Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
August 1, 2013 | VOL 68 | ISSUE

Debbie Cooper, el presidente, opened the mtg., Tom Courtright was greeter.
Visiting Rotarians: nada
Guests: Dave Baker, a former member of Truckee Rotary, for his 4th lunch and soon to be a new member.
Norman Weekes, from Chase Bank

Annc'ed : John Sherry, who received honors from Rotary, is back from a very successful salmon fishing trip catching some 100 sockeye salmon in Alaska, on fly rods in fast water. Sounds like a fish story to me! He auctioned some of the catch off which was bought for $100 by the front table, which was splitting the prize. Good buy, gentlemen. Bob Shusta spoke of the Via de Guadalupe fire truck project making strides to fruition. Troy spoke of his participation in the Rotary Foundation and the need for a new person to take his position.
Meanwhile, Buddy and Dino tried their darnedest to get the microphones working in place of Andy, and got nothing but grief for their efforts, which were in fact grief worthy!
Jay annc'ed the Moraga Community Picnic, and bocce ball event to support loaves and fishes. ZeeBop will play on thurs. the 15 th at this free event.
Buddy annc'ed the Golf Classic and need to sponsor the $500 tee shirt sleeve ads. Jay spoke of the tee sign sponsors for the golf tourney which he valiantly asked former sponsors present to re-up.
Debbie asked for sponsors for shirt sleeve for golf shirt, not wanting to monopolize the sleeve along with Maurice W.
John S. spoke of Don Anderson's issues with a knee "staf. infection"

Fines and Happy $$$s(Anna)
Larry Blodgett gave $30 for his 26 th anniversary and for thanks to Anna for the referral of a client.
Dick Holt had large ad in newspaper and paid $10( although his appraisal of the ads value was...a buck and a quarter!)
Mike Heller deferred his fine ala Anna. Gads, she's good.
Allan Mac paid $101 for his anniv, and his wife's new car and a new wedding ring. Anna had issues that Alan hadn't spoken to him at the debunking party because of her outfit, looking all too much like Jerry Garcia.
Speaking of Jerry G., Jay annc'ed Jerry's upcoming 71rst birthday, along with Jerry Day on Sunday and Jerry Day at the SFGiants. PARTY!!!
Maurice Williams was fined for an ad, and the hike up "The Grind"in Canada at Grouse Mtn. His wife made it up, but Maurice took the gondola!
Troy pointed out that the paper she was using was old news, but Anna retorted that you can't fine the finer!
New police cars, in honor of Jerry Garcia Day, so they could pick up all the Deadheads at once; Eric paid some fines for them.
Steve Falk paid a fine just for the heck of it, I think
A.C. Webb paid for his moms 90 Bday, feeling blessed to have her still in his life.
Mike H. Paid $5 for his mothers 92nd Bday and Mike moved her to manor care so she would be closer. He also annc'ed his gal Yolanda becoming a grandmother to which Alan Mac said, "she's not pregnant is she? By the way is Mike still sleeping in Tom C.s bed?" Nice segue way, Alan.

Being a Member: A new way of getting to know each other.
Bill Ames: born during the depression in a maternity house not a hospital, his dad ran the breadline but was never seen on the breadline. Started selling cameras, was the youngest to ever attend a sales training program at Kodaks Camera University. And yes, they did use film back then. Whats film? Then in '53, he went to pharmacy school, again one of the youngest, he was asked are you gonna study or go home?. In '59, he opened his first pharmacy store. He was his only employee. In '93 he sold the company, Bills Drugs, numbering 24 stores. Has had many debunking parties at his house. Over his lifetime he bought and sold over 80 stores. Terry Ring remembered a time when he and his friends as youngsters were reading magazines at Bills Drugs, when Bill said to them, Boys! This is not a library! They walked on the other side of the street when Bill showed up from then on!

Ben Bueller, one of our newest members, claimed his story would be only 1/4 as interesting as Bill Ames, since he is only 1/4 as old as Bill. His Father was a musician and went to Woodstock. But music didn't work out, so as a termite inspector he inspected his first wife-to-be's home and moved with her to NorCal, and had their family. Parents divorced when he was young. Was into extreme sports, ski jumping, and kiteboarding, but couldn't stay healthy so he took up golf! Graduated from CalState EastBay. His dad was so impressed with his ability and his newfound maturity avoiding the dangerous sports, he hired him to work with him and this has brought the two of them close together, once again. He left us with this "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, then find someone whose life has given them vodka and have a party!" Well put for a guy who won't take no f-ing notes!

Raffle: Buddy, that's me, won the $2, and Chief Eric won $5 with a jackpot of $95 that gets held over until next raffle.

Anna brought her cute little daughter in to ring the bell for mtgs over, and that's the way it was Aug. 1, 2013. Your intrepid notetaker, Buddy.

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New York Times’ polio eradication story highlights Rotary’s role

 Rotary News -- 24 July 2013 

The New York Times has published a major front-page story about the polio eradication effort in Pakistan, one of three remaining polio-endemic countries. The article highlights Rotary’s leadership role, focusing on the contributions of Pakistani Rotarians, led by National PolioPlus Committee Chair Aziz Memon. Rotarians are portrayed as dedicated and courageous front-line volunteers, despite sometimes facing personal risks. The story also mentions International PolioPlus Committee Chair Robert Scott’s trip to Pakistan in March.
While the story discusses recent setbacks and challenges in Pakistan’s efforts to eradicate polio, the overall tone is cautiously optimistic.
Another recent story in The Wall Street Journal reported on the extension of the partnership between Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in support of polio eradication.

The Four Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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Anna Stevenson
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The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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August 8
Susan with Captain Vineyards- Vineyards and wine making

August 15- Ellen Welch – Senior Helpline (no media needed)925-284-6699

August 22 – Richard Wexler, JD – Points of Life & MEETING GOLF TOURNAMENT PREVIEW

August 29 – District Governor Visit / Pam Gold Coast Players event (5minutes)

Local & District Events
August 24- Membership/PR/Foundation Seminar 8:35-12:55 lunch included
August 30 – Cal Shakes – Picnic starts 6:30 PM –Diablo Foods Sandwiches
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08/02 Terry Ring
08/26 Mike Henn
08/01 Larry Blodgett
08/08 Barry Toomajian
08/14 Alan Mac
08/14 Ed Stokes
08/15 Troy Feddersen
08/17 Troy Winkles
08/19 Jay Lifson
08/20 Bob Shusta
08/23 Daniel Baker

 Notes by Buddy Brodwin | Photos John Sherry