Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
April 3, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 36

Debbie, "the delegator" Cooper opened the meeting today, Dino Riggio, "the digitizer", acted as greeter and gave his thought for the day.

Prior to the lunch meeting, we had a "Concert at the Res." Committee meeting, with John "the detailer" Sherry presiding. A dozen Rotarians were present if not accounted for. The main focus at present is soliciting and collecting sponsors dollars, closely followed by finding raffle prizes. DO NOT FORGET: sell your raffle tickets or pay the price yourself! Mark the date, May 10, and spend the day! Like Heller, it's fun!(Get the anal-ogy??, all you Kennor Toy fans).

Guests: James Wright, architect and builder Jim SimKalo, former pres of Mill Valley Rotary The new Bunnys Head was presented and tried on by Gregg. The event, the candy scramble is on April 19. Great place to sell your raffle tickets!
Kurt T. Intro'd his pastor Marylee Shefford, from LUMC.
Debbie raffled off Granola provided by Kurt T. From his nephews new business, available in store near you.
She then raffled off an Ed Stokes t-shirt that Kelly Hood won for $90 and Mo Levich seconded the bid and won another t- shirt for $95.
Then came the Rotarian decals for your car at $5 apiece. Emptying out that podium are we?

Annc'ed : John Sherry reminded us of the Concert at the Res. and the Fab Five concert later in summer, called a night under the stars, bring your own picnic and listen to the Swinging Bluestars and Rossmoor Big Band Mike Henn spoke of the poll workers volunteer program being in somewhat disarray, due to a new Registrar of Voters. More later.
Chuck Vogel spoke of the debunking party to be hosted by Terry Ring on 6/15/14. Debbie was asked if she might be there...she swore she'd try to....

Happy Dollars and Fines: Anna on parade
Ron Wake paid for his B-day by I.O.U.
Bob Shusta attended an orphaned Indian women he had sponsored and was so pleased for her, and he and his spouse were the longest married in the crowd(49 yrs).
Anna spoke of another wild bore, her husband... I mean he shot a wild boar...sorry! So Boar meat will be available soon.
Troy celebrated his 45'th B-day. He was thanked by Gregg for helping out with the monkey business of the club.
Steve Falk drove his Mom in law to Maryland from Florida, and she drove him crazy.
Terry spoke, yes he can speak, not just hammer, of the Berkeley Rugby team playing for #1 at SMC. Dan Furlong said this was a major game and he got a hole in one at #12 Castro Valley.

Speaker: Kurt Teichmann intro'd by saying "4 score and seven years ago" stating he always wanted to start a speech that way. That being said, his brethren hail from Germany and Sweden. He told us of many scandalous events in his family. He also spoke of contracting polio as a child but made a full recovery under the care of the Dr. Tarnower, the Scarsdale diet guy, who was then killed by his mistress. He then came to Stanford, divorced, and dropped out by backpacking Europe. He took up banking, after realizing the dead end he had embarked on. He worked with Glide Memorial where he met his wife, an RN Kaiser nurse.
A former Castro Valley Lion, he shifted to Rotary while working with the Community Bank of the Bay in Oakland. His hobbies are Rotary, Church, Sports, 24 hr Fitness and Bridge. His son is in the Granola business and his daughter is a newly graduated MBA currently unemployed.

Tom Courtright, a member since the 70s of Rotary. He was born in Oakland and his dad had a nursery in Berserkeley. They lived in the town in the 60s and witnessed an ever rising fence in the nursery to provide security. The Black Panther Party was just around the corner!
A horticulturist from CalPoly, he bought Orchard Nursery in 1972 from the first owner Jack, and has never looked back. His wife runs a equally fabulous nursery in Livermore. He has 3 daughters, had two wives, and a partridge in a pear tree. He has served on the board of the Int'l Garden Society and has travelled around the world with his wife Jackie checking out nurseries around the world. Clearly he's loving his life. Life's short, so get out there and enjoy it while you can.

Raffle: $2 Debbie, Bob Shusta won the $75 prize.

And that's how it was, Thursday, April 3, 2014. Signing out for now, your once and fornever notetaker Buddy.

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