Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
August 11, 2011 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 6

President Troy Feddersen opened the meeting today. Lisa Cohen was listed as our greeter, but she was not present, so Jay Lifson “pinch-hit” for Lisa and gave today’s thought for the day.  Jay gave tribute to the great Grateful Dead guitar legend Jerry Garcia.
Joining us for today’s meeting was visiting Rotarian Ron Light from Concord and guests Maggie Jacobberger (Smart Cooke Learning), Grace Inouye (Mortgage Broker), Ron Melvin (US Bank) and our speaker Ed Stevenson.  We also enjoyed a rare visit from fellow Lafayette Rotarian Milt Bruzzone.

President Troy started off today’s meeting with a video message from this year’s District Governor “Griffindor” Dave Dacus.  Dave invited us all to attend the Magical world of this year’s District Conference in Monterey, where the attendees will enjoy Rotarian camaraderie and fun Muggle pleasures, like world class golf.  President Troy also announced that since President-Elect Chuck Vogel and his wife Mary had decided to not attend the RI Convention, that the board had voted to reallocate the funds normally budgeted for RI conference toward subsidizing the $199 registration and meal cost for club members wishing to attend.  A quick show of hands suggested that 3 or 4 members were considering attending the District Conference.

Next up were announcements from Troy, Chuck, and AC Webb on the latest news regarding this year’s’ Golf Tournament and Fundraiser.  Currently there are approximately 60 golfers signed up and additional golfers are encouraged to sign up before the cutoff date (August 24th) to allow the organizers to put together the foursomes and finalize the logistics.  Chuck Vogel requested that club members sign up for day-of-tournament jobs and passed around a signup sheet.  Polly and Debbie encouraged members to sell their assigned stack of raffle tickets and gave a brief description of some of the raffle prizes, such as the five dinners for two sponsored by local restaurants like La Finestra, Chevallier, and others.

This years’ Rock the Plaza events kick off this Friday, August 12th and will continue on Friday August 19th and 26th.  Mike Heller passed around a signup sheet for volunteers.  Club members are encouraged to take part either by volunteering to help with the barbeque, or to come out to promote the Golf Tournament by selling raffle tickets. 

In Bob Shusta’s absence, an announcement was made that we need host families for our visiting Russian realtors in early October.  We need at least one host family to step up to the plate, and preferably two.  Please contact Bob Shusta for detail or to volunteer to be a host this year.

Jay Lifson announced this years’ Art and Wine festival taking place on September 17th and 18th.   This year, there is no funding for public works jobs, so Jay will need more volunteers than in past years.  Jay noted that the Lamorinda Sunrise club will be in attendance with their Hand-Crafted Canoe on display.  They are raffling the Canoe and will be selling raffle tickets.  Jay also noted that the Lamorinda Sunrise club has generously offered to donate 30% of the raffle proceeds to the Lafayette Community Foundation in support of the Lafayette Rotary Stage project.  A big “thank you” to our fellow Rotarians for their thoughtfulness, generosity, and support. 

Geoff announced the runners-up and the winner of the 2010-11 Lafayette Rotarian of the year.  John Sherry was recognized as the recipient of the award for his tireless efforts and success in moving the Stage project materially forward, his tireless work as past President Advisor and his devotion to the mission of Rotary.  Alicia Cragholm was recognized as a runner up for her spirit, enthusiasm, and the positive impact she’s made on the club in her first year as a Rotarian.  Our other runner up was Mike Heller, and recognized for his leadership in raising funds for Shelter Inc; his culinary contributions at our Rock the Plaza, Reservoir Run, and Concert at the Rez events, and his ability to arrange sponsorships from Concord BMW (and others) for our annual raffles . 

