Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
March 20, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 34

We were rung to order by Madame President promptly at 12:15 pm.
Today was the 1st day of spring and taking advantage of the warm weather was Mo Levitch, non-trousered.

Members took their time forming a queue for luncheon, with Bob Aguilar watching patiently from his post, waiting to be last Rotarian in line.
How good was the salmon today? Several members at table # 5 commented on the quality. Anna should have no trouble getting the little ones to finish the leftovers.
Your scribbler was not sure what landed on Jay’s plate today but La Finestra, in addition to the salmon, supplied salad, fruit, bread, mixed vegetables and great brownies.

In opening, Debbie turned the mic over to Denise of Oakwood who talked with us about Saturday’s “Just for Joel” fitness fundraiser.
Joel is a member of the Oakwood family and is suffering from a rare form of brain cancer. Joel is only 2 years old. But Denise says he is doing well. To date the fundraiser has raised $6,000 and counting.
We were moved to see Debbie hand Denise a cheque for $500 for the fundraiser, on behalf of the best club. Let’s all keep Joel in our prayers.

We then attempted to pledge allegiance to a missing flag. Never fear – Jay, in the confusion, rapidly retreived the flag and order was restored.
Buddy, filling in for the missing greeter, then shared 2 thoughts of the day; firstly, “get your flag!” and secondly, “think and grow rich!”

The 6 tables filled steadily from 12:15 – 12:30 pm and by the time Anna started her rounds there was nary an empty seat to be found.
It reminds us of Troy’s prediction that we’d some day (soon?) require a 7th table at which best clubbers could fold hands.

While there were no visiting Rotarians we did have a gaggle of guests, starting with the dapper Ryan Svoboda, sporting red keds, argyle socks, and an ascot.
This was Ryan’s 4th meeting and if he makes it through the 7-day trial, he’ll have a red badge at our next meeting. Good luck old boy.

We also had Erin Martin, a realtor with Village Associates and mother of 5-year old twins. Erin was born & raised in Lafayette.
Also joining our merry crew was Linda Peters, a stay at home mom and mother of 4-year old twins. Linda is “Rotary Royalty” with a Past President uncle down in Monterey.
And our speakers, David Gerson and John Nickerson of the Lafayette school district. Oh boy, these gents took a good grilling!

Announcements, we got ‘em. Mo Levitch reminded us of the “evening under the stars” at the Reservoir on 7/19, sponsored by the “Fab Five” clubs and featuring the Rossmoor big band.
(And just at this moment Ron Wake, designated greeter, arrived late to catcalls; did an about face, pretended to exit, and finally entered, smiling, to take his seat)
John Sherry urged all of us to sign the volunteer sheet for the Concert at the Res (only 51 days away) and assured us that we wouldn’t work too many hours, that we’d have fun.
Debbie seconded John’s call to arms and asked us to be prepared, as a group, to set up and clean up. We were also reminded to bring more books for Norma to deliver to Martinez.
Chuck told us about the debunking party on 6/15 and asked for a venue with a green expanse and ample parking. The catered event may run from 4:00 – 7:30 pm.

Debbie then passed the mic to Anna and the group settled in to watch the hunt for happy dollars.
First in the crosshairs was Mike Heller. Was that an advert taped to Anna’s blue badge? Why yes, and it featured a car salesman, standing alongside an expensive BMW.
No stranger to a good shakedown, Mike stood up, pulled out his wallet, produced a $20, and told us all about recent restaurant visits with his mother.
Jay then strode over with a few dollars and told us about a Heller butt dial, followed by a randy voice mail, something about LA, poolside, speedo, thinking of you…
Matt Pease then rose to pay a birthday fine and was treated to a rousing Happy Birthday by Bill “Nite-Owl” Eames.
Steve Falk handed Anna 5 happy dollars but several members jumped on him for a bright colored necktie. Gosh, first the haircut now the clothing, tough crowd.
It was great seeing Tom O’Sullivan, busy due to tax season but present with 10 happy dollars. Alan Mac hollered over the condition of the bill and Anna threatened to levy $1 interest.
Chuck, sporting a rainbow colored lanyard, asked whether everyone had had enough salmon. He seemed satisfied with the group’s response and gave $2.
Bob Shusta then rose with $2 to welcome Mike Heller;
“Mike, is the speedo 20 years old, or is it 40?”
“I can still wear it” replied Mike.
“Says who!” shouted Buddy.
Things then got a bit blurred; there was a $5 extraction from Ray Bland, followed by Matt Shriner taking evasive measures when asked for a fine and Mo Levitch offering compliments to Debbie.
Ron Wake took the mic to welcome Mike Heller as the newest member of the Paul Harris society; that’s 1000 happy dollars folks!
Kurt then announced his upcoming 35th anniversary, noting that it was premature to be doing so…and a bit risky!
Rocky took that as an opportunity to tell us that his 47th anniversary is coming up in August.
Our high tech Rotarian also announced a special appreciation for Anna, calling her an inspiration and telling us that every club should have an Anna.
“Perhaps we should loan her out!” roared Alan Mac, with perfect comic timing; this on top of the hard time he gave Anna over Tom’s $10 bill, oh boy.
Anna then gave a shout out to our 2 female guests at table # 5 hoping the visitors elect to become compatriots.
Ed Stokes ended the long happy dollar segment with $5 because St. Mary’s defeated Utah, which made him real happy.
Anna, laying Ed’s $5 bill on top of the stack, then turned to all of us and warned . . . “B-E-W-A-R-E” ! ! !

Jay then rose to introduce our guest speakers, David Gerson & John Nickerson, to discuss the upcoming parcel tax measures to benefit Lafayette’s schools.
Mustering the 2/3rds votes for passage is critical. Failure means that 4 million dollars gets lopped off next year’s budget, along with 1200 seats & 50 teachers.
After about 10 minutes discussing the tax measures, the 2 gentlemen opened the floor to questions.
A suspendered Tom Henry opened with a great question about pensions and to register concern with some of the abuse that’s made the newspapers.
Mike Henn followed with a question about the June elections.
Bill Eames had a straightforward question about qualifying for pensions and then pushed and pushed and pushed and finally got a straight answer!
Jim Jorgensen had a question about spiking. Was he refering to the punch bowl at a secret wedding reception?
Matt Pease had a question about technology and “flipping” the classroom; learning at home, at night, etc.
Terry Ring asked about the duration of measure A and measure B. The gentlemen answered that the new taxes, if passed, would be permanent.
And coming full circle, Tom Henry told the group that it costs $8800/year to educate a student in California and $40,000/year to incarcerate a criminal.
Tom, who spent his career in finance, tells us that the investment choice beginning with the number “8” is the superior one.

We had a raffle today, with winners Kevin Healy ($2) and cherished past president Chuck Vogel ($55).
Best wishes to the best club! I’ll be in Hong Kong for 2 weeks and back for the meeting of 4/10. Please somebody help Buddy with club notes ! ! !

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