Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
July 19, 2012 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 3

Czar Chuck Vogel opened meeting.

The famously friendly Larry Duson was our greeter.

Visiting member was Paul Fillinger

Our guest was Mary McCosker of the Lafayette Historical Society

Announcements: Dan Anderson said to come to the meeting next week with school supplies for Shelter Inc.( see the list he provided for the many needed items) note that CVS has some great specials on these items.
Eric Christiansen was welcomed by Anna Stevenson as the newest member of Rotary. A big welcome to the chief of police from us all!
Mo Levich reminded us again of the Summer Jazz Camp celebration on Aug. 2. There will be no meeting at Oakwood on this Thursday, Aug. 2. Meet at Stanley Middle School at 11am for a tour or at 12pm for lunch and music. This will be something to see, so don't miss it!
Jay Lifson put out an early warning for helping with the Laf. Art and Wine festival to all Rotarians willing to tote that barge, so to speak. It's in Sept.
Mike Heller said the Rock the Plaza concerts will take place in Aug. on Fridays (10, 17, and 24) and our club is providing food so we need helpers !
Bob Aguilar has Sterling Winery on the list for the Napa Wine Tour on Oct. 13. But needs at least 6 more couples on board. Sign up!

Happy dollars and fines:
Anna gave $ for the newest member Eric C.
Troy F. Is happy to be selling the historical house of Eugene O'Neil. A former district gov., Harvey Lyon also owned this abode and during his tenure as distr. gov. visited 130 clubs.
Larry B. was thrilled to take his daughter to a shooting range where she showed her prowess with various firearms. He may fear for his life, but a proud father he is. Then on to twilight golf in Truckee.just for kicks!
Mike Heller celebrated his mom's 91 birthday at Oakwood with a dinner for many of her friends and fans. She received a silver award for her book LILO Speaks, A Memoir.
We all sang happy birthday to Norma Evans who had happy $' s for her son being in town to celebrate with her and her hubby.

Tyler Tillinger, spoke of his experience with Camp Royal recently, a program Rotary helps sponsor. The camp encourages otherwise apathetic , soon to be highschool seniors , to participate, take chances, become inspired and experience the profound nature of friendship and comradary and teamwork .

Mary McCosker, of the Laf. Historical Society then spoke of the development and founding of Lafayette. The Society is housed in the back of the Laf. Library and is open tues., thurs.,and sat.
from 10am to 2 pm. Elam Brown was the original pioneer homesteader in Laf. On Upper Happy Valley Rd. In 1868, the Plaza Park was created and today remains on the same site sided by some of the original bldgs. like the Wayside Inn that served as a brothel on it's second floor for a time. Benjamin Shreve ran a general store and he and his wife are responsible for naming Lafayette, the former hometown in Wisconsin of his wife, Adelaide.

Raffle: $45 kitty, Terry Ring won $2, Jay Lifson $5

Chuck Vogel requested that members consider, for next weeks mtg., where they want this club to go in the future. Bring in ideas and we'll have an informal discussion on directions the club might take, etc.

Please consider volunteering for a short stint as NOTETAKER for our mtgs, as my fingers are wearing out! See Buddy! PLEASE!!!!!!!
All for now, your intrepid notes man. Buddy

NEXT Meeting 8-2 will be at Stanley Middle School, Jazz Workshop

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Media spotlights global polio eradication, Rotary’s role

 19 July 2012 -- Rotary International News

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, including Rotary’s role as a spearheading partner, continues to generate coverage in the news media and on social networks. The Washington Post ran an editorial in support of the initiative, which mentioned Rotary’s achievement in raising more than US$200 million to match the $355 million in challenge grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Rotary’s End Polio Now Facebook page reached almost 226,000 people during the week of 9-15 July. A “This Close” public service announcement (PSA) on international cricketing superstar Shahid Afridi of Pakistan received 634 likes, 10,074 shares, and 54 comments on the End Polio Now Facebook page; and 933 likes, 368 shares, and 26 comments on the Rotary Facebook page. Bill Gates also shared the PSA on his Facebook page, which has more than 1.5 million followers, where it received 3,123 likes, 437 shares, and 242 comments.

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The Four Way Test
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Officers & Directors
Sakuji Tanaka . . . . . . .RI President
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Dist 5160 Governor
Chuck Vogel. . . . . . . . . President
Troy Fedderson. . . .Past President, Club Service
Chuck Vogel. . . . . President Elect
Bob Shusta . . . . . . . . Secretary
Greg Vaisnor . . . . . . . Treasurer
Chuck Vogel . . . . Membership Chair
Maurice Williams
. . . . . . . Community Service
Terry Ring
. . . . International Service
Erin McCoin 
. . . . Vocational Service
Andy Scheck
. . . . Sergeant at Arms
Alicia Cragholm
. . Sergeant at Arms
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The Rotary Club of Lafayette donates an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand in the name of our speakers each week.
The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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8/2 Meeting will be at Stanley Middle school for teh annual Jazz workshop tour
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 Notes by Buddy Brodwin | Photos John Sherry