Fines and recognition:  Larry and Karen Blodgett celebrated their 24th anniversary with a Romantic and event-filled day trip to the Napa Valley wineries.  They enjoyed a picnic lunch at V Sattui (fun), some excellent wines at Duckhorn (more fun).  They also practiced their breaking and entering skills after they accidentally locked their keys in their car (not so fun).  Terry Ring celebrated  a recent birthday.  Ed and Betty Stokes will be celebrating their 63rd anniversary next week on an Alaskan cruise (and will do their best to not lock their key cards in their cabin J ).  Jay was fined for his unabashed national self promotion of Lafayette’s low 4% unemployment rate (lowest in California) on CNN this week. Dick Holt gave happy dollars in respect of his mom’s good sense to move to California.  John gave happy dollars for the good fishing he enjoyed in Alaska in July.  Jay Lifson gave happy dollars because his dad had the good sense and wisdom at age 18 to change his last name from “Lifschitz” to “Lifson”, and thereby reducing the potential for schoolyard  mockery and childhood suffering for future generations of Lifsons. 

Our guest speaker today was Ed Stevenson.  In addition to being the Business Manager at the Lafayette Veteran’s Hall, Ed is also a 27-year member of the Tournament of Roses Association, a Pasadena-based group responsible for the organization and production of the annual Tournament of Roses parade and College Football’s Rose Bowl.  Of the association’s 934 members, Ed is the only current member to reside in Contra Costa County.  Membership is restricted to individuals who live or work within 15 miles of the Pasadena City Hall at the time of application.  This will be Ed’s last year as active membership is limited to individuals age 65 or less. 

Ed led our club in a journey through the history of the Association and the event, which started out as a celebration of Pasadena’s mild January weather and promotion of Pasadena as the “Mediterranean of the West” dating back to 1890.  The promise of sunshine, blooming flowers and fresh oranges brought early visitors from New York and other snow-bound areas of the east coast.  Games such as jousting, ostrich and camel races, polo and tug-of-war were early attractions.  Motorized vehicles came on the scene around 1900 and the first post season football game took place in 1902 with invitations extended to the University of Michigan and Stanford.  Unfortunately, this was college football’s “false start” as a postseason highlight, with Michigan taking an early lead of 49-0 and at the end of the third quarter, the Cardinal flew the coop and the rest of the game was cancelled.  Football did not reappear until 1916, but has since become one of the key events of the Tournament and of the College post season.

Ed gave us a brief history of the selection of the Rose Queen and her 6 princesses, a tradition since 1930.  Entrants must be between the ages of 17 and 21, attend school within the trustee areas of the Pasadena Area Community College district, and go through a month-long selection process.  The judging is based on criteria other than physical attractiveness, such as community involvement, public speaking ability, poise, and academic achievement.  Typically there are over 2000 applicants. 

Ed noted that the Tournament of Roses parade and Rose Bowl championship game benefits the local business community by providing over $300 million of net positive economic benefit.  Funds raisedfrom sponsorships and ticket sales are split equally between colleges from the Big Ten and the Pac- 12. Last year this pool was over $32 million.  Excess funds are donated to the Tournament of Roses Foundation and distributed to non-profit and service organizations.  

Thanks to Ed for a compelling and entertaining journey through the history of this uniquely “California” annual celebration.

Today’s raffle featured John Sherry’s donation of his delicious freshly caught and home-smoked salmon in addition to the usual weekly prizes.  Maurice won the salmon; John was our $2 winner, and one of Maurice’s other 9 raffle tickets was drawn for a chance at the jackpot.  Maurice pulled a blue marble and he settled for a $5 win.

Troy adjourned the meeting shortly after 1:30.

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Burton is choice for 2013-14 RI president

Ron D. Burton, a member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International in 2013-14. Burton will become the president-nominee on 1 October if there are no challenging candidates. 

Burton retired as president of the University of Oklahoma Foundation Inc. in 2007. He is a member of the American Bar Association, as well as the bar associations of Cleveland County and the state of Oklahoma. He is admitted to practice in Oklahoma and before the U.S. Supreme Court.  

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