2022-23 Membership Dues & Lunches


Annual membership includes fees to Rotary International, the District, our facility rentals, etc.

Lunches: Like other local Rotary clubs, we are no longer supporting a pay-as-you-go system. Pre-paying for lunches helps us plan ahead and covers guest speaker lunches. We prefer to collect for lunches annually, but understanding that some would like to spread the payments out, we are also offering a quarterly option!

  • Annual pre-payment ($850) includes our holiday party ($75 value), plus a 15% discount from our quarterly price.
  • Quarterly pre-payment ($250) is the cost of 10 lunches but you get 13 if you attend ever week!

You can also pay with Zelle if you have that set up with your bank, which saves the club 3% in fees on every payment. Use the following email address to pay with Zelle: finance@rotarylafayette.org


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