Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
June 20, 2013 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 46

About to be Debunked and Defunct Pres. Chuck Vogel opened the mtg.
Jess Wallen played the role of last minute greeter, and a fine greeter was he!
Although there were no visiting Rotarians, there were plenty of GUESTS to go around: Andy Scheck intro'ed a whole family worth of inlaws including his lovely wife Wendy.
Jay intro'd Patrick Bradley and Sarah of the Bradley School of Music, recent arrivals from their Concord location, now in Lafayette. They both hail from Michigan, I'm told.

Chuck spoke of the District Gov. Laura Day fondly as she departs her position. She managed to visit all 70+ Rotary Clubs in the district, most twice! She sent each Club Pres. personal thanks and goodbye wishes. Chuck noted that he was commended for "managing the unmanageable", which I believe is the highest form of compliment we are ever likely to get! Larry Blodgett was singled out by Chuck as leader of the pack!

Mike Heller spoke of the great time had by all at "Rock the Plaza" where some 20 Rotarians showed up to help out and enjoy the evening. Impressive showing I must say! Chief Eric showed up with gun and all to gallantly protect us (from ourselves, no doubt!) It was proposed that the setup for cooking should reside on the shady side of the park, as Mike put it "these guys sweat when they're drinking!" Anna requested a babysitting detail, which was mostly ignored I'm afraid. Sorry Anna! Mike welcomed Al Webster to the club as he spent most of the evening at the plaza helping out with a friend. WELCOME AL! Al was released he was given a yay to join the club given all the time he invested! Mike also thanked Jay for his leadership of the event.
Jay Lifson reminded us to bring cameras to "Rock the Plaza" as the Lafayette Photo contest is approaching.
Al Webster was officially welcomed to the club and given his red badge of courage for joining, along with other written guides to being the best Rotarian you can be(who me?). By way of intro, al said he is retired, lives in Alamo and has lots of family in Lafayette where he raised 'em up, so to speak.
Don Anderson and John Sherry were both recognized for 10 year anniversaries.
Troy Fed. Reminded us of a special debunking for Chuck on Sunday, June 23, which will be at the Wellen's home. Chuck was told to where a swim suit under his toga...oh, we're going formal eh?!
John Sherry initiated both Chris and Ben Bueller, giving each their Blue Badges, shirts, and slickers. Many older members apparently never got slickers and raised a tad of a ruckus!( yes Dick, you!) Chris has nine more days of bachelorhood to enjoy before his betrothal.
But whose counting said Chris!

Fines and Happy $$$$$$: Anna was task, I mean finemaster.
Anna proceeded to fine Pres. Chuck for calling the Rotary written materials boring, and good for inducing sleep. She then apologized for being a thorn in his side.
Anna fined Larry B. for texting and advertising in his truck. He was too busy yakking with Don A. but volunteered $25 for his many transgressions.
Anna said she was accused of being passive/aggressive by her table for complaining that there was a shortage of lunch goodies.
Terry Ring loudly agreed with the criticism of Anna and was slapped immediately with a fine. Go fight city hall, pal!
The Club sang Bill Ames a belated, and I must say tuneless, Happy Birthday!
Bill A. Contributed to the Paul Harris Fund and requested the money not spent for his recently missed lunches go to the club, for which he then paid a fine for that "fine" idea!
Alicia is off on a round the world adventure to include Iceland, Amsterdam. Edinburgh, and Rome. Happy trails, Alicia!
Larry enjoyed participating in the Rotary Car Rally on Father's Day. He had 3 vehicles to Mo Levich's 50% of the damn show! According to Larry that is.

Speaker: Jonathan Sigworth, a 27yr old literature major and documentary filmmaker wowed us with passionate and moving story of his life over the last decade or so. After graduating from a local highschool, and at that time aspiring to be an extreme unicycler, he departed for a religious school in India.
One morning there, late for class, he grabbed a bike and headed rapidly down the hills dirt trail to class. He missed a turn a tumbled 70 ft down to the bottom where he broke his neck and became C6/C5 quadriplegic with only slight use of his arms. After 5 weeks of hospitalization in India where he befriended other spinal chord injured patients, he returned for rehab in the U.S.
There he met a friend that motivated him to take up wheelchair Rugby. I believe the passion and new life Wheelchair Rugby has given him saved his life. He has returned to India yearly for the last 4years to try to help improve the poor lot of the spinal chord disabled people of India by bringing initially wheelchairs, but then realizing how bringing them Rugby would make a far bigger change in their lives. Thus "Warriors on Wheels" was born. Jonathan has now started a Rugby league in India with 4 teams being developed and one in Nepal. He hopes to get Wheelchair Rugby into an upcoming Int'l Sporting Event in Korea in 2014 for the disabled. Let me tell you, this kid, regardless of his injury, is anything but disabled. What an incredible story and inspiration to us all!!!!

As for the raffle: Tom Courtright won $2, And Ben(the new guy) Bueler won $5 All for now intrepid Rotarians! Buddy

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