Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
May 31, 2012 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 44

Troy Feddersen, El Presidente opened the meeting of the Lafayette Rotary.
Guests: Troy's lovely wife Denesa was present.
Dewitt Mosby, of the Contra Costa Times, was intro'd by Jay Lifson as was Laura Lewis, a former teacher locally, who now has her own business in Comprehensive Health and Nutrition.

Announcements: Bob Aguilar reminded us of the r/s fishing trip on Wed. June 27th.And the upcoming Bocceball tournament in Martinez July 17.
Debbie Cooper reminded us of the Rotary Golf Classic in Rossmoor to be held on June 11th. Currently there are only about 40 golfers so tell your friends and get them to sign up ASAP!!!!
She also asked for help on the courses contests and other fun tasks. SIGN UP!!!
Mike Henn told his pollsters to show up at their respective polling places.
Jay Lifson told us of the upcoming Loaves and Fishes First Annual Event, "Food for Thought" on June 24th from 2-5pm. Also the weekly "2012 Summer Series" Friday evenings in the plaza. Dancing in June, Movies in July, and Rock the Plaza in August. Be there or be square!
When asked about the new Farmer's Market, he said it was in a new locale, in the parking lot south of BART and would be run by Urban Village and be larger with music , more vendors, and may be year round . Starts 6/10.

Happy Dollars: Maurice Williams, sporting seven stitches above his right eye, said he had just returned from celebrating his 38th wedding anniversary....I guess that's what ya get. Actually he had taken a fall, but had a great time with his lovely wife.
Ron Wake paid up for his birthday in April and his 36th wedding anniv. this month.
Anna Stevenson said that on a recent res. walk she met some old friends and got them to sign up for the golf tourney. GOOD JOB!
Chuck Vogel, our next el presidente, also found a friend to attend the golf classic. Troy added that Chuck missed the training for incoming Rotary presidents due to his wife's illness but would wing it anyway, training or no. He'll miss the first meeting of his tenure, and was afraid nobody would show on July 5th, so he said he' d pay $5 per person for those who show up. Let's hold him to that one. We may earn more than some of our fund raisers!
Larry Blodgett was bowled over when his 17 yr. old daughter asked him when they could go fishing together again, but he had the answer in the rescheduled Rotary fishing trip! See ya portside pal!! Also his son started his paid internship with the Royal Bank of Canada recently and even purchased a car for himself. You raised him right Larry!
John Sherry acknowledged Norma Evans for her fine work at the res. concert selling cookies and ice cream, putting a smile on everyone' s face in the process, and netting over $400!!

Speaker: Chuck Vogel intro'd our speaker, Tom Del Becarro, chairman of the RNC northern Calif.
Firstly Tom recognized Ed Stokes who he recalled had pitched to him as a child(Ed was 68 at the time). He also gave a shout out to Mike Heller for their long acquaintance .
Tom said his job has him traveling 4-5 days a week to the many counties of NorCal of which he's visited 54 of the 58 recently! He feels that consumer confidence is a telling stat when predicting whether an incumbent will win. A score over 100% means they'll win. Obama is now around 65%, so Tom feels that favors Romney. He expects a very close race up until the end but sees his candidate surging ahead by 10 points during the election. Well we know who pays his paycheck!
As for Calif., well, we are having a difficult time economically balancing the budget. This is because of a gov. revenue problem due to structural unemployment, that is, jobs that won' t be returning. This is due to efficiency by corp.'s using automation to eliminate the need for more workers. We'll need one million less workers today then ten years ago. He sited that Calif. is in arrears by $500 billion, and local economies by $200 billion. Ugh!! He said Calif. is the worst, most over regulated state in the union.
In CCC, 40% of homes are either underwater or in foreclosure, totaling a two trillion dollar loss in home values nationwide.
If there is one Econ lesson he could impart to us it is "if the government takes your money, you can' t spend it" thus he is anti tax.
Finally, he feels that Andrew Cuomo, New Yorks gov and a democrat, is doing a bang up job getting the budget in line for NY And is one to watch for the presidential election in 2016.

Raffle: $65 pot, $2 to Mike Heller, $5 to Bob Aguilar, and a bag of pistachios to Dan Baker thanks to Barry, who gratiously provided nuts for us all. Many thanks!

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2012 Photo Contest winners

 The Rotarian -- June 2012
First place. Shot outside Kisumu, Kenya. Says Benson, “This photograph, of a little child trying to get fresh water for the family, is unpretentious and poignant and tells an important story. You know exactly the situation and are moved by the look of expectation in her eyes, as if she’s asking for help. It is an image you stop and look at, and that is the main criterion for good photography.” Darryl Brown, Rotary Club of Boulder, Colo., USA

W hen Harry Benson was in the Royal Air Force, he was not allowed into the camera club. Other servicemen said his photos were not good enough. That didn’t deter Benson from becoming a photojournalist, but it did make him sensitive to those who are starting out. After judging our 2012 photo contest, he said: ...

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