Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
February 20, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 30

Debbie Cooper opened the mtg. Attendance at our weekly meetings has been impressive; soon our merry band is going to require a 7th table.
On 2/20 the assemblage was treated to chicken parmesan, salad, fruit, bread, tiramisu & cheesecake.
All those New Year’s weight-loss resolutions are now right out the window!
We had several guests courtesy of Jay, Bob Shusta and David A.
Moreover, Matt Pease & Diane Barbera are now “in the hopper” with possible red badge inductions on 2/27.

Anna was not able to make today’s meeting but Larry Duson agreed to take on the roll of sergeant-at-arms, kicking things off with $5 for a home sale.
Larry B, fresh from his close-up in the Lamorinda Weekly, produced $5 for various happy items.
Mo W had $5 in thanks to Bill Eames for calling Leapfrog to take care of his plumbing needs.
Mo L gave $3 and promised not to report Mo W for a missing permit on his kitchen remodel.
And Mike H gave $5 to the best club, taking the opportunity to hector Larry B for not giving $15!

The club was very pleased to see Alan Mac and Milt Bruzzone; wish these gents could make every meeting – but we’ll take what we can get!

A big shout out to Terry Ring for installing steps at the Rotary stage up at the reservoir. John Sherry sent all of us a photo and the steps do look great, real professional work.

Your scribbler then had trouble following a small kerfuffle that broke out over the super bowl football pool.
No matter, it was a happy outcome in that Steve F, Alan Mac & Buddy all contributed their winnings from the pool (and a recent raffle) to the coffers of the best club.
Chuck chimed in that the monies should go to help the 3 gents get a bit closer to the Paul Harris club. Our past president’s suggestion was met with great enthusiasm.

And Chuck, who drives a Jaguar, had more for us, telling us of a catering snafu that may cause the board to tweak the meal policy. He promised to keep us posted.

Bob Shusta then rose to introduce his good friend and our featured speaker, Mr. Chris Ericks.

Last year Chris hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), a long-distance hiking & equestrian trail closely aligned with the highest portion of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges.
Chris started the hike last spring on the Mexican border and finished amidst an ice storm in Washington State, just 186 miles short of his destination on the Canadian border.
Along the way Chris shared his travels with 30-40 different hikers, slept under the stars, subsisted on top ramen, eluded bears and mountain lions, purified his own water, and suffered through giardia.

Chris shared many of his photos from the hike and sported a bushy beard at the end of his adventure. Spiritually, he never felt better, though hurting with the giardia. Thank you Chris.

Remember, Dave Baker speaks on Thursday 2/27 with an update on the Terraces project.
We expect a good turnout so please inform Debbie by e-mail if you plan to bring a guest, we must keep La Finestra posted for our needs.

Enjoy the week everybody and see you at Oakwood.

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