Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
November 21, 2013 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 20

Troy, covering for Debbie, gaveled Thursday’s meeting to order at 12:40 pm.
By then all 6 tables had been busily (and happily) making progress on the fried chicken lunch, arranged specially for Ed’s birthday.
Visiting Rotarians-none

Guests: Maurice Williams Jr., Chris Toler and Firefighters Mike Cahill and Danny

The group sang Happy Birthday to Ed, Steve & Greg. The best club has some heavyweight birthdays in November.
Ed said a few words and handed Anna a cheque for $91. Steve and Greg were given a pass on disclosing their ages. But that’s okay, long as they remember to slip the club a cheque.
Our sweettooths were not left out thanks to Norma, who contributed 2 x strawberry shortcakes and received spirited applause for her superb baking efforts.
Regrettably, our November babies were not treated to the beloved singing of Bill, now always in perfect pitch, thanks to the new whistle.

We welcomed Maurice Williams Jr. as our guest, along with steerer Chris Toler and Firefighters Mike Cahill and Danny (your scribbler missed Danny’s surname).

We then had shout outs and huzzahs for Tom Courtright, impresario of the holiday kick-off party @ Orchard Nursery. Let the holiday season begin!

The Rotary day-at-the-races was a funfest, with 15 members & spouses in attendance. Kudos to John Sherry for ensuring that the event was a great success.
(And those who utilzied Tom Henry’s “method” showed a profit at day’s end, which would please our Seargent-at-Arms, more below)

A committee has been formed to hire a new caterer for the club. Believe it or not Buddy, not looking for a “food fight”, actually declined to join the committee.

And something was in the water at Oakwood because the happy dollars were flowing on Thursday.

Members old & new jumped to take the microphone and separate themselves from their currency. Anna, working the room and grinning widely, happily accomodated.
Between birthday money, day-at-the-races profits, and the jovial holiday mood, our little club dropped quite a bit of dough. We should serve fried chicken more often…

Turning to our speaker, we learned that Maurice Williams Jr. is a 17 year veteran of the force, currently serving as fire captain at station # 6, the businest in CCC.
Interesting to note that 85% of the calls are for paramedicine, only 15% are fire related.
Also noteworthy that Maurice Sr. is familiar with the firehouse meal schedule and is known to drop in for lunch.

Your notetaker apologizes for missing the last 30 minutes of the meeting, had to duck out for the mandatory company workout at the reservoir…

All the best to our fabulous 59 members and spouses and family ! Happy Thanksgiving ! See you all on 5 December.

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Talking about toilets

Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, has used humor to draw attention to sanitation issues. The United Nations this year voted to make World Toilet Day, 19 November, an official UN observance. Sim's organization recently inducted Ron Denham, chair emeritus of the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group, into its hall of fame in recognition of Rotary's work in the field.

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 Notes by Dave Abrahams | Photos John Sherry