Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
August 23, 2012 | VOL 67 | ISSUE 8

Commissar Chuck Vogel opened meeting.
Eric Christensen, Chief of Lafayette police, was greeter and speaker.
Guests: Dino intruded Mike Pierson, a new lawyer in town interested in joining the club.

Announcements: Bob Aguilar said the wine tour was on track and had an opening for a couple more to join the festivities.
Dick Holt announced that he had no announcements????
Alan Mac , yes, the Alan Mac attending, said that he would love to go to Lake Almanor but it's on fire at present. So that's why we were blessed with his presence. He also said he had sold one of his homes at the lake. Hopefully neither burned down. Good to have you in attendance, Alan.
Mo Levich said that our presence at the Generations in Jazz was very much appreciated by all in that we took a sincere interest in the event at Stanley Middle School. I was there and it was amazing to see the kids and pros in action!
Mike Henn reminded us to participate in the upcoming election by monitoring the voting booths.
Ed Stokes attended his good friend, Warren Rupf's funeral and said he would really miss him. On the brighter side he also celebrated his 64 th wedding anniversary. Congrats Ed! He was proud of the Giants for sweeping the Dodgers, as turnabouts are sweet revenge.
Chuck V. Auctioned off two sets of tickets to the CAL Bears games. The proud recipients were Larry Blodgett and Greg Vaisnor. Alan Mac almost broke the bank in the bidding but then remembered he would not be here. Go BEARS!!

Fines and Happy Dollars: Dick Holt's son returned from Iraq and ain't going back! Now that's something to be Happy about.
Alan Mac, again put on the hot seat by Anna this time, admitted to celebrating his 29 th wedding anniversary and paid $100 to cover both that and the fact that they're off to Hawaii for 15 days to celebrate! Whether he has any money left for the trip after this meeting is being debated!
Larry Blodgett paid $5 happy dollars for his daughter, Olivia, being a senior and cheerleader, while his son recently finished his internship in SF.
Mike Heller was caught sneaking in late, but saying at least he made it here. He paid $5 and reminded us to help out at Rock the Plazas last event. He also thanked Geoff Z. for helping to unload last week at his house. Geoff was rewarded by sharing a bottle of fine wine.
Geoff Zimmerman said he very much enjoyed the time with Mike, not to mention the wine, and reminded us that Athletics were also our team and on the East Bay to boot! He witnessed a rare triple play by Oakland and an umpire taunting the crowd; go figure.
Steve Falk gave happy dollars for being on the John Muir Trail with his daughter who at 16yrs old completed hiking the whole JMT! His wife also accomplished this feat over a seven year period and the whole Falk clan including his dad reached the summit of Mt. Whitney. Now that's something to crow about! Congrats!
Debbie Cooper paid a fine for being unable to attend Rock the Plaza as promised, but swore to be there tomorrow. She deemed a dollar a day for the misses which had Bob A. and Mo L. rushing to get on that frugal band wagon.
Dino said his final decision was to not run for city council and leave to the pros.
Chief Eric gave Anna a couple of $$ just because, prior to speaking. Now there's a guy who knows how to cover for himself! Chuck V. $5 for ?

Speaker: Eric Christensen, Chief of Laf. Police was our speaker. He considered giving a speech on motorcycle cops for Mo L. But instead chose to talk about "Fraud and Forgery" one of his passions in the police business.
He told the story of "Shelly" a lovely gal whose friend, having won $5000 at Tahoe, was then held up at gunpoint by her good friend Shelly and relieved of her newfound cash. For this novel form of friendship she spent a couple years in prison being rehabbed and taught new skills, to use when released. Once out she started stealing mail to get credit card info and began ordering TVs and computers she could then sell. Nice! She was caught again. For the theft of $750,000 and mail fraud she received 90 days. I wonder what her next venture will be. To Eric the sentences don't seem to be an adequate deterrent. Next we were told that the $100 bill was the most often counterfeited, even with the multitude of protective methods in the printing process.
We were then admonished to simply not leave things out and visible in our cars like purses and wallets and electronic gear. That alone would eliminate 90% of the work Eric now does! Eric reviewed facts on credit card fraud and suggested not using a debit card as they are totally unprotected and can be used to drain your accounts. Always use shredders and be very careful to protect your Social Security card and number.

Raffle: Bob Aguilar won $2, Mike Henn $5, and the jackpot is now $95

Signing off, this was Buddy, subbing for Dan Barnes who was AWOL.

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Global grant provides water, sanitation for school children in Mozambique

By Vanessa Glavinskas 
Rotary News -- 20 August 2012
The Rotary Club of Maputo, Mozambique, partnered with the Rotary Club of Skanderborg, Denmark, on a global grant project to build bathrooms, a water hole, and a tank for a school in Maputo.

Rotarian José Rui Amaral stood in the bathroom of the Hulene A school for only a minute before he couldn’t stand it anymore. “The smell was horrible,” he says.

The primary school outside Maputo, Mozambique, lacked money to update its crumbling sanitation system, built decades earlier, when the school served 700 students. It now serves 2,500 students and staff. read online

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