Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
June 19, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 46

Rang the bell ...ready to start pledge when once flag
Kurt gave Terry's thought of the day
Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first Mark Twain
Flag was located - pledge commenced
Visiting Rotarians: Don Jenkins
Visitors: Jay introduced Jackie Steel - Steel Chiropractic Linda Wurth - Better Care Choices
Linda's father was a Rotarian, Ruth McCahan, Jim Carlson Lamorinda Village

Stain vs Paint on benches was debated

At this point a flea market / garage sell broke out. Chuck cleaning out the Rotary junk microphones, trophy (Jay), frank Talk books, 2011 golf it continued the questions mounted "is this the program etc".

Rock the Plaza
Thanks for bench painting again ( no follow up on the distinctions between stain and paint Bocce Ball - passed and we didn't go July 19th USO Show concert

Bill - stepped in as fine master - people gave generously petrified that He might sing!

At this point my cell phone gave me an update on a potential Kevin Love trade ....what they're including Klay.....argh

Allen working at home stomach ache, stat med, john MUIR 5 hours pain killers Wedding anniversary May 16th - Ron Ron added anniversary and grand daughters Eric completing 20th year of sentence.
Might get out for good behavior
John sherry 47
Jay Lifson Dad is coming to visit turning 90 Called Deano jay and Larry mixed up Matt - paid for vacation Larry B - 50 for birthday, surprised with a car BMW convertible no beige, took a Mini Cooper napa valley lodge, new favorite wine William Harrison Winery Don Anderson - birthday 81! Everyday good day, dinner Deano - $1 for each "Jerry"
Mike H - Rock the Plaza - fabulous 350 on the lawn, bent finger. The Big Jangle - Tom Petty tribute - hot links added Greg Vaisnor - fining $20 Incoming President - went to convention held at Olympic Park 2000 Olympics. Had a great time stole a Koala. Looking forward to new regime Steve bad Day for Eric told two daughters their mother died Chuck chipped in 2 more

Chuck - Dad thought I was born with a Big Bang. BA-da-boom rim shot

At this point I had to run to take my cat to vet. $2000 got me a diagnosis....Nasal Lymphoma. - depressing!

Program - LaMorinda Village

What they should be asking is do we know any isolated neighbors who have maybe lost their licenses etc that could use help and a stronger social connection to the town? But I wasn't there.

Notetakers Supplemental( Matt Shriner had to abdicate his throne for the afternoon, so Buddy, the original permanent latrine orderly, took the reins) Ruth McCahan, president of Lamorinda Village intro'd Jim Carlson, who helps run LV as a task member. This is a one stop shop for the elderly staying in their own homes. Nearly 20% of the Lamorinda Community are over 65! When they need help of any sort, handymen, plumbers and the Transportation to get them around. The topic of the importance of "community" was discussed as to how it affects ones health and well-being. Volunteerism thru this service is also an important connection for seniors to remain part of the community. As a member of this service, you get many benefits, such as discounts on services and a support network in general. The fees yearly are $840/1200 for full service membership and half that for those members that don't need the full enchilada. For low incomers, a discounted rate of $120/180 is available. Anyone can volunteer for free, of course, and volunteers are needed. It was pointed out that the goals of this program are aligned well with Rotary Ideals and we were asked to support this program financially and thru outreach to those in need, as well as opportunities for volunteering our time and energy. This program needs $50K, of which they've e collected ~$30K, to get this program off the ground. Don Jenkins, a member of Orinda Rotary, is a board member and very involved getting this program started.

Raffle:$2- Larry B. aka Jerry won, Tom C. Won $5. No jackpot today.

And that's how it was, Thursday June 19, 2014. Buddy

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Staining the benches at CalShakes.

Fab 5 donated benches to CalShakes theatre and on Tuesday June 17th Rotarians stained the new benches

 Notes by Matt Shriner and Buddy Brodwin | Photos John Sherry