Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
July 10, 2014 | VOL 69 | ISSUE 2

Nuevo El Comandante Gregg Vaisnor opened the meeting. Jay was greeter and gave a raucous thought for the day, not to be repeated in mixed company. This got the meeting off to questionable but hardy start. Hopefully the guests were just ignoring us in our levity.

Annc'ed : Mo Levich spoke of the amazing reception for the USO Show, especially the participation of Travis Air Force Base. Come one come all on July 19 at 5:30 at the Res. Bring your own picnic.
This years Holiday Party is on Dec. 18. Save the date!
Today we celebrated a triple play of birthdays for Bob Aguilar, Dan Baker( a 95er) and a belated one for Don Anderson. Better still Dino Riggio took over the job of Bday song singer. There was a noticeable sigh of relief as we realized Bill Eames had been replaced as club songster! Of course, look out cause now he's part time finemaster!

Alicia's Fines and Happy Dollars: Mo L and Chief Eric started verbal sparring over what Mo claimed was an emergency trailer with flat tires. Eric said he could use all the hot air coming out of his good friend Mo to inflate those tires and then some!
Chuck Vogel gave $150 for immunity, disguised as payment for his birthday, and time in Tahoe, as usual looking for the best daily double around. He can be my financial planner anytime!
Jay Lifson paid a fine for his earlier impropriety, formerly known as thought for the day.
Buddy gave $10 for Chief Eric as the best Police Chief around and for his lecture at the Laf. Library on home security, entertaining as always.
Eric, in turn, thanked Buddy for silencing the "snoring Sasquatch" so he can get some sleep again.
Dino bid on tickets for "Steely Dan" against Maurice W. And won!
And he'll see Kevin Healey and Buddy sitting next to him and his GF.

Speaker: Don Jenkins and his wife Linda(Becky) gave an amazingly informative talk on LN4 hands being used in Vietnam. The response from those who received the hands was emotionally overwhelming for them both as well as for his guests, they have now delivered over 1000 LN4 hands. John and Charlotte Bernardin also went to Vietnam and were well informed on the LN4 hands.

Raffle: Norma, who also supplied the amazing cakes and cookies for the birthdays, won $2. Terry Ring won $5 but no jackpot today. Ahhhh!

And that's how this raucous day went down, witnessed by all attending, to all our chagrin! Gotta love it! Buddy

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2015 São Paulo convention dates changed

Rotary International President Gary Huang and the RI Board have changed the dates for the 2015 Rotary Convention in São Paulo, Brazil, to Saturday, 6 June, through Tuesday, 9 June – starting and ending one day earlier than previously scheduled.

The dates were changed because the original opening day (Sunday, 7 June) coincided with one of the city's most popular parades. The new start date will dramatically reduce traffic congestion and make it easier for Rotary members to attend the opening plenary sessions. It will also make it convenient to attend our very own Rotary Carnival, a Host Organization Committee event, on Saturday evening.

Please share this information with club members by updating your websites, newsletters, and calendars. Check regularly for dates, deadlines, and registration and housing details. Find information about Host Organization Committee events at If you still have questions, contact

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1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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Dino Riggio . . . . .  . President Elect
Bob Shusta . . . . . .Secretary Excu.
Norma Evans . . . . . . . . Secretary
Troy Feddersen. . . . . .  . Treasurer
Ronald Wake . . .Rotary Found. Chair
Mike Henn . . . . Community Service
Buddy Brodwin. International Service
Dino Riggio . . . . Vocational Service
Ryan Svoboda . . Sergeant at Arms
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The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand transforms lives and empowers those who have lost hands and limbs due to land mines, birth defects, and other catastrophes.
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 Notes by Buddy Brodwin | Photos John Sherry