Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
March 6, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 32

Debbie Cooper, el presidente, opened the meeting. Jesse Wellen acted as greeter and gave his thought for the day.
Visiting Rotarians: nada
Guests: Grant Stubblefield, third visit, although Anna S. didn't know that!
Catherine Abrahams, Dave's lovely wife, who seems to be a step up for Dave, commented one member whose name will be added to the witness protection program. Josie, their oh so cute daughter, is now in preschool giving Katie a much needed respite from parenting.

Annc'ed : Dick Holt, still recovering from hip surgery and as ornery as ever! Of course a split femur isn't helping much and will set back his recovery a good 4-6 wks. Big John Sherry is acting as Chairman of the Concert at the Res in his absence. Big shout out to John!
John Sherry spoke of the prices of the new shirts and jackets, now available for purchase. Kurt and Matt were showing off their new jackets proudly as John started auctioning off some of the leftover Rotary rain slickers. These were grabbed up by those expecting more rain in this drought year of ours...we're with ya people!
Norma discussed this years workday project for Rotary : as March is literacy month, she rec'd collecting books for Martinez Juvenile Hall, so mostly preteen and teen books are needed and presentation of these books will constitute our "workday"as Rotarians. Please bring your book contributions to the next 3 club meetings so we can collect them for delivery.
Dino spoke of the Rotary conventions at Solano College. John Sherry is driving, so for those of you with danger as their middle name....., consider hitching a ride with him.
Greg Vaisnor is going to the PETS meeting so he can figure out what he'll be doing as our next president.
Bob Shusta spoke of his fab trip to Tahiti and his weight gain of a pound a day!
Larry Blodgett apologized for his locquatiousness during the speaker last week, and then spoke at length as to why that was the right thing to do, ya da, ya da, ya da. Can't keep a good man down!
Dave A. Spoke of his 6th Wedding Anniversary and his 45 birthday, too.
Norma returned from 2 weeks in Chile and fly fishing with the "boys", loving every minute of it and showing signs of a lovely tan as well.

Speakers: Dave Abrahams told his story and his struggle with Tourette's Syndrome since childhood. On a lighter note, Dave has spent many mornings at Johnnys doughnuts where he met Bill Eames and thus discovered Rotary and all of us. He was raised poor and in a Kosher house and, once at Yale, this late bloomer caught up quickly and spent the next 18 years as an "accomplished" bachelor. When he finally decided to settle down, he met his wife at a "table for six" event and the rest is history. He feels the adversity in his early life equipped him well for later life, which he has spent in the produce industry. He currently works with "Fresh Connection", with his good friend Pete Stewart. Their clients are overseas and he connects them with Central Valley farmers. The drought is starting to have an impact on the industry and will necessitate close attention to the markets and the weather.

Gregg Vaisnor, our incoming pres., told us of his Lithuanian culture, his parents immigrating to America in the 20's. He moved to Lafayette as an infant when his father got a job in the area. He was a swimmer on the team of his school placing at the County meet. An attendee of Del Valle, he joined the tennis team and played for them all 4 years. When his hi school sweetheart's family moved to Japan, he and his brother jumped on a container ship and experienced life on the sea. He now tinkers with cars and has a 26 y.o. Daughter. He's been a Rotarian for 32 years, treasurer for half that time. He looks forward, as do we, to his term as president.

And that's pretty much all she wrote for Thursday, March 6, 2014. And by the way, there's no truth in the rumor that the other notetaker, Dave A., is funnier than I when taking these notes! Well, maybe...

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