam, is chairman of the board, and she serves as a director.

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