Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
October 9, 2014 | VOL 69 | ISSUE 14

After a blazing hot Golf Tourney on Monday(October?!), the wilted remains of the Club attended the Thursday meeting. Commandant Greg Vaisnor opened the meeting and Ed Stokes gave the thought for the day(Alan Mac, who?, was the "greeter in absentia".

Guests: Rena, of Lafayette Theatre Academy, Ginne Reynolds of Stanely, Norm Dea from Acalanes, and Bob Atthayde from Stanely Middle School, and the Res.Band Directors.

Annc'ed : Al Webster thanked all who participated in the golf tourney which netted more than last year's tourney and was hailed by Al as a great success accounting for 1/2 the monies raised for the Rotary year.
Terry Ring was voted "volunteer of the year" for The Art and Wine Festival for his prodigious efforts in setup and cleanup and having real fun in the process. Kevin Healey comes in a close second, if not tied for the award with Terry.
Mike Heller asked for all to pitch in for the Res. Run coming soon. Without your help, Mike said Jay Lifson would have to carry it all on his aching what else is new? Come on, he's got a well worn back, wouldn't you say?
Larry spoke of parking problems as the #1 problem the city is facing. House 'bout parking in W.C. And walking to Lafayette? Good exercise? No?
Mo L. spoke the #2 problem in the city as being police cars taking up spaces, to which Cheif Eric retorted that Mo should get his pieces of junk cars off the road to open some spaces himself. We all had a great chuckle over the sparring of these two good friends, or so we hope!
Eric spoke of the cameras around town that are making our town a safer place to live. The cameras help yield a 35% solve- rate, a number unheard of when it comes to residential burglaries. Eric spoke of DNA as being the best answer to solving crimes and is being used in all felony crimes, but it does cost $1200 to have them "read", which takes 4-6 weeks. Fingerprints take 2 1/2 years to get results back, long after the statute of limitations!

Program: A celebration of the Laf. Res. Concert Mo Levich spoke of how he and Bob Attayde thought up the Generations in Jazz program. And for some 20 years have helped kids in the Laf. School System express their creativity thru jazz music and make our city an academic center of jazz.
Dick Holt led the program and intro'd each participant. Ken Berman spoke of the jazz program at Bentley High and his efforts to grow the program. He thanked us for our support.
Dick then intro'd Rena, of the Theatre Academy, who spoke of their programs for kids in acting, singing and dancing. Jay was given credit for expanding the Res. Concert to include the Academy. Dick intro'd Norm Dea, of Acalanes, who spoke of his music program and the purchase of sheet music, etc and thanked Rotary for their support of their program.
Dick intro'd Bob Atthayde, who thanked Rotary for their support of the music program in the Laf. Schools. He credited Mo L. with the start of the summer jazz music program at Stanely Middle School and making it financially successful.
Dick spoke of the statewide recognition of Lafayette's Music Programs. As a club, we thanked all the participants in the Res. Concert and look forward to many more years of Res. Concerts.

Raffle: $2 Dick Holt, $5 Chuckster, no jackpot today.

And that's how it is, Thursday, Oct. 9 at the Rotary Club of Lafayette. Buddy

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