Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
June 5, 2014 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 44

Deborah Cooper, el Presidente, soon to be deposed, opened the meeting. Gregg Vaisnor was last reported basking in the sun down-under and loving every minute of it!!! The assigned greeter, Alan Mac was, as usual for the Macman, in absentia...Alan, where are you?!
The rest of the summer crowd stumbled in, weary of graduation celebrations and cleaning up their bar-b-que. And then the truth came out, Larry Blodgett had agreed to sub for Alan but forgot..ahhhhh!
Visiting Rotarians: Ron Light, Lisa Cohen, and A.C. Webb were in attendance

Annc'ed :it was annc'ed that none of the usuals had anything to say, may God bless us all, but then...
Chuck Vogel spoke of the debunking at length.
Mike Heller spoke of the "Rock the Plaza"... Rock On!!
Larry Blodgett appreciated the cards and fond memories of his recently passed father. A discussion of "orchidery" followed, but wasn't followable. The only good orchid appears to be a pretty, soon to be dead, one.

Fines and HB's: Anna "the terrible" called in her fines...
Dan Baker was fined for his article and picture appearing in Lamorinda Weekly.
Mo Levich got "gooseys" reading the article as did Mike Heller.., for the courageous service of our own Dan Baker.
Chuck V. enjoyed his cruise on the Jeremiah OBrien, grabbing a last minute available ticket.
Bill Eames recently became a great grandad and swore never to sing happy birthday to the poor kid! Oh doesn't that kid wish!
A.C. Webb paid dearly for his infrequent but honored visitation to our club Diane B. Paid up for her Maui trip and her "huge"stone, according to Anna, for her recent engagment.
Debbie Cooper was encouraged to pay for each of her last few meetings as President, to which Bill Eames agreed to match the amount.
Kurt Teichmann won the recent bridge tourney and paid dearly.
Anna was last heard to have meated out fines on the order of $400 for today and was last seen on her way south to the border. Whoa nelly! Stop that gal!

Speakers: Once again we had a couple of our members acquaint us with themselves. Diane Barberra, was raised in Lamorinda and is of Italian heritage. Her parents still live in the same abode in Orinda. A self proclaimed sports fanatic, she began driving at age 6 on the family ranch. Diane worked for Columbo Breads, her fathers business and continues to bake with her father for fun. Then it was onto the banking business until she had 4 daughters, all now graduated and gainfully employed. She, as an empty nester, is now re-employed at Bank of the West, replacing our own Larry Duson, and is recently engaged and planning her wedding, and looking forward to her NEW life.

Bob Shusta, born in Seattle in 1941 had a dad who was a policeman. They moved to SF near the Sutrobathhouse, where it is said he frolicked with his friends... But mums the word! His family moved to Walnut Creek and he met his wife of 53 yrs at DVC. He was a policeman himself for many years but started out as an engineer before switching over to the law. He wrote a textbook on the effect of the influx of East Asians on American society after the fall of Saigon. He continued his work as an instructor in various phases of law enforcement, thruout his career. As a policeman in Concord he came thru two shootings, injured in one, but glad to be here to tell the story. His hobbies were snow skiing, traveling esp to Russia, woodworking and theatre where he gained the moniker "Hollywood Bob". Debbie Cooper chided Bob for HER having been in more shootings as a banker than he, in law enforcement! Hopefully she'll be retiring soon! The risk seems a tad high!

Raffle: Bill won $2, Dan Baker $5 and he won the $45 jackpot!

And then just for a second jackpot, Bill, with Larry's daughter harmonizing along, sang Happy Birthday with the rest of us to Larry Blodgett.

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Rotary’s future takes center stage on last day of Sydney convention

Rotary Scholar Kelsi Lopatecki Cox inspired thousands at the Sydney Convention with her passion for community work.
Photo Credit: Rotary International/Monika Lozinska

Gertrude Adzo Akpalo walked out of the Allphones Arena in Sydney more inspired than ever to do her part to inject youth and energy into Rotary, helping to secure its future.

"This was by far the best plenary session of the convention," said Akpalo, who is the director of youth activities for the Rotary Club of Accra East, Ghana. "All the speakers on New Generations gave us a clear message that engaging young minds will keep Rotary alive. I'm young myself, so this was the perfect message to take home," she added.

The fourth plenary session, held 4 June, focused on what's ahead for Rotary and featured young speakers who thrived under Rotary's New Generations and educational programs.

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The Four Way Test
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1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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