Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
April 24, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 39

Our fellow Rotarians started to drip in around noon on the 24th. The air outside was a very mildly humid 61 degrees and teetered in that difficult spot, not cold enough for a jacket yet not warm enough to go without. The group was somewhat mixed on the jacket decision. The weather report was indeed calling for rain later so it was not a surprise that our sky was filled with the thick, dark clouds that carry water to our plants, rivers and streams. But that would come later and we were inside, protected from any early precipitation should it come.

The size of the pre-meeting crowd was noticeably smaller than usual and we later learned this was due to a small meeting regarding the concert at the reservoir in a nearby room. The result was a large group of Rotarians hitting the door at the same time.

Our greeter, Matt Pease, as well as our front desk crew handled the rush like seasoned veterans and Debbie rang the group to order just as the long hand clicked over marking 12:15.

Guests were plentiful and their presence, along with that of visiting Rotarians, elevated the mood and energy of the group noticeably.

Our guests were James & Katherine Huang, Edna Mullen, Norman Weaks and Spencer Veale who came to promote a great cause he coined to “solarize” the east bay and asked the Rotarians to join in spreading the good word of clean solar energy.

Rotary clubs from both Rossmoor and Orinda broke through infiltrated our group, but we were happy to have them. Mitzi Bray from Rossmoor was in attendance and in doing so completed her final step to move from the red badge to the coveted blue badge. Congratulations to Mitzi and, of course, we all know the power for which the blue badge brings will be used for good and she will avoid the temptations of the dark side.

Out of Orinda, we had Linda “Vote For Linda” Delehunt also brightening our room and reminding us to take an active role in having ourselves heard through our right to vote.

Madam President brought to our attention the reason for a second dessert table, a celebration for the 50th anniversary of Bill Eames. Bill graciously accepted an inscribed clock thanking him for his many years of Service Above Self. And he certainly looked dapper wearing a mini polka dot birthday hat with a short pink feather rim around the bottom. Quite a sight.

Our fearless leader also recognized Terry for his efforts above and beyond the norm to take the Lafayette Reservoir Stage across the finish line and ready for use.

The meeting very smoothly transitioned to announcements handled by John Sherry. Seven spots remain open on the volunteer sheet for the concert at the reservoir, including that of photographer. However, our guest speaker volunteer’s his photographic eye which by my math now means there are six slots, none of which is for a photographer.

John also reiterated the opportunity to join in a 4 hour sail on May 24th aboard the Jeremy O’Brien. He assured me after the meeting that there would be citrus aboard so for those worried about scurvy can relax and join in the fun with peace of mind.

A couple of other quick notes. Our group can post items for sale at Only Rotarians can post but anyone can buy. You have to love regulated capitalism. Also, we have been asked to visit our district facebook page and take the plunge to click the “Like” button.

And to further fuel the celebratory mood, we were informed that Cliff Dochterman is the 2014 citizen of the year. He somehow pulled this off with no kickbacks, bribes or other unsavory action so congratulations Cliff. There will be a celebration dinner on May 2nd.

If you are still reading it should now be clear that there was a lot of action this week. Maurice got a hold of the microphone to share recognitions. And in line with all other subject matters, our group clearly “did good” out in the world.

Larry Blodget was thanked for not only getting a needed sign for the candy scramble, but having the foresight to notice it was needed and moving to procure said sign quickly. By the time Maurice hustled down to get a rush sign made he was informed by the fine folks at the printing shop that Larry had handled it.

Alicia Craigholm was given a special shout out for all her efforts behind the scenes, and oddly she was poking her around from behind the projector screen as the recognition was given. There is comedy in there somewhere.

And the final two recognitions went to the only person in the room, I think, with a gun, pepper spray and the authority to use it on us at will, Eric, for both his assistance and the donation of a bull horn for the group to presumably use at events and hopefully not at meetings. And Greg Vaisnor was the bunny at the candy scramble, draw your own picture.

Given such a busy docket of guests, visiting Rotrians, announcements, recognitions and the customary ribbing that is inserted surgically throughout our Madam President made a fine executive decision to forego happy dollars this week so we would have time for our guest speakers. But keep in mind, that likely means a much higher ante at the next meeting.

Our speakers were Mr. and Mrs. Barrington. They are responsible for some truly incredible work in Burkino Faso. For the geographically impaired, like me, Burkino Faso is a landlocked country in the upper-west region of Africa. Rotary has been of great support in both money and member help and Mr. Barrington showed a slide show and spoke of where the work was done and shared the conditions before and after.

Absolutely not a topic that can be condensed down to a few sentences and retain its gravity. In a nutshell through Rotary support and the support of others work was completed in at least one village that included the installation of a well to provide fresh water, bathrooms to, believe or not, significantly reduce the rate of disease and built a new school.

The photographs and narrative were both great. However, Mr. Barrington did point out that Rotary, at a high level, has made the decision to discontinue these efforts and focus energy elsewhere. Given the success and momentum he asked that we let our voice be heard if we believe this is a Rotarian area of focus we should continue. Twenty-two other villages have requested similar wells, and as of now Rotary will not be throwing financial or labor resources behind that program.

Michael was presented with a $1500 check. The check was in U.S. dollars and not the Burkino Faso currency, the West African CFA Franc (typically shorthanded to the CFA franc) where $1USD is currently exchanging for just north of 474 CFA francs.

Grant and Ryan were presented with their Rotary jacket and shirt. I cannot speak for Grant, but my says I have to stop wearing the jacket to bed. So picky sometimes.

We had raffle winners but I apologize as I was not able to catch who those were, things were moving quick. And with that, our President brought the meeting to a close.

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Helping out Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda

Giving relief to the survivors/evacuees at Villamor Air Base

Villamor Air Base is the place giving refuge to the survivors of typhoon "Haiyan" Yolanda.Military plane C-130 airlifted families and survivors from calamity areas of Tacloban, Leyte.Upon arrival the survivors/evacuees are given foods and drinks, if needed they are brought to to the doctors and nurses who set up tents as clinic inside the airbase.To help the survivors who fled to Manila they were offered free calls.If they have relatives in Metro Manila or in nearby provinces they are brought there through volunteers drivers with their own vehicles. This operation is called Oplan Salubong by the Department of Social Welfare and Development.To help Oplan Salubong Rotary Club of Manila South joined in the massive relief operation helping out the survivors/Evacuees at Villamor Air Base by giving them hygiene packs,slippers and donated to the clinic on site vitamins,anti biotic and oral pedialytes.

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