Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
September 19, 2013 | VOL 68 | ISSUE 11

President Debbie opened the meeting.

At 11am this morning, I received an email from my good friend Jay that read,"HELP!" The glassware for the Art and Wine Festival didn't arrive this early Morning, when I had volunteers to help unload them, it arrives at 12noon. Can anyone come at High-Noon to help out. So I strapped on my 6 shooters and rode my horse into town for the rescue along with Chris,from the Chamber, his son, and Alan Mac(Yes, he volunteered!). The four of us made quick work of the glassware, unloading it and storing it in a Pod for later use at the event, this coming, now past, weekend. We then headed out to the Rotary Meeting to see if we could get some grub and water our horses and ourselves! So begins the saga of the 2013 Lafayette Art and Wine Festival......more later I'm sure.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I mean the Oakwood Athletic Club, Debbie Cooper, her royal highness, had brought the meeting to order. I had emailed Deb of my sudden absence and inability to take notes, but lo and behold she only saw that message after the meeting. So as you may guess, given the love everyone seems to have for taking notes at their own club meeting, no one took notes. Not even Ben(I ain't taking no frakking notes) Buehler, stepped up to this truly maligned plate to help out. Way to go guys and gals!

So, when asked who took notes, Debster said "make them up!" It was that kind of day, so here we go boys and girls of Rotary. Once I arrived, I saw Anna Stevensen collecting happy dollars and fines. That wasn't in itself unusual, but the brand new "pumps" she wore were! I've never seen Anna in anything but sandals and figured she was making quite the fashion statement. Way to step out on the town Anna! Next, I saw Bill Eames counting up a nice chunk of change for what I believe were to be matching funds for "going abroad with Rotary" to do good deeds in Africa or some other exotic locale, that a student from a local highschool spoke to us about recently. Nice job on passing the hat, Bill!
Then I passed around an attendance list for the upcoming Oktoberfest on Oct. 4th from 5:30 to 10pm, at Norma Evan's lovely home. All attending are asked to bring an hors d'oeurve or dessert with them and we'll all enjoy another wonderful Oktoberfest at Norma's. Maybe she can coax her hubby, Bob, to get the trains running for us. We'll see! They are quite amazing! The list will be passed around at next two meetings for those that missed it. Be there or be square!
On other fronts, the final numbers for the Golf Classic are in and we did darn well! Grossing over $20K, and netting over $10K, this Rotary Club's biggest fund raiser of the year was once again exactly that, and came in over 10% above the prior years numbers! Hear, hear! Cheer, Cheer!

Our speaker, Karen Snelson, from "Ecodestination Tours" spoke of her many years journey establishing her ecoterrorism, I mean ecotourism business(damn IPad). She has taken many students and adults to new, exotic vistas like Costa Rica and more. She showed a "Short Clip" ,she called it, of scenes of a trip or three to Central America. I would hate to see a long version cause that puppy seemed to go on forever! But it was interesting and very beautiful! She left fliers if anyone wants to avail themselves of her services.

The raffle went off as usual, with someone winning $2, and another $5 on a $55 pot. Who knows and who cares, I say!

OK, so these notes were less an accounting of the meeting, more a rambling of Brodwin at the mouth, so to speak. But beggars can't be choosers, they say, so read it and weep! And that's the way it might have been... Gotta love it! Buddy, your ever loving notetaker.

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