Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
March 13, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 33

In Debbie's absence, Gregg Vaisnor opened the meeting, and Maurice Williams was greeter(yes! He actually made it almost on time)
Visiting Rotarians: Joy from Rossmoor Rotary Ron Light, and Tom Raeth from the morning Club Grant Stubblefield for his 4th lunch Ryan Subota and Elena from "Click, Scan, and Share".

Annc'ed : Pres. Elect Gregg spoke of the PETS orientation that he enjoyed to the utmost, as did Joy who knew far more about the parties.
Gregg read a thank you note from Dick Holt, who was actually in attendance and quite happy to be up and around. Welcome back Dick!
John Sherry asked for orders for new Rotary shirts or jackets. Larry was wearing one and when asked to walk the runway, he proudly did so with quite a swish and swagger, I must say!
Maurice spoke of the upcoming egg scramble on Sat., April 19th at 10am, and ordering the new bunny suit. It's unknown who will actually wear the darn thang, but maybe Larry with that swagger would be a good choice!
Norma reminded all of Literacy Month and to bring in books to our meeting, available at the Laf Library bookstore. They even have a sale so they're cheaper then cheap. Then in an gesture of infinite wisdom, Bill Eames passed a hat to collect money for the purchase of books. Hell of an idea Mr. Bill. He collected about $150!
Jay Lifson spoke of the 2nd Concert at the Res for the Fab Five Rotary Clubs. The Rossmoor Big Band and a Lady's Chorus from Rossmoor will preform at this evening under the stars. It will be on July 19th, this summer. Come one, come all!!!
Ron Wake spoke of the great success of the Racing Rotary Skiers, the largest gathering of Rotarian Skiers in the known woild.
Terry Ring also was bowled over by the ski race, but picked himself up and continued down the mountain.
Tom Henry thanked the club for the well wishes of the club after a bleeder kept him busy at the ER.
Maurice W. said he missed last week due to a procedure that he rather put "behind" him, so to speak.
Matt gave some happy bucks for the purchase of his new car, rumored to be decked out in leather. Maybe Larry B. wants a ride!
Alan Mac gave some bucks for his upcoming B-day, and a weekend in LA with his wife.

Speaker: John Coleman, a big supporter of the Concert at the Res., and a prime mover on the EBMUD board that helped us build the stage at the Res. He spoke of the drought, but said we are in better shape than many other municipalities due to long term planning and infrastructure. This year has given us less water then during the mega drought of 1976, a year of mandatory rationing. Our population while increasing by 1/3, has reduced water use overall by 1/3! Wow!
Unfortunately the rest of the state is a train wreck, especially the Central Valley, which will affect all of us food wise. The use of recycled water was discussed, that is, drinking sewer water that's been purified.
Yuck! but a reality I'm afraid folks! So where are YOU moving to?!
He also reviewed methods of water conservation we all can use.
After all, this could be the worst drought we have seen in 500 years, if we get no more rain this year. Scary! Here comes the adage" if it's yellow let it mellow, ......."

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Young leaders from India, Uganda organize successful presidential conferences

Rotaractors at the Presidential New Generations Conference in Chennai, India, organized the world’s biggest high-five. A total of 7,084 people participated in the challenge, which was recognized by Guinness World Records.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ramkumar Raju

Ramkumar Raju of India and Winfred Karungi of Uganda have never met, but they have a great deal in common. They're both Rotaract club members and district Rotaract representatives. They're also promising young community leaders who helped plan successful Presidential New Generations Conferences in their countries.

Rotary International President Ron Burton hosted the conferences, which were held in Chennai in October and Kampala in November. (A third conference took place in Rosario, Argentina, in March.) The goal of these international conferences was to bring together young community leaders and Rotary members to share ideas for attracting new members and engaging young people.

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