Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
May 22, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 42

Curtain call on our 21st meeting of 2014 was, once again, at 12:15. As I hustled across the rolling hills of the Oakmont Club motivated by the fear of public shaming, financial penalty and the possibility of our fine master snatching Eric’s tazer to load 50,000 volts into me for the full 30 second blast most models deliver. Beyond the immediate effect of the electro-muscular disruption overriding my central nervous system and sending me to the ground, I would now have to fight my way through both a dazed state of awareness and muscle spasm aftershocks to fulfill my duty to take meeting notes. As I was picking up steam I heard our esteemed President call to me, trailing a full 3 to 4 parking spots behind and the fear melted away. For in my mind, within a just a few seconds I realized that just as Nixon told us that if the President does it, it is not illegal, if you walk in with the President, you can’t be late.
Our greeter was Anna and she did a fantastic job, not once swearing at me as I crossed through the double doors into the heart of the Lafayette afternoon 12:15 club. A quick, random sampling of others confirmed that she again delivered. One member told me she had chased him down to greet as he had slipped through during the peak arrival time that always presents a challenge for the greeter as there are many friendly faces to greet.

Debbie began the meeting and prior to the thought of the day brought the room to its feet in celebration of Peggy’s birthday. She was serenaded with the happy birthday song and while we have several individual great voices in the group, together we clearly do not make a choral ensemble. On the bright sign, we should have no concern of Time Warner/Chappell Music suing us for copyright infringement as there is little evidence of us hitting the melody anywhere near the dartboard.

Anna graciously allowed Mr. Baker to substitute in for the thought of the day this being our last meeting before Memorial Day. Pulling from George Orwell an excellent thought was shared – “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

As we transitioned to the remaining standing agenda topics, those Rotarians trying to steal quick looks on their smart phones may have noticed an eerie article posted late in the morning by CNN Money confidently stating that “robots will replace fast-food workers. Am I the only one that immediately moved to Steven King’s “Maximum Overdrive” where the machines takeover and start killing humans as well as every other non-Disney movie with robots? I believe we have been warned.

We had no guests nor visitors this week. While we all enjoy the additional energy visiting Rotarians and our guest bring to the meeting, it was for the best this week as announcements were aplenty.

Among the highlights, Chuck kicked things off with a reminder of Debbie’s upcoming De-Bunking. June 8th, cocktail hour begins at 4 with beer and wine and the festivities are set to kick off at 5:30, or right around completion of your fourth adult beverage. Toasts, speeches and comments, while likely slurred, should be colorful. If I had written down where the event was to be held I would have included it here, but have no fear, we likely be hearing this announcement for our next two meetings leaving the “meeting notes posse,” or MNP, two more attempts to capture it in writing.

The Bocce Ball tournament is June 14th. I am not sure how to convert “bocci” into its’ present tense verb form, but typically present tense verbs end in “ing” so the bocci-ing will begin with the first “jack” to be thrown at 10. Plan to arrive between 9 and 9:30 to allow time for a strategy session, a quick physical check by our team trainer and stretching. The last thing we want is to lose a player to a hamstring pull forcing us to forfeit. At present, it was not noted what size bocci ball will be used, but it will most likely be 73mm, 90mm, 100mm or 107mm as they are the most commonly used sizes.

A final reminder on the Jeremy O-Brien boating event was announced. Mike Heller thanked all for their help with the concert at the res. with several shout-outs to a number of Rotarians that put in the extra effort that typically makes the difference between a decent event and a great event. Because of those efforts we can certainly categorize this one in the latter bucket.

Post announcement we transitioned to collections which were overwhelming happy dollars. Tom Courtright and his wife were named the national nursery people of the year. Tom graciously accepted a majority share of the credit but the group seemed to believe this was more of a 50/50 split with his wife. That said, it was not a penalty free day and at least two members coughed up some money for missing the concert.

With that our speaker was brought forth. Debbie began the introduction with “I received a package in the mail…” which, to her credit, was an attention grabbing opening line and would probably also make a great opening for a TED talk; don’t worry Debbie, I will wait at least three before plagiarizing.

It turns out the package was a book written by our speaker, Kevin Nelson, titled Lunches with Mr. Q. Mr. Q. is Kjell Quale (pronounced Shell Cavalli if you were struggling to get there phonetically) was a very successful businessman with strong roots in the auto industry.

The book centers on Mr. Quale’s philosophies and values in business. The picture painted by Kevin was refreshingly honest and acknowledges both Mr. Quale’s successes and failures with the benefit of hindsight as well as his own insight gained with the passage of years between the actual events and the interviews by Kevin.

The curtains were then quickly closed and the doors shut so the gambling could begin. The raffle was completed without law enforcement interference and Debbie adjourned the meeting at exactly 1:30 according to my watch.

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Winning Rotaractors provide sustainable water and sanitation facilities

Congratulations to the Rotaract Club of H.R. College in Mumbai, India, international winner of the 2014 Rotaract Outstanding Project Award. Club members engaged thousands of community members and volunteers in efforts to raise funds and build awareness for their project to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in Kumbharwadi, a drought-prone village near Mumbai. To ensure the project’s sustainability, club members collaborated with the Watershed Organization Trust to select the village, where they are digging wells and installing toilets. Village leaders and residents were involved in planning and funding the projects and are being trained to maintain the facilities.

Read more about this project and the regional winners of the 2014 Rotaract Outstanding Project Award to learn how Rotaractors around the world take action in their communities.

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