Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
February 21, 2013 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 29

President Chuck Vogel opened the meeting today. Our newest member Harold Bauer was our greeter and gave the thought for the day around the theme "Only in America", which was a favorite phrase of his dad's.
Joining us for today’s meeting was visiting Rotarian Dave Englehart from Orinda. Also joining us was our guest speaker Sue Breedlove.

Chuck passed along an invitation to join the Rossmoor Rotary for a St Patricks' Day celebration on March 15th.
Geoff announced that the membership committee has been formed and is kicking off an ongoing drive for new members. Bob Shusta, Debbie Cooper, Geoff and Chuck Vogel are currently heading up the committee. As part of the ongoing program, a number of club members have been invited to become club "Ambassadors": Anna, Larry B, Jay, Debbie, and Mike Heller. Their role will be to encourage new and existing business owners in town to come check out our club and to consider joining. Another new role is our club "Hosts": Bill Eames, Geoff, Bob and Alicia who will serve to welcome new members, make introductions to our current club members and help our guests feel welcomed and included.

Bill Eames announced that if we pass the hat and collect more than $250 to be put toward an education fund for Anna's pending baby, that Dave Englehardt and Orinda will provide matching funds.

Mo Levich announced the Rossmoor Big Band will be playing on 3/8 and will include Mick Gilette who will be fronting the Rossmoor Big Band. There is room for 200 guests and per Mo here are 110 guests currently signed up to attend.

Anna Stevenson spoke for a few moments about what being a Rotarian means to her, and what she believes Rotary and our club has to offer new and existing members. She focuses on inviting people that she knows or those she wants to know better to come join us for lunch and to consider membership. She looks for people with similar interests to hers who share similar values, and who want to help give back to the community.

Fines and recognition:
Anna was recognized for her 33rd birthday. Jay bought a car. Steve Falk celebrated having his ears lowered (or his hairline raised, as the case may be). Norma gave happy $ for the Valentines' Day Rotary program and also for Buddy's good work with making the Rotations' notes fun and interesting. Mike H gave $ for Norma's homemade cookies, and also for Don Anderson's culinary skills. Bill Eames was fined for having badges for at least one other club. John Sherry gave happy $ for the successful "Mating of "Maestro" and "Melanie" (which sounds suspiciously like either a back room liaison at a 1970's discotheque, or a late night "Cinemax" movie). Terry Ring 'fessed up to "inappropriate verbal outbursts". Mike Henn gave $ for Bill Eames' Super Bowl party, and Bob Shusta gave $ in honor of Bob A slowly making headway in his recovery from surgery.

Today’s Speaker:
Our guest speaker today was Sue Breedlove, member of the Orinda Rotary and owner of Breedlove Insurance Services. Sue is talking today about Health Care Reform and the new laws.

Sue is 10 years in the health insurance business. January 2014 is the kickoff date for health care coverage for all. Coverage will no longer be deniable if the individual is otherwise uninsurable. The timeline for full coverage is October 2014. Individuals ill be able to enroll in health plans via an "exchange". In California, one web resource is

Impact on small businesses:
Businesses with < 50 employees, there will be no penalty if they do not offer health coverage for employees. If a business has > 50 employees, the company will pay penalties of they do not ofer coverage.

Sue noted that there is some word of mouth that some employers may choose to pay the penalty since the penalty may be less than the cost of providing insurance.

Questions were asked whether the cost of insurance will be based on the address/residence of the individual. Sue responded that currently cost of coverage is based on age and zip code, and expects that will continue.
Mo Levich noted that his company provides health care coverage for employees working as few as 20 hours per week and stated that his insurer has told him that he will not be able to offer coverage to part time employees, and asked if that was true across the board. Sue responded that 30 hours is the cutoff for a full time employee (which did not really answer Mo's question), but after a bit of back and forth to clarify the question, Sue's opinion is that employers who wish to offer health insurance to part time employees should still be able to do so if they choose to.

Sue also noted that if employers do not provide coverage, then individuals are still mandated to get coverage, or pay a penalty equal to the greater of $95 or 1% of their income in the first year, with the penalty increasing in subsequent years.

Today’s raffle was for $45 . Ron Wake was our $2 winner and Bill Eames won the Jackpot.

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As Rotary celebrates 108th anniversary, gains against polio continue

By Dan Nixon 
Rotary News -- 21 February 2013
Rotarians in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, raise a banner outside city hall to publicize the polio eradication effort. Photo by Walter Psotka

Rotary’s 108th anniversary on 23 February marks a year of both achievements in the fight to eradicate polio and a stepped-up commitment to finish the job. 

Worldwide, 222 polio cases were reported in 2012, a little more than one-third of the 650 cases reported in 2011. India marked its second year without polio on 13 January. Overall, the annual incidence of polio has decreased more than 99 percent since the Global Polio Eradication Initiative was launched in 1988. Then polio infected about 350,000 children per year.

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