Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
October 4, 2012 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 14

President Chuck Vogel opened the meeting roughly on time.
Tom Henry was the greeter.

Dennis Garrison of Oakwood Athletic Club, our gracious host.
Clive Worsley and Joel Roster of Town Hall Theater. Rich Delaney from Branagh Construction, Diane Barbara from California Bank of Commerce, Randy Porter, the music director from West Lake School in Oakland, Norm Dee, the music director from Acalanes High School. Brian Pardo from Bentley School.
Bob Shusta introduced his long time friend Ralph Stewart.

Mike Heller reminded the club that the Reservoir Run and pancake breakfast are on Oct 28. Bob Shusta reminded us that Lt. Colonel Alexander Jefferson of Tuskegee Airman fame will speak at the Oct 11 meeting. Larry Blogett announced his daughter is selling raffle tickets to benefit the Acalanes cheer leader squad. Dick Holt announced the Lafayette Community Foundation a senior symposium at the Lafayette Presbyterian Church on Oct 12. Bob Shusta told us of the October Fest celebration at Norma Evans’ house on Oct 26. Guest Clive Worsley was pleased to announce the opening of the new season at the Town Hall Theater and his appreciation for the stage at the reservoir.
Happy dollars. Mo Levich donated $2 for his phone ringing. Larry Blogett gave $1 for the up coming city council and school board debates. Mike Heller donated $2 for a phone infraction and $1 in appreciation of the club support of Joan Heller. Dan Baker gave $2 for the As amazing run as did Ed Stokes. Bill Eames gave our president a pair of ear plugs and $2.
Today is the day the club acknowledges the sponsors, donors and participants of the Stage at the Lafayette Reservoir. Dick Holt, John Sherry and Bob Shusta introduced the following sponsors and donors. Dennis Garrison of Oakwood Athletic Club. Rich Delany of Branagh Construction, our own Ed Stokes of Diablo Foods, Jess Wellen of Lafayette Car wash and Andy and Wendy Schenck of Lamorinda Weekly and Tom Courtright of Orchard Nursery. The sponsors and donors got a standing ovation from the club. The honored participants were Bob Athade from Stanley Middle School, Mo Levich from Generations in Jazz and the Rossmoor Bid Band, Brian Pardo from Bently High School, Norm Dee from Acalanes High School and Clive Worsley representing Town Hall Theater.
Bob Shusta acknowledged the hard work by John Sherry and Dick Holt. John Sherry mentioned the future sun screen for the stage. Dick Holt informed us that appx $55,000 has been donated to the schools over the last 18 years. Bob Athade spoke for a few moments inviting the club to Stanley for a cop of coffee in the morning. He thanked the community and especially Jeanie Reynolds for their help with the music department. He emphasized how important hard work and competency are to the success of the younger generation. Mr. Athade said he appreciated the stage and how he is looking forward to the Reservoir Run. Clive Worsley spoke on the upcoming play the Sly Fox and offered tickets to the club. Dennis Garrison was acknowledged for his generosity toward our club and given a standing ovation. Joel Roster the director of education for the Town Hall Theater and thanked the music program supporters and teachers for their support. Dan Baker won the Acalanes cheerleader raffle ticket. Mike Heller won the $2 prize. Anna Stevenson won the $5 prize.

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Rotary shares polio eradication message with thousands at Global Citizen Festival

 Rotary News -- 2 October 2012 
Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Canadian Rotarian Ramesh Ferris, and RI General Secretary John Hewko make the “This Close” sign before the concert begins. Photo by Marga Hewko

Rotary International shared the polio eradication message with the world Saturday during a massive charity concert in New York’s Central Park, organized by the Global Poverty Project. Headlined by the Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, and Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Global Citizen Festival 2012 drew a live audience of more than 60,000, and many more online and via television broadcasts.

Rotary produced a seven-minute segment preceding Neil Young, himself a polio survivor. Emmy-award winning actress Archie Panjabi, a celebrity participant in Rotary’s “This Close” public service campaign;...

 read online

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