Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
February 27, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 31

“From Blodgett’s in the East, to Orchard in the West, we’ve got Lafayette covered !”
Friends, The Rotary Club of Lafayette is bursting at the seams…
Best of luck locating a seat at one of the original 6 tables once madame president Debbie rings the bell.
At 12:30 pm Oakwood Standard Time (OST) we had Maurice W, Dan Furlong and Kevin Healy seated alongside Bob Aguilar. It looked like men lunching at a soda fountain.
Get this – none other than Bill Eames, Lafayette Rotarian of 45 years, was spotted moving furniture from Oakwood’s atrium into our meeting room.

We also had a gaggle of members standing in the back during the lights out presentation on the Terraces project.
As Troy quipped in the donut shop the following day, “perhaps it’s time to roll out a 7th table”. Lucky 7. Yes, has a nice ring.

La Finestra supplied pasta with meat sauce, salad, fruit, bread, mixed vegetables and tiramisu.
And Jay, who managed to secure one of the last spots at table # 6, was not required to purchase a sandwich this week.

Larry B was accompanied by his father George, and Bill Eames took the microphone to offer a kind greeting to Papa Blodgett.
Rotarian AC Webb was in attendance, seated next to Ed Stokes, and AC reports that he is enjoying life and having a great time.
We had Kurt Piper & Scott Sans visiting, agents with Pacific Union in Lafayette, and Ryan Svoboda, joining the best club for his 3rd meeting; next stop Sherry & Shusta orientation.

Attention then turned to center stage for the red badge inductions of Diane Barbera and Matt Pease. Larry B & Jay accompanied as sponsors and Debbie presided.
John Sherry was on hand to present official Rotary wear to Diane & Matt. Recent red badge recipient Kurt Teichman also received best club threads.

Moments later an unusual scene unfolded…a spectacle which transfixed the assemblage. It kicked off when Debbie threw the spotlight on Jim Jorgensen.
Jim, fresh off back surgery and brandishing a cane, insisted that rumors & gossip were untrue, that it was all hearsay, and that he had no plans to get married.

Jim then rose out of his seat, strode to the lectern, turned, faced the group and resumed his peroration.
When Bill Eames declined to be a corroborating witness Jim was happy to drop the matter.

As Jim paddled back to his plate he petitioned Debbie, over his shoulder, to let him keep the club’s gift basket.
Well…is he or isn’t he? If he is, then when & where? And can we crash the event?!

Norma would have loved all this ballyhoo…come back to us soon! Those seated near Buddy report that he was frisky.

All this and just now making it to announcements.
Mo Levitch, fully trousered, let us know about a family picnic for the community to take place at the Reservoir on Saturday 7/12.
The evening event will be sponsored by the Fab Five Rotary clubs and will feature the Rossmoor band. Jay & Debbie are also helping to organize this new event.

Jay announced that the Chamber will host an 8am “coffee with the mayor” on Friday 2/28. And on 3/29 come see the Beatles tribute “Three of Us” at the the Town Hall Theatre.
John Sherry told us about mailers & envelopes for the Concert at the Res fundraising effort.
John also reports that Dick Holt had successful hip surgery but now experiencing knee trouble. He is using a walker and a cane. Best wishes for speedy recovery Dick.

Anna kicked off the hunt for happy dollars with $5 for Delaney’s successful ear tube surgery, 1st birthday, and a thanks to Larry B for being a thoughtful friend.
Ed Stokes had a few bucks to celebrate good golfing with the boys at Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay. He recommends that we all hit the links down there.
Milt Bruzzone was busted for a side conversation with Kelly Hood, but unable to pay even a small fine as forgot to bring his wallet to Oakwood.
Mike Heller had huzzahs and happy dollars for the gang that attended Rotary Mardi Gras – Stevensons, Mike & Yolanda, Jim Jorgensen.
Bill Eames also attended and was recognized as a benefactor of Rotary by the district governor.
Larry B had a happy dollar for George. He also mentioned that stuffed animal are gratis, but any member angling for flooring or blinds would need to bring a wallet.
Troy kicked in $5 and shared the story of Milt’s introduction to the beer brewing craft. Who knows where this might lead? A Lafayette microbrewery?
Rocky announced that he is working with Rotary International to assist Syrian refugees. Our high tech Rotarian then placed $40 into the club coffers.
John Sherry hit a curb, totaled his van, spoke to Mike H, visited Toyota in Concord, got a great deal, and gave the best club $2.
Alicia had 2 happy dollars for successful eye surgery and Andy had $2 for Lamorinda Weekly’s 7th anniversary.
Maurice W admires Rocky (Rocko!), fined himself $20 for being tardy, and plans to cook for his wife in their new kitchen.

Dave Baker then rose to introduce our speakers, both of whom provided updates and requested feedback on the Terraces project.
(The request for feedback backfired when Larry B, who sells flooring and carpeting, got out his grilling equipment and went to work on the speakers)
David & Jill shared their thoughts on sight lines, landscaping, floor plans, amenities, and parking but refered all pricing questions to Rotarian Dave Baker.

Thanks everyone for the high times & fellowship, see you on 3/6!

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In Pakistan, polio vaccinators earn community trust in spite of danger

A vaccinator from a Rotary-supported polio resource center immunizes children against polio in a village in Balochistan, Pakistan.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Asher Ali

No polio vaccinator had ever set foot in Killi Baksho, near Pakistan's rugged northwest border with Afghanistan. Most people there have long opposed immunization, believing the polio vaccine causes infertility or AIDS.

The combination of that public mistrust and intimidation from militant groups has been nothing short of deadly. In 2013, 20 polio vaccinators and nine police officers assigned to guard them were killed in Pakistan. With that memory fresh in their minds, a team from a Rotary-supported polio resource center went to the village to promote acceptance of the vaccine. They expected an uphill, potentially life-threatening battle

It took the team a month just to persuade village elders and religious leaders to meet with them. But their persistence paid off. Immunizations were allowed to begin.

Then the campaign stalled again.
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