Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
October 31, 2013 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 17

Debster Cooper, El Presidente, opened the scariest meeting of the year, being Halloween and all.
Rocky Termanini, acting as greeter, expressed his sense of humility in becoming a Rotarian, and his joy at being welcomed to our club.
Guests: Troy intr'd Chris Lenz
Steve Falk intro'd his newest best friend of the last 20 seconds, Blake Brydon New members Rocky T. and Kelly Hood, M.D. received their Rotary Shirts.

Buddy spoke of planning the Holiday Party at the Lafayette Park hotel and the Orchard Nursery gathering, Nov 17th. Volunteer Committee members are requested to attend a pre-meeting committee gathering at 11:30 Thurs, Nov.7th. Be there or be square! Ya hear me?!
Mike Heller spoke of the Res. Run admiring Dave Baker, Norma, Al Webster, Kevin Healy, Terry Ring, Jay, and all the rest of hard working shivering guys and gals that helped out, myself included!

Fines and Happy Dollars: Ben was noted for his Halloween orange with yellow dots socks. Rocky brought candy to Rossmoor in remembrance of those who died in the World Trade Center bombing.
Larry Duson was noted for missing last meeting as he was deathly ill, and being fined for it on top of it all .
Anna took a trip to San Diego with the kids in the car and survived it!
Don Anderson celebrated an anniversary and saw the Moody Blues Debbie thanked Steve falk for helping her out with the meeting as speaker.
Larry B. spoke of bringing Ed to the meetings Dick Holt spoke of his trip to Hawaii, and the Mai Tai's he drank Dave Abraham congratulated the Boston Red Sox in the World Series win, and the fact he wouldn't miss a game while taking his daughter trick or treating Mike Heller took his daughter to dinner to console her feeling the loss of her mom, Mikes wife.
Dan Baker gave happy dollars on the absence of raccoons from his yard as there was no yard left for them to eat!
Andy S. was thanked by Anna for good knows what!? Andy gave thanks to Greg for help with taxes and Kevin H. For an article in the Weekly.

Then with costumes provided by Troy, those best dressed were marched in front of the club, with the winner receiving a prize. Dave A. Was awarded the best costume as Teddy Bear of the day and received Raffle tickets as his prize.

Speaker: Steve Falk was asked to tell a scary story by our pres. And this he did! Boo!!! Now let me tell this story went on and on and on with Maurice and I cracking up during the whole unending lot of this story...I'm not sure it ever actually ended.

Raffle:$2Dan Baker $5 Andy Scheck Jackpot of $75 not won.

Next week Rocky will talk about the wonder of the Internet!

Rotary International News Other News: Club Calendar

The Rotary Foundation receives Guatemala’s highest honor

Photo Credit: Tono Valdes
A star-shaped badge, appearing here on the Rotary flag, marks The Rotary Foundation’s rank of Grand Officer of the Order of the Quetzal. The government of Guatemala conferred the honor on Rotary in recognition of its humanitarian work in Guatemala and its contributions to the campaign to eradicate polio.
Photo Credit: © Rotary International/Tim Walters

The government of Guatemala awarded the Order of the Quetzal, the country's highest honor, to The Rotary Foundation last month, in recognition of Rotary's humanitarian work in Guatemala and its contributions to the campaign to eradicate polio.

During a ceremony on 2 September held in Guatemala, Minister of Foreign Affairs Luis Fernando Carrera Castro presented the award to Rotary International President-elect Gary C.K. Huang.

The Order of the Quetzal, established in 1936, recognizes officials and organizations from Guatemala and elsewhere for their work in the arts, sciences, politics, and humanitarian service. The Rotary Foundation received a badge on a sash necklace designating its rank of Grand Officer, one of six ranks. The badge, a ten-pointed cross with five branches and a medallion, represents the coat of arms of Guatemala.

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Nov. 7- Rocky Termanini will speak about internet scams

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 Notes by Buddy Brodwin | Photos John Sherry