Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
January 3, 2013 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 23

Head Honcho Chuck Vogel loves that bell and rang it to start the meeting.
Guests attending: Bill Ames intro'ed Ron Light as the longest attender to rotary present, and "Hays" a frequent visiting Rotarian from the Lamorinda morning club.
Alicia Cragholm intro'ed today's speaker Robin Fox.

Announcements: Apparently the announcement of the death of Dick H. Had some worried that it was our Dick Holt, but rest assured it was not. It was Dick Hedgie that passed, and our sympathies go out to his family. He was the first major of Orinda.
John Sherry was given the microphone but had to wait his turn until the noise settled down. He was happy with the Gin Fizz Breakfast turn out although there were too many(10) no shows. Breakfast was good, served here at Oakwood in the grand room in grand style as I can attest, having been there.
Hays annc'ed the delivery of the Rotary Resource and Service Directory and thanked Andy Scheck for his printing and production work on the project and mentioned Anna Stevenson who went club to club with Hayes to raise money for the project and introduce it. This was Hayes' idea and involved the participation of all 4 Rotary Clubs in our vicinity.
Ron Wake spoke of the March 8 skiing event, inviting both skiing and non skiing members to come along and enjoy the snowy festivities at Northstar. He also thanked those who made their Rotary foundation contributions and suggested the rest of us follow suit. These go toward your personal Paul Harris foundation donations. So go online to defer service charges, and do your part.
Troy told us he received a thank you letter from "Las Trampas" for the $1000 contribution.
Debbie Cooper annc'ed the date of the next Golf Classic at Rossmoor to be August 26, somewhat early due to green repairs later this summer there.

Happy $'s and Fines: Dan Brown gave $2 as he happily sat next to Milt Brazzone. He was pleased to be in the role of keeping him awake!
Troy gave $2 for the closing of Petars but was sad for the displacement of Diamond Dan, who has played guitar and sung there for 25 years.
Larry Blodgett chimed in with $2, happy that Petars was closing as well as happy that Dick Holt had not passed. To which Allen Mac quickly stood and offered $5 if Larry would just sit down!! Good call Alan!
Bob Shusta hailed Bob Aguilar's recovery from his Xmas fall, as he awaits the surgical correction of that hip toward the end of January.
Don Jenkins wished all a happy New Year!
Alicia C. Encouraged the crowd to sing happy birthday to Maurice Williams for his often neglected Dec.27(or is it Dec.28) Birthday. Mo gave $50 for the privilege, and thanked all for the wishes. He also thanked me, Buddy, for a recommendation of RF Helicopters as gifts for Xmas which he and his sons enjoyed thoroughly until Mo crashed his! Big boys, big toys!
Bill Ames volunteered to sing Happy Birthday to Alicia, and as many protested experiencing another round of singing by Bill, he belted out that old birthday jingle to all our consternation. All the happy dollars in the world couldn't have stopped that train wreck!to which Chuck V. Gave $5 just for the hell of it!!!
Norma Evans again outdid herself, producing a gorgeous cake for Jack Clarkson's 88th Birthday, but he didn't make it to the we all decided to award the cake to Maurice and Alicia and ate the darn thang!
Yes, we saved some for Jack and Norma will deliver it to him.
Alicia was playfully chided for her Facebook posting "I owe how much?" By Larry B.

Speaker: Robin Fox gave a presentation on "Social Media". She is a social media coach by occupation and can help those in business with marketing their businesses using current methods, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc.
First, marketing in today's world requires teamwork, with the whole company behind and supportive of it. She said , "Like a raft on the mighty Colorado, you have to work together and stroke, stroke, stroke!" Secondly, content is a major key to success on the Internet. Since old methods of marketing are no longer working, one must become familiar with the new social media, especially Facebook and LinkedIn in this geographical area. Social media takes your message to where your customers are hanging out. Align your content with your business goals. Stop, think, and plan. Know where you want to go and where your business to go. But remember, it's not about you, it's about your customers! Finally, Robin made the point that pictures vastly improve your chances of being noticed . Always include a picture that will catch your desired clients attention when posting on social media. Workshops are available with Robin at the Lafayette Chamber Wed.,Jan.16 at 8am and again on Wed, feb. 20 at 8am.
Robin Fox can be reached at and Phone 925-451-3069

Raffle: Debbie Cooper won $2, Ron Wake won $5

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Seven ways to get more out of Rotary in 2013

By Antoinette Tuscano 
Rotary International News – 2 January 2013
A teacher prepares a lesson for first graders at École Ste.-Famille in Les Cayes, Haiti. The school was rebuilt with support from a Rotary Foundation donor advised fund after the 2010 earthquake. Resolve to support the Foundation's work in the six areas of focus in 2013. Rotary Images/Alyce Henson

T ry something different in 2013 to attract new members and keep existing ones. Here are a few ideas to help you do more with Rotary in the new year.

Be part of Rotary's efforts to End Polio Now

Consider planning a fundraiser for polio eradication, taking part in the World's Biggest Commercial, or having your club or district light up a landmark as part of Rotary’s anniversary celebration on 23 February. Rotarians have made great progress in the push to end the disease, but the job isn’t finished yet. As little as US$0.60 can help immunize a child against the incurable disease. Contribute to PolioPlus, and learn more about Rotary's eradication efforts.

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4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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