Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
December 19, 2013 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 23

Holiday Luncheon at the Lafayette Park Hotel

At the Lafayette Park Hotel we filled 11 tables, almost double the 6 that we occupy at Oakwood; John Sherry tells us it was a record turnout for 2013’s holiday bash.
Kudos and thanks to the “usual suspects” who tirelessly plan our events from behind the scenes – Buddy, Bob S, John S, Norma.
All were pleased to see Troy Winkles in attendance and hope to see more of him in 2014.
Debbie welcomed us, and with Norma’s assistance raffled off several holiday gifts while our group dined on salad, entrees, red & white wine, dessert.
We were fortunate to have Mike Heller, microphone in hand, working the floor; visiting all the tables, making introductions, and joshing senior members.
What’s more, it was revealed that Michael is turning sixty-four; suddenly the room was bursting forth with “Happy Birthday”, led by Bill Eames, unassisted by his new whistle.
(Mike – we still need you, we’ll still feed you ! !)
As Mike made his rounds we also learned that Ben attended in the hopes of meeting bachelorettes and that we may soon have a 60th member.

New members like your scribbler were amazed to learn that so many members have been married for 30, 40, 50 years. Ed & Betty recently celebrated 65 years.
And when pressed by Michael, Ed admitted to 5 “good years”. Going one better, Betty wryly admitted to “2” good years upon which all 11 tables erupted with laughter and song.
Alan Mac then took the microphone and served as auctioneer for generously donated items, among which were a framed print, a potted orchid, and 5 car washes at the best car wash; thank you Jess.
All in all it was a jovial event, well attended, and bursting with fellowship – a very special group are we !

 Notes by Dave Abrahams | Photos -