Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
September 15, 2011 | VOL 66 | ISSUE 11

President Troy Feddersen opened the meeting today.  
Bill Eames was the greeter.  
Joining us for today’s meeting was visiting Rotarian Kim Stone from Sedona who was ingtroduced by Norma Evans.  Also joining us were guests Tom O’Sullivan, CPA and guest speakerClive Worsley from the Lafayette Town Hall Theater

Art and Wine: Mike Heller announced that more volunteers are needed for this years’ Art and Wine festival taking place on September 17th and 18th.   

Golf Tournament.  President Troy Feddersen thanked the sponsors of this years’ Golf Tournament, including Jess Wellen from Lafayette Car Wash, and Maurice Williams for their sponsorship of tee boxes and the donation of items for the auction.

In Memory:  Larry Blodgett announced that services for Lafayette Rotarian Jack Hansen will be held at St Mary’s Soda Center on Sunday 9/25 from 3-5pm.  President Troy also announced  that the wife of Past District Governor Stan Smalley passed away recently.  

Membership:  President Troy announced that he has received a letter from Polly Bernson, who has regretfully signed from our club, as her key person Molly is going to be having a baby and Polly will need to devote more time to her business.

District Conference:  President Troy gave us a reminder that the Rotary District Conference will be held October 7-9 in Monterey and encouraged members to attend.   To help promote a good turnout, our club will underwrite the $199 event registration fee for any member wishing to attend.

Russian Realtors and club hospitality parties:  Bob Shusta announced that the Russian Realtors will be here from 9/30 through 10/16 and requested volunteers to drive the van and pick up our guests from the airport.  See Bob for details.  Also, there will be a welcome reception at the Hellers’ on Sunday 10/2 from 5-8pm, and a farewell party hosted by the Wellen’s on 10/15 (time TBD)

Catering:  This week’s catering featured Green Lantern Catering.  Next week features Oakwood’s caterer.

Fines and recognition:  
Steve Falk was fined $5 for his daughter Angela getting her drivers’ license.  Bill Eames pitched in another $2 in Angela’s honor.  Dick Holt was recognized for his birthday.  Chuck Vogel gave happy dollars honoring Andy Scheck, who did last weeks’ newsletter from Germany.  Dick Hold and Mo Levich gave $1 each as a penance for incurring traffic tickets from one of Lafayette’s new motorcycle police officers.  John Sherry gave $5 from the fees earned for the services of his Bichon Frise.  Jess Wellen gave $10 for missing the past few meetings while globetrotting.  President Troy gave $1 for being happy to live in Lafayette and Ed Stokes gave $5 in honor of Mike Heller wearing a Diablo Foods shirt.  

Today’s Speaker:
President Troy introduced today’s speaker, Clive Worsley.  Clive is the Artistic Director for the Lafayette Town Hall Theater and his topic was “How I became and Actor”  

Clive was born in Scotland and immigrated to the United States when he was young.  Graduated from Northgate High School in Walnut Creek.  By  age 30, he had been working for the Odwalla Company as a salesman for the company but wasn’t satisfied with his work.  One day shortly thereafter, a friend  approached him and said he should go into acting.  Clive decided to move ahead with this while maintaining a day job.  After some time of part time acting and teaching acting to children he made the switch to the acting business full time.  

Clive has taught acting to kids through the Cal Shakes Program and various public schools in the area and about four years ago was offered the position as “Artistic Director” of our very own Town Hall Theatre.  When Clive joined Town Hall, the organization was in a mess organizationally and financially, but over the past few years the organization has vastly improved on all points, namely by cutting their operating budget in half.

Clive believes connections are the most important things you can have in his business and a community and credits this for where he is today with the support of actors over the years who helped him up the latter along the way.  Likewise, our own community has helped him and Town Hall for years with much needed support.

Town Hall Theatre has a great line up of shows coming through the end of this year starting with a play written by comedian Steve Martin called “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”.  Town Hall will end the year with their annual performance of their version of “Scrooge!”.  Next year’s season will start the year in Feb. “Distracted” and in May “Pygmalion”.

Clive thanked Rotary and its members for its continued support especially Ed Stokes and invited anyone who hasn’t seen a show at Town Hall to please come and assured they would have a wonderful time.  Clive also told us Town Hall Theatre was actively looking for additional board members to sit on their organization and invited anyone from the club to apply.  Fliers were left on each of the tables for those who wished to learn more about Town Hall and its various programs and shows as well as information on season tickets.

Today’s raffle was for $65 .  Mo Levich was our $2 winner, Mike Heller won $5.  A bottle of wine donated by a club member and was the prize for the raffle bonus round.  Bob Aguilar’s ticket was pulled, but he had left early, so in his absence, Debbie Cooper became the “second chance” winner.  The jackpot rolls over to next week.

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