Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
January 16, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 26

Esteemed guests… visiting Rotarians bearing banners… bawdy bidet talk… bad haircuts… this meeting had something for everyone!

Debbie was out and Greg was manning the cash box, so in to quarterback position stepped dynamic ex-president Troy.
Our “3rd stringer” roamed the room, ranging far from the lectern. Troy informed and delighted the assemblage, forgoing lunch to perform the presidential duty.
And La Finestra did it again, rolling out meatloaf, salad & dressings, focaccia, mixed vegetables and a small squadron of tiramisu.

We were fortunate to have Matt Pease, freshly retired, visit the best club for a 2nd time. We also had Linda & Lauren, guests of Jay, and Sergeant Howard, guest of Eric.
Ben, now connected with The Cooperage, brought restaurant scion and friend, Andrew McCormick.

We dined while listening to various announcements; an intra-club meeting on 2/5, a mixer at the town hall theater on 2/12, a betting pool for the super bowl.
And Mo L. told us about a big band cruise on the Jeremiah O’Brian set for May 24th – music lovers mark you calendars.

A wag then interjected, wishing to know whether the City of Lafayette had paid for Steve F’s haircut. Norma, seated near your scribbler, quipped that today’s group was lively.

We then saw a familiar sight – Norma & Mike H, aproned, making their way toward a cake table. It was Franklin Moulthrop’s 87th birthday.
Bud, wearing a green sweater and smiling widely, was treated to an unforgettable rendering of Happy Birthday, led by the indefatigible Bill Eames.
Our good friend deftly extinguished the four candles sitting atop the carrot cake, baked by Norma, with love.
Jay, all in black, with the assistance of several members, plated and distributed cake to all 6 tables.

John Sherry took the floor to read aloud a card from Margaret Hansen, Jack’s widow, thanking the club for including her at the holiday party.
Troy then entertained the group for several minutes, asking ex presidents to recall the Rotary theme for their year of service. Chuck promised to get back to us at our next meeting.

Never mind that today’s speaker was a no show, the best club has plenty of orators to stand in and keep the 6 tables engaged.
Ben’s guest Andrew, pink pants missing, shared a mini-bio and provided a status report on Lafayette’s newest eatery, The Cooperage.
And soon moving from Celia’s to The Cooperage will be Lamorinda Sunrise, now more than ever a good place to meet, greet, mingle and make-up.

Today’s meeting saw enthusiastic participation on the happy dollar front. Take it away Anna!

Mo W. was pleased to see Steve’s haircut, is excited for The Cooperage, and is working to promote hygiene in Lamorinda for Valentine’s day. Mo issued Anna a verbal IOU for $20.
Tom C. pressed an Andy Jackson into Anna’s hand and let us know that he enjoyed the holidays with family in Hawaii. Bill E. pitched in with an airport pickup though grumbled about overstuffed bags.

Bob S., veteran of the Concord police force, suspects that Lafayette’s traffic lights are timed to promotes window shopping along the boulevard.
Polar vortex sojourner John S. gave $5 to thank friends Tom H. & Bob S. for pick-ups before and after travel to Wisconsin for a funeral. Our friend John sadly lost a fishing buddy.

Steve F. got a haircut and the Rotary Club of Lafayette noticed. The Falks traveled to notorious Colombia and had a safe, swell time. But upon returning home their car was burgled behind Pizza Antica.
Eric, smiling & fuming, stood up, walked off, walked back, took the lectern, and patiently reviewed “how to stop crime” methods with the group.
Upon completion of the tutorial Steve was presented with the oversized crime tips placard!

Steve F. took back the microphone to confess that actually, there had been an incident involving a theft of coins in the Cartagena airport, with Steve giving the bandit “stink eye” while walking backwards.
Mo L. then politely interrogated Sergeant Howard on police motorcycles and gave $5. Then $10 more in thanks for a roto-rooter gift certificate from Leap Frog. Mo W. was wholly unaware of this new offering!

Kelly had a good plumbing experience with Leap Frog (on X’mas Eve!) and was impressed to see the LPD respond rapidly to a breaking/entering call; though turns out the intruders were friendlies.
Jay was given the last word @ 1:27 pm and gave happy dollars on behalf of Kevin, wondering aloud why still waiting on his blue badge???

Finally, at 1:28 pm a beloved past president produced $2 and informed us that the Vogels have never heard of a bidet. Although 1 time in a hotel Mary narrowly avoided getting splashed.
All the while Mike H. was quietly working the room, cajoling football fans to kick in $10 a head for the super bowl pool. By meeting’s end Mike had committed 65% of the chart.

And we had Peggy on lottery which freed up Bob A. to heckle folks from his seat at table # 5. Dave Baker took the $2 prize and Ben went home $5 richer.
This was a raucous meeting and the members were full of piss & vinegar. If only Buddy (traveling in Boston) had been with us!

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