Official Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Lafayette, CA
August 21, 2014 | VOL 69 | ISSUE 8

Acting President Dino, filling in for Greg (laid low by kidney stones), rang us to order promptly @ 12:15 pm.
As the bell reverberated throughout Oakwood our assemblage busied themselves with roast pork & mushrooms, red potatoes, salad, fruit & bread.
(Bill Eames was seen directing traffic at the chow line, pointing out that chicken was available for those don’t groove on pig)

Greeter Mike H. shared the day’s thought; “we are living on this earth as if we had another”

We had more young people visiting our esteemed club – Sr. Gustavo S. of Sao Paulo and Mr. Jack H. of Happy Valley, Lafayette.
Maurice W. brought Brian Jones, a client of Leap Frog and employee of Paychex in Walnut Creek.
Seeing Milt Bruzzone was a very nice bonus!

Announcements, boy do we got ‘em! Greg kicked things off with a thank you to the club for an orchid, relieved that his kidney stones had passed.
(Greg was wearing a great Rotary shirt – how do we get our hands on one of those??)

Bob S. stood and proudly presented our very own Gustavo with a blue badge. The young man smiled broadly.

Al W. reminded us of the upcoming golf tourney on 10/6 and Chuck told us that applications are now available, and that Ed needs lots of ‘em.

John Sherry then rose to tell us about long waits at the Walnut Creek DMV and to be sure and call ahead.

Speaking of motor vehicles, Chief Eric delighted us all with an episode of “Rotary Court” !
We were rapt listening to the tale of a traffic stop starring none other than our own Mo L., caught driving without a safety belt.
And the group was shocked to learn that Mo had altered an Eric C. business card with large block letters that spelled “He’s my friend, let him go” !
Mo was found guilty by his Rotary court of peers and graciously fined himself $50. Little did he know the actual city fine was only $25.

This mirth was followed by the momentous announcement that Matt S. got married and now enjoying his first happy year.
Dick told us that he now remembers why nature makes young people parents as 3-weeks watching the grandkids ain’t easy duty.

Which brings us to another installment of happy dollars, take it away Bill . . .

Jay celebrated 30 years of wedding bliss and had $20 for Greg’s victory over kidney stones.
Bill then attempted to impose a fine on Dino for unsecured technology (the surprised Dino did hand over $20) though we think Bill may have set him up.
The focus then shifted to Mike H. who caught a fish, celebrated a birthday, and handed over $100 !
Milt was then shaken down for receiving 8lb of salmon from Troy but all ended happily when Troy agreed to pay part of the fine.
Bob A. did not catch any fish and was immune to Bill’s requests for happy dollars.
Bob S. had $53 for a 53rd anniversary – congratulations !
We were then treated to stand up comedy starring Ed Stokes, who loves golf. Ed had us all in stitches.
Larry B. had $1 for Eric’s presentation and Bill called Alicia out for arriving later than her guest, our speaker of the day.
Greg offered up $10 to thank the group for picking up slack and Dick had $20 to recognize the Chief (and to cover any future citations).
Bill then asked Anna if she’d accompany him for the beer truck at the golf tournament. Anna turned it around and made Bill shell out money.
Mo W. had happy dollars for golf with his brother and a vacation with his better half.
Kevin proffered $2 in thanks to Bob A. for cooking (not catching) salmon; Bill jumped on it but Bob A. held his ground.
Steve F. brought us home by paying a $5 fine for Jay, who advertised a “City Sponsored East End Walkabout” for which the city had no idea.

Our speaker was Jim Roethe, general counsel for Bank of America and a friend of Alicia’s.
To open, Jim marveled at the generous giving and quipped that the Rotary Club of Lafayette is an “expensive club to belong to”.
The topic of Jim’s talk was “Secrecy vs. Privacy, Where do we Stand” Jim covered the history of the NSA and opened & closed with the question; “Snowden – hero or goat?”
On closing we informed Jim that we would donate a brick in his name. Jim one-upped us and offered to donate a brick.

We had a raffle but your scribbler neglected to note the winners – we do remember the $35 marble was chosen, was it Don A??

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Troy Feddersen. . . . . .  . Treasurer
Ronald Wake . . .Rotary Found. Chair
Mike Henn . . . . Community Service
Buddy Brodwin. International Service
Dino Riggio . . . . Vocational Service
Ryan Svoboda . . Sergeant at Arms
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 Notes by David Abrahams | Photos John Sherry