Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
August 18, 2011 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 7

President Troy Feddersen opened the meeting today. Debbie Cooper was our greeter and gave the following thought for the day:  “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy”.
Joining us for today’s meeting were visiting Rotarians John Fazel, Ron Brown, Mark Roberts, Tom Black, Alex Arnold.  Today’s guests included Kathy Merchant and Kaaren Brickman from the Lafayette Library Foundation, returning guests Brian Way and Jacqueline Bhagavan, and Jacqueline’s parents in law who were visiting from Denmark.

Golf Tournament:  Debbie Copper asked Rotarians for donations of bottles of wine for our Rotary Golf Tournament auction on August 29th.  Troy called for additional tee sponsors before the deadline of 8/24.  Maurice Williams asked club members to sign up for jobs at this years’ Golf Tournament and sent around a signup sheet.

Rock the Plaza:
This years’ Rock the Plaza events will continue on Friday August 19th and 26th.  Mike Heller thanked Rotarians for their help at last weeks’ Rock the Plaza and asked for additional volunteers for tomorrow night’s event and for the third and final Rock the Plaza for this year next week on August 26th.  In particular, we need members at the beginning and at the end of the event to help with the loading and off-loading of the new Grill, which is built like a tank (and weighs in like one tooJ)   Club members who are regulars at Oakwood are encouraged to come out and get a reality check on the effectiveness of their workout regimen.  Rotary members are also encouraged to come out and help with the food preparation, or to come out to promote the Golf Tournament by selling raffle tickets. 

Art and Wine:
Jay Lifson still needs volunteers for this years’ Art and Wine festival taking place on September 17th and 18th.   This year, there is no funding for public works jobs, so Jay will need more volunteers than in past years.  This means that volunteers will be needed for jobs starting on Wednesday September 14th to help with pre-event activities 

Host families needed for visiting Russian Realtors:
Bob Shusta called for additional host families for our visiting Russian Realtors.  The Russians arrive on September 30 and will be with us for a couple of weeks.  We need at least one more host family to step up to the plate, and preferably two.  Please contact Bob Shusta for details or to volunteer to be a host this year.

Lafayette Library Fundraiser: 
Guest Kathy Merchant announced that this years’ Library Foundation fundraiser will take place on September 10th and asked Rotarians to attend and to help get the word out.  Kathy noted that our Library serves over 1600 people daily, offers free tutoring and has fun events like the library’s speaker series.

The Lamorinda Sunrise club will be in attendance at Art and Wine with their Hand-Crafted Canoe on display.  More about the Canoe momentarily.  They are selling raffle tickets and donating 30% of the raffle proceeds to the Lafayette Community Foundation in support of the Lafayette Rotary Stage project.  A big ongoing “thank you” to our fellow Rotarians for their thoughtfulness, generosity, and support. 

John Sherry announced that his daughter, who works for the Gap, had given him 3 tickets worth 50% off and gave the three tickets out to the first to raise their hands.    Troy announced that Erin McCoin has resigned from the board and been granted a 6-month leave of absence.  Dino Riggio has stepped up and been voted in by the board to take Erin’s place as our Vocational Service director. 

Fines and recognition: 
Troy and Denisa celebrated their 19th anniversary last week and Troy fined himself accordingly.  Alicia and Kevin celebrated their 3rd anniversary.  Bob and Midge Shusta celebrated their 50th anniversary with a family cruise to Alaska.  Daniel Barnes was happy to be back in town after 2 months in Berlin.  Bob Aguilar was happy to have finally been successful in his efforts to be invited to the Executive Suite at Candlestick Park for this weekends’ 49ers/Raiders preseason game.  Jay Lifson celebrated an anniversary.  John was happy about something to do with puppies (your note-taker was distracted by a sidebar conversation and didn’t get all the details).  Andy Scheck was involved in a friendly zucchini-growing rivalry with his neighbor, and is the current champion after growing and harvesting a 10 pound zucchini.  Bob gave happy dollars for his grandson who is in the Army and recently joined the 101st Airborne squadron.

Today’s Speakers:
Our guest speakers today were Ron Brown and fellow Rotarians from the Lamorinda Sunrise Club - President Alex Arnold, John Fazel, Tom Black, Mark Roberts and Pat Flaherty.  Ron and his team spoke about the story behind “The Canoe” that their club is raffling as a fundraiser. 

History of “The Canoe”
The canoe was built in Gary Fulcher’s “Man Cave” in Lafayette and is the 11th in a series of home crafted canoes.  The canoe project began in January, and is literally built from the inside out.  The building of the canoe begins with a mold (called a “plug” at the core and material is added around the plug to give the canoe its shape and size.  The project has taken over 1,000 man hours, as layers of African Rosewood Veneer, fiberglass, a foam core, more fiberglass, Kevlar, more fiberglass, and eventually more veneer are layered together like a large Dagwood sandwich, held together by epoxy, sanded and varnished in painstaking fashion.  Maple is used for the gunnels and thwarts (the upper side edges and cross braces of the canoe) and the seats are made of hand woven cane.

The canoe has passed its initial water test with a maiden voyage occurring last Friday at the San Pablo Reservoir.  Initially the test run was to have occurred at the Lafayette Reservoir, however because trailers are not allowed, the project was diverted to our other local body of water.  Thanks to the initial efforts of John Fazel and Pat Flaherty, they found that the canoe floats in both an upright as well as an inverted position.  Unfortunately, John’s camera did not fare as well.  As an unexpected secondary benefit of the experiment, John and Pat also found that the Rangers at San Pablo Reservoir maintain a high level of alertness and are quick to point out that swimming is strictly forbidden (and would they PLEASE get out of the water NOW!)  Photographic evidence of the Canoe’s seaworthiness was obtained and added to the flyer announcing the raffle.

The Road Show and Raffle details:
The canoe will go on a road show to the Lafayette Art and wine Festival, the Rotary District Conference, and other high traffic, high visibility spots between now and the end of October when the raffle will take place.  Tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100 and an initial run of 1,000 tickets has been produces.  The winner of the raffle will receive either the canoe, or be offered $2,000 in lieu of the canoe.  Raffle proceeds will be benefit the HOME team, Literacy, Polio Eradication, the LN4 Hand project, Rotary charities, and 30% of the proceeds will go to the Lafayette Community Foundation for the benefit of the Lafayette Rotary Club’s Stage project. 

Today’s raffle was for $65.  Andy Scheck was our $2 winner.  Don Anderson’s ticket won him the opportunity to draw for the jackpot, but the gold ball remained elusive, and Don’s draw of a Cal-Blue ball won him $5.

Troy adjourned the meeting shortly at 1:30.

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Rotarians have raised US$185 million for Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge to help underwrite the cost of ending polio around the world. Although the challenge runs through 30 June, it is vital that fundraising efforts continue until the disease is finished. 

Many clubs are enlisting the support of their communities. Rotarians in Australia and New Zealand, in cooperation with 20th Century Fox, held a benefit screening of the movie Conviction at 36 theaters in February, netting $54,000 for Rotary’s challenge. A fashion show sponsored by the Rotary Club of Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise, California, USA, garnered more than $52,000 in March.     read story.
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