Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
May 29, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 43

“From Blodgett’s in the East, to Orchard in the West, we’ve got Lafayette covered…and our club’s the best ! !”

As latecomers straggled in, Rotarians were busy digging into La Finestra’s lastest rollout: chicken, pasta, salad, bread, fruit, tiramisu…and a divine boston cream pie.
Debbie rang the group to order @ 12:31 pm and looking around we were treated to the sight of 6 full tables, a good turnout as we eye the summer doldrums.
And those of us seated facing the lectern who happened to glace rightward were treated to a touching tableau of Bob Aguilar manning the lottery and Troy Feddersen working the cash box.
Rotarians were further treated to another fashion adventure from red bagder Ryan Svoboda – flashy trousers, red pro-keds and what Buddy refered to as “Elvis Costello” glasses.
(Ryan must have been “Watching the Detectives” or pining for a mystery woman named “Alison”)

Bob Shusta was our greeter and by george I think he shook the hand of everybody that waltzed through that door, including just-in-time Alicia “Miss Merrill” Cragholm.
Bob’s thought of the day referenced the “law of uneven dispersal” dealing with the physical phenomenon of sxxt hitting a fan. It just sails everywhere, with no predictable pathway…yuk.
And today’s pledge of allegiance went off without a hitch, Buddy made sure of that!

We had visitors; Jack Clarkson introduced Gil from Berkely, Jim Jorgensen heralded Paul from Niles and Anna familiarized us with Kristin from SMC.
We learned that Kristin is looking for a fall internship and comes recommended by Greg Vaisnor, with whom she is currently working part time.

Speaking of our president-elect, here comes Debbie bearing gifts for the trip to Sydney; binocluars for sightseeing, a globe for navigating, a shark for (avoiding?) and a bucket for beachcombing.
The best club also sent Greg on his merry way with a sheet bearing all of our signatures, which may some day enter the Smithsonian, an historical document.

Our president and a few others then spotted Maurice W. entering the room @ 12:37 pm. Lately this has been costly for our “head frog” !

And while we’re still basking in the afterglow of the Concert at the Res here comes Mike Heller with a volunteer sign-up sheet for the “Rock the Plaza” series coming up in June.
(No rest for this hard working club)
Debbie kept Mike up front and asked his patience while we procure a service pin to honor his many hours of service to the club.
The club burst into sustained applause. Buddy, with perfect timing, then hollered “and keep your shirt on!” Bennett Brodwin was frisky today.

Chuck took a turn and asked members to sign-up for Debbie’s debunking party.
Back Forty Texas BBQ Roadhouse & Saloon will be catering and the event is called for 4:00 pm on Sunday 6/8 at Chez Ring on Birdhaven.

We also learned that Betty Stokes turned 86 today but that Ed decided to have lunch with Rotary! The Stokes family will be celebrating in Cabo San Lucas.

This happy news was followed by sad news, as Larry informed us that George, a long time Rotarian and past president of the best club, passed away on Tuesday.
Larry gave thanks to Matt Shriner, Mike & Yolanda, and other friends who were there to remember George. A memorial service will be held at Our Savior's Lutheran Church on Saturday 6/7 @ 11:00 am.

John Sherry then took the mic to share with us the financial results of the Concert at the Res.
Highlights included $12,003 donor dollars, $386 for Norma’s cookies, $806 food court sales and $4,267 raffle dollars for a grand total of $15,141 after expenses, a nice increase over 2013.

Those of us who sailed on the Jeremiah O’Brien (14 in our group) had a grand time, sailing underneath the GG & Bay bridges, dedicating a wreath and listening to the Rossmoor Big Band.
Our John Sherry came away with a sunburn and some ideas on how to improve the event for 2015 to which Debbie smilingly pointed out “what would a show be without John’s criticism??”

Jim Jorgensen, who has been very active since coming back from surgery and stealth nuptials, rose to remind us of bocce ball with the 5160 crew on Saturday 6/7. We have a foursome but could use 4 more!
Concert maestro Dick Holt very kindly authorized a re-auction of his Carmel home as the raffle winner is not able to use the prize.
Larry B, with the financial support of Maurice W. and Alan Mac, was the winning bidder @ $550 – and Dick directed that this amount go toward increasing the overall take for the Concert at the Res.

Here we are, 12:56 pm, and only now is Anna able to take the floor. Those of us who adore the hunt for happy dollars were initially crestfallen but Anna speedily made the rounds and did quite well.
Greg quickly tossed in $20 for a phone ringer followed by Maurice W. for a phone ringer and an 8-day anniversary trip to Sea Ranch, for which the best club received $100…thanks Mo!
Terry flashed a happy dollar for SMC rugby, now national champions! Buddy cheekily tossed in $5 as Jay was successful to secure a full lunch.
Mike Heller thanked Ryan for a great newsletter though your scribbler could not detect money changing hands.
Don Anderson will be celebrating his 80th birthday in SF at a big 4 dining establishment.
Gil, our visiting Rotarian, will be joining 7 million other visitors for the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Northern France.
Larry B. gave $5, was proudly wearing George’s Rotary pin, and was tickled to find George’s debunking notes. Larry’s sister received a call from John Sherry, notifying a winning raffle ticket…the Shusta cabin!
Mo L. told us that he was in Normandy 2 years ago, and played taps at 6:57 am on Omaha Beach.

Our speaker was Jim Driggers on “RESULTS: The Power to End Poverty”.
RESULTS has 1,000 volunteers in the 50 states with about 50% focusing on ending poverty in the US and 50% focued on reducing poverty globally.
Jim’s organization has 20+ staffers in Washington D.C. and an annual budget in excess of $1 million.
RESULTS engages in letter writing to members of Congress and to editors of newspapers.
Jim’s chapter in Conta Costa County contains 7 volunteers and they meet 2 x per month.

Bob presided over a $35 pot of which $2 went to Bill “Nite-Owl” Eames, who was overheard grousing about a $2 wager generating only $2. The drawing went to Terry Ring, $5.

Get ready for summer everybody, and remember to attend Rotary; we can have longer happy dollar sessions in the summer doldrums ! ! !

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Rotary’s historic climb in Sydney

Rotary members climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and break the world record for most flags flown.
Photo Credit: Rotary International/Alyce Henson

During Friday's world record-breaking Sydney Harbour bridge climb, Rotary members raised enough money to protect 240,000 kids from polio.

Despite the physically grueling four-hour trek up and down the bridge's storied steel arches, the 340 participants kept their good spirits and stood side-by-side waving 278 flags.

"When the helicopters were going around, you just felt like one great big nation," says Graeme Davies, district governor of the Rotary Club of Kincumber in Australia.

The massive turnout eclipsed Oprah Winfrey's world-record climb in 2011
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