Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
January 2, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 24

President Debbie Cooper opened the meeting

Happy New Year Rotarians of Lafayette!
Attendance on January 2nd was light but the group was lighthearted, feeling a warm afterglow from the holidays.

Debbie opened the proceedings while the membership marveled at the luncheon provided by our new caterer, La Finestra.

Our merry band was treated to lasagna (meat & vegetarian), salad and dressings, focaccia and an exquisite Tiramisu.
Finestra, which means window in Italian, even provided chilled glass plates. Kudos to the catering committee for a job well done!

While 4 tables dined on “La Cucina Italiana” Ron told us about a ski outing on 3/7 and John S. informed us of an expedition by train from 2/28 – 3/2.

We were then treated to a familiar sight – Mike H. & Norma, sporting aprons, flanking a cake, preparing candles for lighting. It was Jack Clarkson’s 89th birthday.
Although Bill and his whistle were not available, the group sang a spirited Happy Birthday. Jack told us that he was most probably conceived on April Fools day.

Rotary Foundation was a big winner on 1/2, with several members kicking in $100 to get the year started. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Mo L. volunteered to stand in for Anna and perform the Sergeant-at-Arms duties.
Kicking things off, we learned from Don that the Andersons & Sherrys got together over the holidays, with the Sherrys caring for furry friends while the Andersons painted SF red.
Larry B. fined himself $10 for badge malfeasance and thanked John S. for a gift certificate to Tommy Bahama.
Chuck then cheekily offered up happy dollars in the hopes that Larry B. had more than 2 sport coats.
Bob S. had 5 happy dollars for his grandson’s return from military service in Afghanistan.
Dan Furlong had happy dollars because a friend’s breast cancer was contained and also for shooting a hole-in-one.
Kevin’s happy dollars were dedicated to Jay, who hosted him over X’mas and New Year’s.
Tom H. told us about the archbishop of Oakland who served as a Marine chaplain in Afghanistan.
Mike H. offered up $5 in thanks to the entire team that put together the Holiday Party.
And putting an exclamation on Mo’s tour-of-duty, Debbie tossed 10 happy dollars into the pot to welcome 2014.

Our esteemed madame president is now halfway through her tenure, with 6 more months until debunking.
As the best club enjoyed Jack’s birthday cake we were treated to another installment of Debbie’s “meet the members” program.

Dan Furlong, sporting his Rotary shirt, was 1st to address the fellowship. We learned that the red badger was born in our nation’s capital 33 years ago.
The family moved to California when our young hero was 5 years old. He excelled in sports and met John Sherry as a little leaguer.
Dan had an idyllic childhood in Lamorinda, and loved to explore the hills. He atteneded Campolindo HS and had stints at St. Mary’s.
Thankful to the great coaches in his life, Dan attended Loyola-Marymount college and played rugby.
Returning to DC, Dan attended George Washington University for law school and then found employment in criminal defense.
Back in California Dan worked out of Davis as a “road warrior” logging 300 miles a day in the car, working to recruite criminals for his firm.
He is now connected with SilverRide, a firm that provides transportation, accompaniment and courier services for older adults living in the Bay Area.

Chuck Vogel then shared his life’s story with us. The stemwinder took us from 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm though covered only 49 of Chuck’s 78 years.
Our past president was born in Cleveland on the 4th of July, 1935. Parker Brothers introduced the game Monopoly in the same year.
The Vogel family spent summers at a vacation home on Lake Erie.
In summer 1945 Chuck worked at a miniature golf course and was paid .25/hour; he and his friends played that course for free.
Chuck had other jobs later in his youth delivering newspapers, cooking at a restaurant and clerking in a hardware store.
On VJ day Chuck broke his tooth opening a bottle of soda pop.
His 1st automobile was a 1936 Ford Roadster with a rumble seat.
In 1953, Chuck sold his car and attended the Case Institute of Technology, a small engineering school in Ohio.
Upon graduation in 1957 Chuck worked for Allis-Chalmers and spent time in the South-East & Western United States.
At some point Chuck came into possession of a 1957 Ford convertible.
And when US President Herbert Hoover was well into his 80’s he attended a party at Chuck’s suite in the Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco.
Later, in Cincinnati, on the banks of the Ohio River, Chuck met Mary – never mind that she was supposed to be set up with a fella called Joe Hooper!
The couple was engaged on a trip to Chicago, though Chuck remembers that he & Mary had separate rooms in the hotel.
They were married in 1960. Chuck Jr. came along in 1961 and Brent arrived in 1965.
The Vogels first arrived in California on November 11th 1965 and stayed at the Hillside Hotel in Lafayette. Chuck came out to join the Temescal Metal works.
Mary fell in love with Lafayette instantly and the Vogels rubbed elbows with the beats in SF, visiting Ernie’s, Carol Doda’s Condor and Finocchios.
Later jobs took Chuck to Silicon Valley and adventures in the high tech field. Chuck brought show & tell items for the group to inspect.
In February 2008 Chuck joined Rotary and “it’s been downhill ever since”…

Congratulations to Chuck for winning $2 and Terry for winning $5 in the lottery. Best wishes and speedy recovery to Jan Aguilar!

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A dangerous idea offers hope for girls in Afghanistan

More than 400 girls, including these seven-year-old best friends, attend the Zabuli Education Center outside Kabul. Razia Jan (far right), a U.S. Rotarian who returned to her native Afghanistan, opened the school in 2008.
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation

In 2005, Razia Jan came up with a dangerous idea: to start a free private school for girls in her native Afghanistan. The Taliban were using extreme violence to keep girls from learning. In 2008, the year she opened the school, terrorists in the country -- armed with bombs, poison gas, guns, grenades, and acid -- killed 149 teachers, students, and employees in Afghan schools.

But Jan did not intend to let terrorists stop her. She approached Afghan Ministry of Education officials and persuaded them to donate a piece of land in a village 30 miles outside Kabul.

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