Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
June 26, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 47

No summer doldrums here at Oakwood!
An observer from outer space with a powerful telescope would have spotted our 6 tables enjoying the La Finestra rollout of lasagna, salad, bread, fruit and tiramisu.
Debbie range the bell for the very last time promptly at 12:30 pm as several veteran Rotarians made it just under the wire. We had good attendance for Debbie’s swan song.
Debunking host Terry ring was on hand as greeter and mustered a hearty round of applause for our outgoing chief executive.
Terry also treated us to 2 quotes by Mark Twain, the 2nd of which, “go to heaven for the climate, go to hell for the company” was greeted by a roar from the assemblage.

Debbie then asked that we observe a moment of silence on behalf of one of our fellow members, who wished to remain anonymous.

Dave Abrahams was then presented with a piece of Rotary bling for unleashing new member Ryan Svoboda onto the group.

During the Visitors section of the program Kurt brought Jill, a CPA and possible future member and Buddy introduced a gentleman named William.

A few of us then realized that Barry Toomajian was with us and that was good to see.

Greg, enjoying his final meeting as president-elect, then sent around a 12-month sign up sheet for Rotary Club of Lafayette speakers.
Buddy - on your next walk of the Peardale Loop, could you ring Buster Posey’s bell? We’d love to see a “Buddy & Buster” speaking engagement during Greg’s tenure.

Mo Levitch then rose to let us know word is going out to promote the USO concert through Lamorinda Weekly, banners, etc, and Steve Falk kindly cover your ears…

Larry Blodgett’s thank you note for the orchid made the rounds and featured a photo of the plant affixed directly to the card, a nice touch.

Mike Heller reminded us that the 4th & final “Rock the Plaza” for 2014 was approaching and that Tom Courtright was kind to donate his truck for shlepping all the cook gear.

Chuck then presented Debbie with a Past President pin that may contain a real diamond. Steve Ware in the Sunrise club must be consulted if we wish to know for sure.
Debbie said that she would miss being President and we all stood for a long applause which was ended only when Jay strode forth to ring the bell.

Anna then rose for her final turn at Sergeant-at-Arms. We can only speculate the number of happy dollar she secured for the best club these past 104 weeks.

Diane rose to discuss Larmorinda Village and to let us know that her Dad has moved in with her.
Matt Shriner asked help for Lamorinda seniors and had a sad dollar for the family cat being diagnosed with nasal lymphoma.
Andy took an informal poll of all those who watched the USA-Germany match and gave the best club $10.
Anna then impressed Dino into singing service for Bob Shusta’s birthday and he did a grand job. Bob dutifully passed Anna a cheque to cover his birthday fine.
Debbie then called for Bill “Nite Owl” Eames to serenade JoAnne Archer for her birthday. “Women cry when they hear me sing” opined Bill, ever feisty in his 50th Rotary year.

Bud Moulthrop then made an appeal for Nor Cal Poodle Rescue, asking that we pitch in to help rescure Standard Poodles; Nor Cal is working to obtain property for the dogs.

Anna, noting the beautiful weather, targeted Jess Wellen for happy dollars to which Jess replied “I wish everyone a good, attractive, sparkling car”!
Waxing poetic, Jess then reminded us that daughter Julie runs a boutique in town which also offers yoga classes, parties, consignment, you name it - botox too.
We were pleased to see Tom Sullivan fresh from a vacation in LA and visits to Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios.
Kurt’s son has his granola in Whole Foods now. Let’s get ‘em into Diablo next!

We were then treated to a confusing spectacle involving Anna & Dave that resulted in Bill & Ryan splitting the Seargeant-at-Arms duties for the coming 52 weeks.

Andy & Wendy Scheck were our featured speakers and treated us to a talk on the subject of beekeeping. We all learned something today.
Our bee experts started beeking 3 years ago in their backyard after seeing a news story on the subject.
It was a treat seeing Wendy in her beekeeping suit and we were rapt as she recounted the story of recovering a swarm from a backyard in Moraga.
We were also told that bees are critical for California agriculture and that there is a mass movement of bee hives to the state each year in late winter.
And harvesting the honey is fun – the Schecks recovered 70lbs last year and Andy eats it every day!

We had Bob Aguilar on games of chance which resulted in our guest, Jill, winning $2 and Dave winning $5, but missing the lucky marble.

Remember to attend on Thursday 3 July for Club Assembly and the Bill or Ryan happy dollar show, volume # 1!

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 Notes by David Abrahams | Photos Andy Scheck