Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
June 27, 2013 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 47

Soon to be deposed Pres. Chuck Vogel, in red white and blue hat and white beard (he was born on the 4th of July, thus the derigeur hotdogs he's so fond of) opened the mtg., for the last time.(I'll have to complete these notes through the alligator tears I shed at this, his dethroning!)
Guest and Visiting Rotarian: Buddy Burke, speaker and member of Laf. Morning Rotary Club. Visitors: Matt Schriner, on his 8th lunch visit, which he paid dearly for the last five) was awarded a Red Badge of Courage by his sponsor, Dick Holt. He runs a business in elderly home care and has an 8 month old baby! And little sleep! He commented that he was on many committees in his field in our community and always sees the same Rotarians at each mtg. Hard workers and dedicated they are!

Announcements: Norma, Mike , Anna, Andy and John were recognized as outdoing themselves in their contribution to our Rotary Club. Each received a token of appreciation for their hard work(Work!), a rotary tile from the president.

Mike Heller thanked all for their help at the Rock the Plaza and that it was financially productive as well. He also thanked Diablo Foods for their great Burgers! And many other contributions, too!

Debbie, incoming Pres. Intro'ed her board: Greg, Troy, Norma, Bob S., Dino, Terry, Buddy, that's me, Chuck, John S. and last, but never least, Anna! A picture for the ages was then taken.
Also, don't forget the Rotary Classic Golf Tournament in August. Come one,come all ! We need sponsors that will be entitled to a booth at the tee boxes, for larger donations. Think sporting good stores and the like.

Chief Eric asked Mo Levich to join him in front of the club. So as per a tradition turned upside down, the guy that got the most tickets was awarded a toaster with police emblems and all. Usually, the cop that GAVE the most tickets is the one rewarded. Not this time, folks! Eric asked Mo for "just two a day"!! in the future to keep up his standing in the community! These guys just crack me up. Ya gotta love 'em!
Jay annc'ed giving to the Moraga Fireworks Fund, a fine investment in "it's going up in smoke!" He passed around a collection jar...very classy!
A. C. Webb was fined for an anniversary and a tan( I am an Indian for Gods sake!said He.) and Anna started piling on , so he said he'd sponsor some golfers and bring two foursomes to the Tourney. So there, finemaster!
John Sherry was next, and gave a Happy $ after some persuasion, just for the hell of it!
Bob Shusta gave $1000+ for his many missed Bday fines, since he spends most of his birthdays in Arizona helping out the Indians. Good man!
Happy Bday was then sung for Bob Shusta! And others apparently!?
Andy confessed that by having his daughter take a picture of him and his bees, she got stung! He paid for that faux pas!
Debbie gave $20 for a great debunking at the Wellen's. for anyone who missed out, too, too bad. We all had a great time and Pres. Chuck was a great sport as always. Troy, Bob S., John S., Anna, Norma and others did a fine job of yucking it up and making it a fine debunking party enjoyed by all attending!
Steve Falk gave $$ for he and Dick Holt since they missed out on the debunking party to be at a retirement party.
Geoff recognized Oakwood for the great lunches, and said Debbie can tell anyone complaining to "Go to Hell!" Anytime she likes with his permission!
Anna then got Chuck to pay for a Rotary necklace, begrudgingly; so much for immunity!
Chuck thanked all for putting up with him this year as El Presidente and received a standing ovation from the Club. One well deserved I might add!

Speaker: Rotarian Buddy Burke, a member of the morning club, spoke about a life spent flying. A former Air Force pilot, then a commercial pilot, he loves Quirky Flying Machines, powered parachutes, as does his good friend Jimmy Buffet!
He built one in St George, Utah, the original home of weird flying machines. To him this is the essence of flying, no complex machines, no flight plans, just plain freedom. On 2007, and 2013, he had his machines stolen! These had been used to raise funds for Rotary and other groups by giving rides around Mt. Diablo. He going to try once more, he says. I says, "lock it up, pal!"
We saw a video of his adventures and flights. Didn't take much and I was already sick as a dog. Guess I'm made for more Earthly pursuits! Next is to get a new one from St. Louis and then...................on to more adventures in the sky's over the Diablo Valley and beyond!

Raffle: $2 Don Anderson $5Ben(I ain't takin' no f-in notes) Buehler

Chuckster again gave thanks to all for making his time as pres. a great one!

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