Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
December 5, 2013 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 21

Madame President rang the assemblage to order at 12:30 pm.
Start of meeting found the members munching on garlic bread, salad, meatballs & spaghetti.
And still sporting perfect attendance for 2014, the Rotary cookies, in several varities.
Debbie called for visitors and visiting rotarians but the call went unheeded, only “our gang” present.
With all the holiday goings-on the Greeter button got lost in the shuffle. Debbie jumped in and welcomed each of the 6 tables.
Dino contributed a though for the day; “the only thing standing between you and your goal is the BS story you tell yourself”. Our fellowship emitted a great roar, loved it.

The group was treated to several important announcements.
Norma reminded us to enjoy holiday cheer at the Lafayette Park Hotel on 12/19 and John Sherry wowed us by announcing a record 92 confirms-to-date.
(Buddy says that the member who brings the most coats & jackets to the luncheon will receive extra presents for Christmas)
John S. also told us about a function at Oakwood featuring gin fizz. For younger members who’ve never had a fizz, please click the link provided below:

Did we hear right that start time for this fizzy event is 7:00 am on 12/23?
Is anybody up for kicking off the evening before, going all night long, and then downing a “night cap” fizz at Oakwood with the fab 59?

Jay then rose to let our merry band know about the holiday gathering in Lafayette Plaza from 4-7 on Friday 12/6. Let’s hope the weather cooperates.
Debbie added that next week’s meeting is a club assembly with Bob Shusta as master of ceremonies. We’ll be casting votes for 2014-15 board members.

At 12:40 pm Maurice Williams entered the hall to a smattering of jeers, gibes, hoots & whistles.

Anna then took the floor and commenced the hunt for happy dollars.
Norma will celebrate her son’s 30th birthday in NYC by way of French Laundry and wrote the club a cheque for $100!
Don & Mike Heller were each fined $5 for cell phone ringers.
Mo L’s daughter landed a job, passed the bar, and a happy dad paid the club 20 happy dollars.
Eric presented several dollars and discussed improvements at Happy Valley Elementary, home of the huskies.
Seeing the chief in uniform reminded Mo L of an exchange he had with Officer Ninja while out driving his motor vehicle.
Dino, fighting illness and jury duty, gave $5 in appreciation for Kevin Healy’s herculean efforts to assist in his office move.
Tom Henry was grateful to Eric & John Sherry for helping out with home security. Money changed hands but your scribbler didn’t record the amount.
Terry gave $3 for the guardian angel that came down from heaven and shielded his son during an armed holdup in Oakland.
Debbie had $3 for Denise of Oakwood in appreciation for providing a hearty meal each week for our hungry crew.
Jay warned us of traffic snarls related to crane dissasembly and also let us know that our friend Bill McCabe will have a remembrance at the Roundup on Monday, 5-7pm.
Chuck cheekily contributed $2 in order to establish a Rolex fund for Maurice W.
And condolences to Anna for losing her dog though it cheered us to learn she was able to make the acquaintance of Eric’s daughter.
Another holiday haul of happy dollars from the pockets of the best club!

Today featured another installment of “meet the members” * take it away gents:

John Sherry was born in 1938 and hails from Madison, Wisconsin. Young John was raised by his father and an auntie.
Our hero enjoyed the 1950’s, captaining 2 curling teams to the state championship, chasing girls, hunting, driving cars, achieving the rank of eagle scout, and owning a fleet of boats.
In 1960 John earning his teaching degree from South State University, landed his first job, and joined the National Guard.
After travels with the military in Missouri and Washington State our man-on-the-rise met a 4-H pageant queen in 1963 and fell madly in love.
John & Arletta married in 1967, honeymooned in a rainy canadian pup tent, and are still very much in love after 46 years of marriage.
Our hero’s career arc spanned 41 years in which he outsold & outperformed year after year. John & Arletta are currently breeders of bichon frise.
John was introduced to Rotary in 2005 by his good friend Tom Henry. John served as President of the best club in 2008.

Eric was born in Fremont, CA and his parents came to America from Denmark. Young Eric was active with football, swimming, tennis and decided in the 5th grade that he was going to be a cop.
He began his career as an MP with the Army in 1982 and spent 18 months guarding bunkers in Reno, NV. After a stint at traffic school Eric was deployed to Central America, a wild place in the 80’s.
Two years in the jungles saw fire fights, bar fights, near starvation, and finally a full scale assault by the Nicaraguan army that Eric repelled wearing a standard issue Mickey Mouse T.
Returning stateside, Eric joined the CCC sheriffs office and worked 4 years in the jail, where he learned all he could from the criminals about how they committed their crimes.
Eric likes to hear about forgeries & frauds, and loves the hunt of the suspect. He was a member of the search & rescue team that worked on the Lacey Peterson case.
We were so happy to learn that Eric’s current job is the best of all the jobs he’s had. He’s having the time of his life. This explains why our chief is always smiling ?

Remember Rotarians, our next meeting on Thursday 12/12, is club assembly. See you then!

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Relief aid pours into typhoon-struck communities

Maita Manglapus, a member of the Rotary Club of Mactan in Cebu, Philippines, helps the military distribute food and water to typhoon survivors.

For more than three hours, Typhoon Haiyan violently shook the roof, walls, and windows of Edgar Chiongbian’s house. The heavy winds and flying debris threatened to collapse his home to its foundation at any moment.

After the winds subsided and the rain stopped, he emerged from where he and his family had taken cover and inspected the damage.

“We were one of the lucky families,” says Chiongbian, governor of Rotary District 3860 in the Philippines. “There was no major damage to our house.”

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