Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
June 12, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 45

I apologize up front for the notes this week. I had a lot on my plat and am drafting these at 2:45 a.m. so while a quip here or there may come out this weeks tack will be a more fact based account of the meeting and won’t attempt to capture the culture and the magic bouncing around the walls at the 12:15 Lafayette Thursday afternoon Rotary meeting. But for those that were there, no explanation is needed for the emotional impact dished out via fines, some gentle, and not so gentle, ribbing. There was laughter, there was crying, I am fairly certain I saw the two older gentlemen puppets from the mummet show in a makeshift balcony in our room.

For the meeting prior to Father’s day weekend, I (Ryan) was the stand-in greeter. I am not sure I covered but I do know that I was tapped late enough to not have greeted a single soul aboard the U.S.S. Rotary. But I did get some microphone time for the thought of the day centered on father’s. I recall the first thought of the two-part though mini-series (by the way, keep your eyes open as it will be featured in a late Sunday afternoon marathon on the Lifetime channel) was that a Father who carries pictures where his money used to go. I use a smart phone so my pictures are at the ready by the hundreds, yet there seems to be no money to put back in my wallet. I have been collecting the cardboard promotional credit cards sent to me via direct mail to at least make my wallet look important.

On to a more serious tone – my true thought of the day was that my father never told me how to live, he just showed me by doing it. I can say now with a six year old that it really rings true. I should be a great role model for my son, just as us, as Rotarians, should serve a fatherly and motherly role in our community and beyond by showing the future Rotarians skipping class right now, the importance of being involved.

Debbi got us moving from there and Mo introduced a special guest, Jeff, who is from the USO and a fellow Rotarian. And while I am unclear on the specifics, I heard several comments that we now are USO-certified for lack of a better term. Do not hold it against me, I often do indeed lack a better term.

We also had a Rotarian visiting for Oregon (GO DUCKS!!!), did I say that out loud? Dan Nussmeier who is visiting from Lake Oswego. For those unfamiliar with the area, Lake Oswego is to Portland very much as Lafayette is to San Francisco… Without the rain and the incredible jump in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and anti-depressants as the rain washes away the dirt accumulated over a solid 12 days of summer.

Moving to guests, we had a good handful. By virtue of getting my notes in order post meeting I was able to see that none of them ran for the door. If they were planning to run they at least had the courtesy to wait until they were out of eyesight. The guest list:

• Beverly Huget with Northwestern Mutual. This is her second meeting and it sounds as though a hazing may be in her future.
• Christina Alba, a new chiropractor in town joined us. For whoever invited her, it would be great to get her on the path to joining our merry band of whimsy, flowers and skipping to joy of being awake.
• Jill Shibuya, formerly the bookkeeper for the Lafayette Methodist Church and now beginning a new journey in building a practice of her own.

Post Rotarians and Guests Debbie quickly returned attention on her and she discussed her debunking party. I, unfortunately, could not make it but the rumor mills are really at work on this one. I was told it was a beer and wine event with catered BBQ, but then I caught wind that people were doing keg stands and that Eric actually showed up around 11pm to find all in attendance with glow sticks around their head and others clinched tightly in hands. From what I understand it was some very high bass, rhythmic music going… I wasn’t there and what happens at Debbie’s debunking stays at Debbie’s debunking. I also noted that there is a sign counting down her final days and it was only 18 away at our last meeting.

Debbie presented presents to Dino and Norma for being a part of her board. And by doing that at the rotary meeting it appears to me that she sold them out for missing her party.


-On July 12th at 5p.m there is a rotary awards banquet welcoming in the new presidents and thanking those just finishing their service. More details to come on that.

-Mike Heller gave the first Rock the Plaza high marks. He also assisted in grabbing some good fines from a couple Rotarians that did not show. In fairness, I am not going to reveal that it was Tom and Steve that did not show up.

Mike did an on the fly recruiting effort for additional help for the 2nd Rock the Plaza and with hearts so big we can hardly walk with them, volunteers were secured in a matter of minutes.

-The Lafayette Art & Wine festival. One person is needed from 12-3 as a volunteer to work in dispatch. The rigorous duties include answer the phone and assisting as needed and from time to time tossing out an unruly resident with their Tesla double parked.

-Dick Hold gave a save of the date of August 16, 2014, from 8a.m. until noon for the 6th Annual Symposium – “Aging by Symposium.” There will be around 40 vendors and a large number of health care providers there. More coming on this one as well, but it will be held by the Lafayette Community Foundation if I heard correctly.

-Jay then stood up with the stare of big cat, like a fluffly gray house cat, and asked for donations to keep the Moraga fireworks going and he did have an actual jar that was used. Each Rotarian had to assess whether they should use it as a donation plate of have it used on them as random tool of violence. The jar was not broken when I left so I assumed the funding went well.

We then moved to fines and happy dollars. There were quite a few, some with a true heart behind them and of course a number that were tongue-in-cheek. I will admit that I was on page 4 of my notes here so my documentation began to wane as I cramped up. I will probably need to learn to write with either hand to get to a point where I really deliver value in the minutes.

Bill, Norma, Dino, Ray, Kurt and Mo all hand contributions. I apologize if I missed you – this part of the meeting moves quick and there is a lot to capture. Bill also did some shameless politicking for the finemaster position when it opens. Maybe we have a “fine off” and whoever collects the most per headcount has dibs on the job, assuming anyone but Bill is eyeing that position. Anna, can’t you fine him for that?

Chuck presented Debbie with a replica model car in honor of her upcoming trip to watch cars drive really fast and turning only one direction if I understand car racing at all… Which I do not. But the kicker was that Chuck contacted two gentleman he found in the Rotary directory and saw who they worked. They are Daytona Beach Rotarians and he pinged them both. One completely blew him off and the other sent the car.

Our speakers were mary, who runs the Spirit Van, and Warren, a spirit van driver. Spirit van is a program that transports elderly ladies and gentlemen so they can get out, run errands, whatever is needed. The participant feedback is fantastic. She did ask for us Rotarians to see if we could find a four hour slot in our calendar to be a driver as she needs to increase here volunteer driver pool. All but one of the vehicles can be driven with a regular drivers license. But there is one vehicle that requires a commercial drivers license.

Andy jumped in with one other quick announcement. There is a golf tournament at Moraga Country Club and they are looking for foursomes. See Andy for more info.

The rigged raffled rolled out the winning tickets and our meeting was adjourned.

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