Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
May 15, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 41

Deep Thought of the Day - by Google via Matt Shriner. -
Some people are like slinkies,
They don't really have a purpose,
But they still bring a smile to your face
When you push them down the stairs.
Missing Flag! Anna came through with a picture of the flag from our Rotations newsletter. This turned out to be really good news as Jay suggested plan B would be Larry Blodgett's flag themed undershorts....personally I find it a bit disturbing on many levels a) Jays knowledge of Larry's wardrobe choices b) the thought of Rotarians pledging allegiance to Larry's boxer shorts...for the love of all things holy I hope they were referring to boxer shorts!!
Visiting Rotarians:
Steve Orinda club
At this point everything stopped as the Chief showed up in a suit and tie. He was forced to explain he was undercover as Larry Blodgett!! Something about that being the best way to find the illegal massage parlors?
Mo Levich introduced Don Jenkins - Rotarian, LCF member, active on nearly all good causes in town...really surprising he got lost and ended up a Sunrise guy!
Guests: Pamela Hanamoto - Guardian life, Bevery Hayjack - insurance

Dave Abrahams - Camp Royal - we are sending 3 kids to the mountains. Shelly, Grant Vogel, and his friend Christian. As a man with a daughter this got me thinking (in 12 years or so) I will be raising money to send all Lafayette Boys to camp ....One Way! My other thought was to introduce a teenage boy registration act and have them all microchipped. I know I'm violating their human rights....but really who can argue that teenage boys are in fact human? DADD (Dads Against Daughters Dating member since 2012)
Jim J.- added Maurice to his Bocce team. Event is Saturday June 14th Bocce Martinez City Park - evidently a great drinking and eating sport. Roy, Tom Sullivan, Jim and now Maurice are on the team!
Jim was then asked if he's bringing his wife....he said something to effect of 'not this again' and dodged with how Bocce ball is is a lot like life?
John Sherry - some Rotarians owe $50!!! Or face "collections"
Debunking Party in June 8, 4-7. At Terry's house park at school. Terry would like a gardening and house cleaning crew to show up the day before.
Concert! Grand time, made quite a bit of money!!! (Personally I think the weather was a big factor because it was cool enough to force Mike H to keep his shirt on....I think this could have been a factor in higher hot dog sales ;-). A huge thanks should go out to Dick Holt and John Sherry and to the high number of Rotarians who supported and worked to make the event a huge success!
Evidently, nearly every raffle prize was won by a Rotarian. I think it should be pointed out that the intent was to sell these tickets to the community rather than to ourselves? It would seem that $50 of raffle tickets evidently tips the odds in your favor!
Rotarian Raffle Prize Winner
Al Webster -$50 gift certificate to Yankee Pier
Ray Bland - Paxtis $50
Lisa Cohen - mr shustas home and $100 Orchard
Don Jenkins - Lafayette Venture - shirt, Lafayette book!
Bill Ames - thought he possibly won a cow chip? Turned out to be a First aid kit. Of all the people who don't need band aids it's former Pharmacy mogul Bill ( he probably still has a few thousand sitting in his garage...)
Ed Stokes - won BMW! For the weekend.
Jess Whalen...won his own free car wash!
Dino - won $50 gift certificate to Blodgett'sFlooring
Greg V - reservoir book
Norma - house sweets candies ... Of course Norma has already given it away! To a young one.
CEREMONY: Debbie thanked Norma who gave away a ton of cookies and food. Presented Norma with another well deserved service pin, now she gets a flag to go with pin, Rotary Bling!!!!
Peggy's birthday she will be 94!!! (Next week). Be there next week or face the wrath of Debbie Cooper!!!
Anna's Fines and Happy Dollars
I could cut and paste Mo, mo, Larry, Bill (singing) etc owe money for various offenses....the Usual Suspects....but here are the actuals:
Debbie auctioned off a .50 calculator for $7.50, no wait... Dick countered 7.75, Kelly countered at $8, guest went $9, Kelly won for $10, if it wasn't for Rotary fund getting the proceeds Debbie would be arrested for fraud. But it was very nice of Kelly to make a donation...err purchase the fine calculator notebook which I think probably has a gold plated Rotary emblem on it.,.
I suggested fining Bill in advance for singing next week a la Minority Report...but evidently you can't yet report a crime before it happens...reminder to bring ear plugs next week!
Anna wanted to fine the Chief for being out of uniform, he reminded her the lights and sirens on the car still work...
Chief Eric retold a story about crime victim going to Diablo Foods ...without wallet. Don't worry about it and we trust you was the reply from Ed's fine staff. A tribute to Ed and his staff. Ed was going to pay some Happy Dollars....but evidently he is waiting for payment??? Kidding! If you don't get Steve's Friday letter you really should. Eric's stories are a highlight. I still need to ask him why a Police Officer was pointing a gun at him and if he inspires others to join the police force in the same way?
Chief's second story, (since he didn't have his weapons not sure why he got two?) As he was working going up on Snake Hill road, either installing a wire to trap Maurice....or removing Maurice's wire to knock officers off motorcycles? Anyway, Maurice was the only one to stop on that hot day to say Hi and see if he was okay.....although a good strategy by Mo it probably won't stop the flow of tickets! Some others wanted to know about 4 handcuffed guys at the Police Station, if Mo was one of them his attempt to be nice didn't work?
Anna fining Mike H for his 1 year Anniversary. Mike actually turned a little red, tough to say but the shade was between BMW Garnet Red and Misano Red, both beautiful colors that Mike would be happy to show to you on a car...rather than his face. Date story movie thing, took her to movie in Orinda then Postino, dinner and a movie on the first date! The kids don't do that anymore...your supposed to meet for a glass of wine see that they look remotely like the pictures before committing to a whole meal....but I digress. He hasn't bought anything yet for his Anniversary (but by a fellow procrastinators time frame he still has like a day and a half.).
Mike, who supports everything in town, was Invited to Park Hotel for a fundraiser for Project Second Chance and won a weekend stay at the Lafayette Park Hotel.
Kurt needed a ride back home, there was a fight to give Kurt a ride, Maurice vs Mike H. Kurt then wanted to know if Mo had a Plumbing van with stinky toilets or the 7 series and also did Mike H have one of the convertibles or just a regular BMW. I guess beggars can be choosers as I did not see Kurt walking past my office on Mt Diablo.

Rotary International News Other News: Club Calendar

Rotary project creates cookbook for the visually impaired

A participant receives instruction chopping ingredients during a cooking course for the visually impaired in Izmir, Turkey.
Photo Credit: Figen Ertas

A woman with a black apron is stirring tomatoes into a pan of vegetables in Bursa, Turkey. Visually impaired, she is being helped by an assistant, who is a spouse of a Turkish Rotary member.

Elsewhere in the kitchen, other cooks and Rotary spouses are preparing meatballs, slicing and peeling eggplants, and measuring out cookie dough. At a table in an adjacent dining area, a man is reading a recipe from a Braille cookbook.

The cookbook, "Good Smells From the Kitchen," has enabled many members of the Library of Turkey for the Visually Disabled to enter the kitchen with new confidence.


The Four Way Test
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2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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