Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
July 26, 2012 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 4

Commandant Chuck Vogel opened meeting(love that bell!)
Greeter: in absentia, AWOL
Visiting Rotarians: Dr. Ron Light, "the infamous" from the Concord club.
Larry Heilman-of Chevy Chase, Maryland,affiliated with Smithsonian, a regular yearly visitor when out here visiting family in this area, also a possible affiliation with the CIA, but he'd have to kill you if he told you anymore.

Visitors: Debbie Cooper welcomed Joanne Archer, now retired and looking to give back to the local scene. Also Clive, the artistic director of the Townhall Theatre.
Jay Lifson intro'd Steven Coyle, who will be opening "Mighty Fine Guitars" soon in Lafayette across from the Chamber office, and also is known as quite the guitar master himself.
Anna Stevenson intro'd Dena Reedy, a possible new member and an employee of Coldwell Banker.

Announcements: Chuck V. Reminded us that the Rotary meeting next week is at Stanely Middle School, not Oakwood . Tours start at 11 am sharp, lunch at 11:45. Both Dick Holt and Ron Wake said the only way they'll remember is by arriving at Oakwood first to discover no ones there! Yeah, you and the rest of us!
Chuck gave cudos to Bob Shusta for tracking down Robert Underwood, a member not recently heard from. He was found at a rest home in Danville, and Dick Holt paid him a visit and will add his name to the Res. Stage as well as try to get him to a meeting for lunch. Way to go guys! This 95 yr. old is sharp as a tack, says Dick, and said to say hello to all .
John Sherry spoke of the Res. Stage Suncsreen that Terry Ring will soon begin constructing. He also reminded us of a "a Day at Golden Gate Fields" on Nov. 17 for all interested Rotarians.
Mo Levich said he was sorry he would not be in town for next weeks Stanely School event but wanted to pass along how excited the kids were to show off to their main sponsors at this event, so be there or be square!
Don Anderson reminded us to contribute school items for Shelter Inc. and Chuck V. Said he had budgeted $$ for this purpose and would get together with Don to get the most bang for our buck on school supplies.
Andy Scheck spoke of the Rotary Resource Pages he is compiling and wanted everyone to check their data for accuracy. Adds go for $100 per qtr page and will help pay for the roster.
The goal is to get this out by the "Art and Wine Festival" so we can distribute the list to the community.
Chuck V. Asked the members to think about the direction the club wants to go in regarding projects etc. Give it some thought and report back with your ideas.
Steve Falk waltzed in rather tardy but had a great story of a robbery at his home and a robbery thwarted by good police work and observant neighbors. He and apparently many other victims of a felonious house sitter got back their stolen possessions and the perp. was deposited in the hoosegow ! Cudos to Chief Eric and his Lafayette police officers. Mo L. Added a thanks to Steve for the absence of a hidden motorcycle on his street. A not so hidden SUV had replaced it but at least it could be seen. Mo, why not just make full stops and not worry about getting a ticket? Too easy eh?

Fines and Happy Dollars: Anna S. in charge, immediately took on her most challenging task of calling Bob Aguilar on his B-day fine, a daunting task indeed. Yet, Bob was ready with a $100 bill in hand, expecting change of a $20' I might add, but still cheerfully paying his way. Quite a sight! As a former DDS, I'd say it was like pulling teeth so to speak. Bob is officially 79. Plus he just sold his boat, the second best day of his life!
Dan Baker had happy dollars for his son pulling thru pancreatic CA surgery and looking great! Here' s to a rapid recovery for him.
Dan Barnes sugg'd we try to make an effort to make the club more personal,because after being a member for over five years he hardly knows anyone's story. He'd like to see the club turn inward with social events for the members. Chuck responded that we have social events but one must attend them to reap the benefit of fellowship and just adding more isn't in his eyes the answer.
Chuck requested members who arrive early to help out Andy with setup as he does a lot prior to each meeting to get the room ready.
Dick Holt paid happy dollars for his grandchildren's departure after their recent stay.
Jay Lifson paid some happy $'s for his upcoming trip to France, since when he returns he won't have any money to pay for fines, happy dollars, or anything else for that matter. Aurevoir!
Mo Levich paid $5 to thank Tom Courtright for his equipment contribution.
Geoff Zimmerman paid a fine for his tardiness and for the add/article in Diablo Mag.
Steve Falk added some happy $$ for the soon to be new guitar shop of Steven Coyle's Maurice Williams paid happy $$ for the successful wedding celebration at the Grand Island Mansion that the Italian inlaws enjoyed immensely. Also thanked Norma for the great cookies she supplied for the rehearsal dinner giving $50 in her name toward her Paul Harris Fellow.
Anna had a cookie baked just for Norma as turnabouts fair play after all. It was big enough for the whole club to enjoy! This was followed by a frosted cake and a round of Happy Birthday to an overwhelmed but grateful Norma. To which Bob Aguilar asked, What about me? No cake, no song, nada... And asked do I have to sing to myself and bake my own cake? Tough life, eh, Bob?
And last but not least, John Sherry sold a puppy, maybe two to the Danville owner of Faz.

Speaker: intro'd by Debbie Cooper
Clive from the Town Hall Theatre, artistic director for the last five years. He's been able to turn the place around artistically and financially , and they are now in the black! He gave heartfelt thanks to the massive community support they receive.

Raffle: $65 pot, $2 toDan Baker, and $5 to Geoff Zimmerman.

We need volunteers to take notes at these meetings as my right hand is about to fall off and the table I sit at keeps collapsing under the weight of all my notes!!!!!! Buddy

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Olympic athletes help Rotary promote polio eradication

By Arnold R. Grahl 
Rotary News – 1 August 2012 
Olympic diver Tom Daley is featured in "This Close" posters as part of a publicity campaign by the Rotary Club of Plympton, Devon, England. Rotarians in India also lined up several members of Indian's Olympic team, including boxer Vijender Singh, for their "This Close" campaign. 

The best athletes in the world have gathered in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and some of them are helping to spread the word about Rotary’s campaign to rid the world of polio. 

Rotarians in Plymouth, Devon, England, used a few connections to line up Olympic divers Tom Daley and Tonia Couch for “This Close” posters, which have been displayed around Plymouth and at the training facility used by Ghana’s Olympic team. 

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