Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
January 24, 2013 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 26

Head Honcho Chuck Vogel opened the meeting( love that bell ! ) Terri Ring was Greeter and managed to greet me twice!
Guests: Andy Scheck intro'd his father-in-law Jack
Bob Shusta intro'd Harold Bauer a prospective new member enjoying his 2nd lunch with our club. A big WELCOME goes out to Harold!
Mike Vigo, the speaker for today from Orinda was recognized.

Chuck V. read a letter from Sentinels of Freedom for our generous contribution Ray Bland told us of the fab five luncheon(5 local Rotary clubs) coming up Feb. 6 at 11:30 at the Rossmoor Rotary Club locale.
Debbie Cooper annc'ed the Valentine's Lunch with spouses in attendance and took a show of hands for interest.
Steve Falk, absent for one month, explained that he was on a reconnaissance mission to retrieve his son, Nathan, from Brazil, where he worked for a semester. Steve said the Facebook pictures with different pretty Brazilian gals was too much for him to handle, so they had to pry him out of the country.
Chuck said he hoped Nathan would give us a presentation on Brazil someday soon, and he complimented Steve on the rapid repair of Mt. View Drive.
Anna Stevenson recognized Bud Molthrop and Jack Clarkson's Birthdays, both proud octogenarians. As Anna looked for the appropriate members to lead in singing Happy Birthday to them, Chuck V. said he was a "blackbird" in grade, a designation given to those that should only lip-sing while the rest of the class, the bluebirds, sing. To that end, go figure, the two Larrys(Blodgett and Duson) took it upon themselves to serenade the birthday boys in two part harmony.
Anna S. went on to say that she would be at the multi-club lunch at Rossmoor and would take note of anyone not attending and fine them at our next regular meeting, so there. Mo Levich called her the Wicked Witch of the West, for which he paid ten bucks, a down payment on her third born perhaps?!
Mo L. Went on to say that Rossmoor's Big Band had lost its funding from Kaiser Permanently(so to speak) and called on us all to help out by attending their next concert and paying the ten bucks admission fee to help their funding.
That's Feb. 15 from 8-10, with ballroom dance instruction included earlier that evening.
Larry Blodgett thanked Jay Lifson for fighting the good fight in preserving access to the road that serves his and others businesses on the East side of Lafayette. That Jay, he our street fighting man!

Speaker: Mike Vigo of The Bee Ranchers, LLC spoke to us about his bee keeping business in Orinda that began as simply a hobby to keep his three daughters occupied and out of trouble . As his awareness of the fact that the bees were the ones in trouble , he decided to take up the business of keeping honey bees. He not only raises his own bees in his backyard, but supplies others with the capability to do the same, as well as providing the servicing of the bee boxes and kits he sells throughout the Bay Area. Areas such as Portola Valley and Woodside were mentioned , as well as Lamorinda where sales of local honey is also available. The "Colony Collapse Disorder" that has recently threatened the honey bee population is currently being researched but the causes seem to be "monocultural agriculture", that is growing huge areas with one crop for efficiency, that corporate farming tends to due. Also use of pesticides that kills the bees, and herbicides that kills the weeds that these vegan bees would normally eat to vary their diet. Maybe the bees need to check out WholeFoods vegan section! Anyway, the solutions to these issues are being sought to save the bees as they not only produce honey but act as pollinators for the many crops that grow in our state and throughout the nation. Food for thought you might say....

Raffle: Alicia won $2; and as luck would have it, Birthday Boy Bud Molthrop won had the winning ticket AND picked the gold marble to win the jackpot of $85. Yes, I said $85!!!! Congrats Bud and a fond Happy Birthday!

And that's how it went on Jan. 24 in this notetakers eyes. GO NINERS!!!!
Beat the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl!!! Buddy.

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