Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
November 6, 2014 | VOL 69 | ISSUE 17

El Signor Greg Vaisnor opened the meeting and Jack Clarkson was the Greeter. Last I looked the GIGANTES were three time World Series Champs and what more could one ask for?

Visiting Rotarians: Matt Shriner said if he missed too many more meetings, he'd be considered one... And we all know that Alan Mac is always considered one!

Guests: Gustavo, our friendly visiting Brazilian, who knows the true meaning of a free lunch.
Tim O'Keefe, of Shelter, Inc, was presented a $1000 check for his great cause. He spoke of the severity of homelessness in our area. Shelter, Inc. has some 25-30 beds to offer the homeless. He thanked us for our coat drive during the holidays.
His sense of empathy and his desire to help those less fortunate was very apparent and heart warming. He asked if Rotary had any interest in hosting a night or week of dinners at the Shelter.

And doing things a tad backasswards the speaker was intro'd by Don Anderson. Gus Kramer, former senator, former coroners officer, former sheriff, and now current county assessor. When asked how he assessed the county, he replied, yes I do! He said if you don't like the current assessment of your home, give him a call directly and they'll take a look. As to where real estate is going, he hasn't a clue... And neither do you! He reviewed the ins and outs of various Propositions in Calif. as to their effect on your real estate. This guy was hilarious! He said that if they allowed him to collect the taxes his office assesses, he'd be in Barbados with a hot blonde, end of story!

Annc'ed : Greg spoke of the recent District Conference, which he attended with Bob Shusta and Gustavo and John Sherry. The highlight was the keynote speaker, Amanda Wirz, who brought tears to everyone's eyes. Cliff Dockterman was also in attendance. Gustavo spoke of the 14 exchange students attending and seeing snow for the first time.
Dave Baker mentioned the Orchard Nursery Holiday Party and to sign up.
Mike Heller spoke of a contribution from John Dylan? of $500 and of the pancake breakfast at the Res. Run.
John Sherry spoke of the Day at the Races event coming soon and how much he enjoyed the District Conference, especially the food!

Happy Dollars and Fines: Buddy was fined for his two glorious weeks in Maui. Mike H. and Yolanda went to the Temecula Wine country and Rancho Kook-a-Munga.
Dino turned himself in for various fun times and being one of the least fined in the club, and proud of it.
Alicia spent time in Disneyland although she missed a breakfast with Goofy, but claimed she wasn't referring to her husband.
Ed Stokes shared his happiness over the S.F. Giants win.
Tom Henry was pleased to come thru his recent surgeries with flying colors.

Raffle: Dave Baker won $2, Andy won $5.

And that's the way it went down, Thursday Nov 7, at Rotary.

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 Notes by Buddy Brodwin | Photos John Sherry