Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
July 7, 2011 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 1

At his first meeting as Club President; Troy Fedderson rang the lunch bell and presided at today’s meeting.
Heba Rayan was the greeter and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Visiting Rotarians
Debbie Rosseler (Governor) from Moraga
Don Jenkins from the Orinda Club (Lafayette Community Center)
Betsy and Clive from the Towne Hall Theatre were presented with a check for $500 from the club to support their programs. Dino Riggio brought guest Jim Minder. Interesting fact: Jim hangs flags on overpasses.

It is Dan Baker’s birthday. Happy 92nd birthday Dan!

Terry Ring and Maurice Williams joined the Board of Directors.

Alicia Cragholm will be Sergeant At Arms.

Stage project is still in progress. Don Jenkins gave us an update. We still need the support of the community in order to complete the remaining 35% of the project.
Annual Golf Tournament on August 29, 2011.

Club assembly will  be held at our next meeting.

Happy Dollars
Happy Birthday Dan!

Andy gave $ for his life, surviving what could have been an accident on his way to the meeting.

Chuck celebrated a birthday and an anniversary on the fourth.

Larry Blodgett had to leave early, so he paid $5.

Ron gave some $$ for a great article that was written about his racing career.

Alan Mac is thankful children were ok on the fourth of July.

Bob Aguilar had a check ready to pay for celebrating his birthday.

Andy also paid $100 for celebrating his birthday.

Geoff is happy he gets to sit down and enjoy lunch. He is enjoying the coveted title of Past President.

Mo Levich happy to have Alicia as the Fine Master and now he can enjoy making friends again.

Debbie Rosseler is happy to visit and thankful to Debbie Cooper for running an ad.

Troy happy to have a first meeting as President.

Troy gave us some insight into his past. He has a degree in accounting and used to work for World Savings in their loan department. He always knew he enjoyed sales and real estate, so in 2009 he pursued a career as a Realtor with J. Rockcliff Realtors. He has 3 boys with his wife Denisa, who just completed her MBA at St. Mary’s and is an accountant for a firm in Walnut Creek.

Debbie Rosseler won a $2. Terry Ring won $89. Terry being a trooper decided to split his winnings with Mike Heller to help him with his new grill. Remember: Save the greenbacks!

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30PM by Troy

Rotary International News Other News: Club Calendar

Group hopes to raise US$3 million to restore Rotary founder's home for visitors

For nearly 40 years, Paul and Jean Harris hosted Rotary meetings and entertained visiting Rotarians at their home on Chicago's South Side. Today, Comely Bank, which they affectionately named after the street in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Jean grew up, is badly in need of repairs.  

The Paul and Jean Harris Home Foundation hopes to raise $3 million to carry out renovations, repay its debt from the house purchase, and add enhancements that would make the site a worthy tribute to Harris. .   read story.
The Four Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Officers & Directors
Kalyan Banerjee . . . . . RI President
Karl Diekman
. . . . . . . Dist 5160 Governor
Troy Feddersen. . . . . . President
Geoff Zimmerman. . . . .Past President
Chuck Vogel. . . . . Vice President
Bob Shusta . . . . . . . . Secretary
Greg Vaisnor . . . . . . . Treasurer
Chuck Vogel . . . . . . Club Service
Troy Winkles
. . . . . . . Community Service
Jesse Wellen
. . . . . . . International Service
Erin McCoin 
. . . . . . . Vocational Service
Andy Scheck
. . . . . . . Sergeant of Arms
Mo Levich
. . . . . . . . Sergeant of Arms
Give Hope - Give A Hand
The Rotary Club of Lafayette donates an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand in the name of our speakers each week.
The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
Make Up Meetings
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Upcoming Speakers
7/14Club assembly
Local & District Events

Rotary International Events

07/01        Daniel    Baker   
07/03        Polly    Bernson   
07/03        Andreas    Scheck   
07/04        Chuck    Vogel    
07/08        Robert    Aguilar    
07/19        Jesse    Wellen
        Norma Evens
07/26        John    Hansen
07/04        Tom    Courtright    
07/07        Warren    Rupf    
07/16        Chuck    Vogel    
07/21        Bud    Moulthrop
7/14Polly Bernson
7/21Larry Blodgett

 Notes by Alicia Cragholm | Photos John Sherry